About Us


At Personally Speaking Bureau, we’re listeners, problem-solvers and critical thinkers. We see what’s happening around the world and who has the most interesting things to say about it.

And we bring them to you.


Personally Speaking Bureau takes a highly curatorial approach based on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the international speaking circuit. Our team promises never to partner you with someone just for the sake of it. Every client’s needs are differentWe understand that creative solutions are needed to ensure those needs are met.  We offer just such solutions, and we endeavour, always, to do so with efficiency, integrity and a good dose of humour.


Our roster of speakers spans the globe and includes thought leaders and innovators, disruptors and experts, new voices and old souls. We know who the most exciting speakers are right now, where the next generation is emerging, and what they have to say. Speakers who can move a room to tears, get an audience to their feet or inspire a team to reach new heights.  Above all, speakers who can make an audience – your audience – sit up and listen. 

Choose from: 

1. speakers from the worlds of business, economics, sport, philanthropy, science, broadcasting, current affairs, politics and much else besides.

2. keynote, business, motivational and after-dinner speakers.

3. MCs, hosts, panelists and chairpersons.

4. facilitators for corporate programmes in areas such as Wellness, Mental Health, Collaborative Leadership and Talent Development.


In 2005, Frances Keane, CEO of Personally Speaking Bureau, founded the agency with just a handful of speakers.  After an international role in PR and communications, for Frances it felt like the logical next step to connect people and audiences with the key messages and innovations they needed to hear.  Today the Personally Speaking Bureau agency has offices in Dublin, London and Innsbruck, and a panel of speakers that stretches from New York to New Delhi. 

Contact us today for more information on which speaker may suit your audience, budget and goals.