Dr Mark Rowe

Medical Doctor, Author, and HealthActivist

Practicing Medical Doctor, Author, and HealthActivist, Dr Mark Rowe is a thought leader in the emergent area of health, happiness and high performance in life.

By sharing his personal stories and unique insights, Mark uses his vast expertise in human behaviour and medicine to create meaningful experiences tailored specifically for each audience. By incorporating his new philosophy of wellbeing with down to earth practical take home messages, he facilitates lasting positive change in people and their organisations.

He is a member of "Leading by Design ", an invitation only international collaboration of leaders committed to improvements in health through a more effective design of the environment.

He founded the Waterford Health Park as a new paradigm for sustainable improvements in community health. The building was a short listed finalist for World Building of the year at the World Architecture festival awards in 2010. In 2013 , the Waterford Health Park received the Global Health Improvement Award, " A Place to Flourish ".

He is author of ‘The Men's Health Book- A Guide for the Irish Man’ which was published by Blackhall Publishing in 2009 with all royalties going to a Cancer Charity. He has also contributed to books on Leadership in Ireland and Healthcare Management.

He has a longstanding interest in medical education, as a trainer of young family doctors with the South East G.P. Training Programme in Ireland, as Senior clinical lecturer with the University of Limerick Graduate MedicalSchool, and formerly as an ICGP examiner.

Dr. Mark Rowe has a background as a Family Physician based in Waterford City, Ireland. He graduated from U.C.D. Medical School in 1991 and went on to specialise in family practice , becoming a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners in 1995 , having achieved first place ‘Ellerd Eppel’ award.

He has worked with national and local media consistently over the years as an advocate for health. He delivers seminars on "health leadership" and is an international keynote speaker on the topics of "New Philosophy of Wellbeing", "Health Leadership", "Generative Space" and "A Prescription for Happiness"

He also holds the position of Chairman of the board at Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford City.

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