Personally Speaking Events

16 Nov 2016:
Thought Leadership Roundtable on WILFUL BLINDNESS with guest TED Speaker Margaret Heffernan

“I just spoke to Audrey a little while ago – she (like me) was hugely impressed by Margaret … to quote … “one of if not “the” best speaker she has heard”. Personally I think this talk would be hugely  beneficial(to leaders and managers) given all of the challenges that the banking industry is facing with conduct risk / culture change required etc.  Thank you again for including me this morning” – Mary Kennedy, AIB

“Thanks a million for invite to yesterday morning’s talk with Margaret. You were so right; superb speaker and what a lot of sense she makes. All highly relevant to the IT at the moment too! And it looked like others in the room felt exactly the same.” – Deirdre Veldon, Irish Times

“Again many thanks to you and your team for this morning’s talk.  I don’t think I have been at a talk like that where I saw so little use of the iPhone in a long time, which is quite an achievement in this day and age!  Margaret Heffernan was incredibly strong (though that didn’t surprise me, I have seen a number of her TED talks on YouTube).” – Bryan Bourke, William Fry

In this provocative talk based on her bestselling book ‘Wilful Blindness’ named by the FT as one of “best business books of the decade” Margaret spoke about:

·        What blinds companies to their risks

·        Why most employees don’t share their knowledge

·        How companies can kill creativity  – or stoke it

·        The power of noticing and acting on what you see

·        How diversity can make companies smarter

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6 OCT 2016:
Speaker Breakfast  ‘WORK BETTER, GO HOME HAPPIER!’
with guest speakers Neil O’Brien and Mark Downey

“It was great to hear from passionate and creative professionals – experiencing their energy and drive. Thank you.” – Lisa Grace, Senior Business Engagement Manager, Redwood&Co.

Thank you again to you and Irene for including me at your Breakfast Event this morning in the Merrion Hotel. It was good to see Neil O’Brien again, and Mark Downey’s approach is very interesting and entirely novel.” – Barry Dempsey, Irish Heart Foundation

“Thank you for the very enjoyable and informative session this morning. I really enjoyed it!”  – Mary Donohoe, Director of Learning & Development, CarTrawler

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Margaret Heffernan Business Author & Former CEO