• Bringing mental health to the people: World Mental Health Day 2020

    posted on 17/09/2020 by Frances Keane

    Mental Health for All: Greater Investment—Greater Access is the theme of this year’s World Mental health day (WHMD) on October 10th. And in a world of growing economic inequality where divisions and disruption are threatening to erode our mental well-being, the theme couldn’t be more timely.  

    Each year the theme for WMHD is decided by The World Federation for Mental Health, but this year they’ve taken quite a radical approach by stating clearly that mental health is a human right, and that it’s time that it’s available for all. A big vision! 

    This year the theme is mental health for all – regardless of income, gender, ethnicity or nationality. (Photo: Shutterstock)

    Just two years ago, the World Economic Forum noted that mental health illnesses are on the rise in every country in the world and could cost the global economy up to $16 trillion between 2010 and 2030.  That is a staggering sum.  

    But while the financial argument might grab the headlines, the more important question is the human impact behind the numbers. Because without doubt, whilst mental health problems are not new, inequality is arguably making them worse, and the fallout is impossible to ignore, as people struggle with stress, anxiety, depression or other challenges. 

    So what are companies and organisations doing to address or support mental health?  Many have programmes in place via healthcare providers, but some are opting for other solutions – all of them online. 

    At Personally Speaking we offer tailored solutions designed to address the individual needs of our clients and their people. The inspiring, informative keynote is still very much part of our DNA, as a popular way to motivate staff and highlight people’s ability to tackle and overcome mental health problems.  But with everything now online, we’ve developed platforms that optimise tools like webinars, online courses, masterclasses, leadership support programmes, Q&As, workshops, ‘fireside chats,’ video etc. Or a combination of some or all of the above!  We also take care of the tech end, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  

    Working closely with clients and speakers, we co-create solutions so businesses have exactly what they need to overcome the particular challenges they face, especially – right now – the disruption and uncertainty that Covid has brought.  WMHD 2020 is a wonderful opportunity to address these challenges, particularly in the context of a very uncertain world, but the reality is that many companies are already exploring innovative ways to support their people’s mental health year-round, notwithstanding the unique context that the current pandemic presents.  

    Some of our many mental health speakers – they approach the topic from all angles

    So if you are thinking of hosting an event of some kind, or a series of talks or workshops, give us a ring or email us and we will chat through your options.  Below are just some of our many mental health speakers.  For more information and to view more, visit here


    Brent Pope – rugby pundit, mental health advocate

    Petra Velzeboer – mental health consultant, psychotherapist, executive coach, podcast host

    Neil O’Brienmental fitness expert and motivational speaker

    Niall Breslin (‘Bressie’) – musician, mental health advocate, founder of Lust for Life 

    Dr. Mark Rowe – medical doctor, educator and Lifestyle Medicine expert

    Ruby Wax – psychotherapist, comedian and motivational speaker

    Dame Kelly Holmes – double Olympian and award-winning writer

    Dr. John Briffa – author, doctor, trainer

    If you would like to get in touch, email frances@personallyspeakingbureau.com or joanne@personallyspeakingbureau.com