Our Masterclasses are highly interactive experiences that go way beyond just listening.

Sometimes a subject requires a ‘deep dive’ so you can unpick its constituent parts and gain deeper insight, learning and understanding.

Designed in collaboration with our expert speakers, our masterclasses promise to stimulate fresh thinking and build momentum.  Typically they are 90 minutes long, but they can also be developed into half- or full-day workshops where an individual or group can benefit from greater depth and detail on a particular subject.

Margaret Heffernan

The Uncharted Journey

CEO, TED speaker and business thinker Margaret Heffernan has designed this Masterclass in collaboration with Personally Speaking based on her latest book Uncharted: How to Map the Future Together.

Terence Mauri

How to Win in the Age of Disruption

We have collaborated with Terence Mauri, author of the global bestseller, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption, described as a “game changer” by Harvard Business School, to create this Masterclass.

Neil O_Brien

Mental Resilience through Times of Turbulence

Author of ‘Time to Fly’ Neil O’Brien specialises in Mental Fitness and Resilience with a particular focus on the unprecedented challenges that Covid19 brings.

rachel botsman

Rethinking Trust & Humility

In this energising keynote, Rachel Botsman will challenge misconceptions and
push audiences to think differently about trust and humility in the modern world.
Exploring more than a decade’s worth of research, Rachel will give you a new language and powerful principles to earn trust as individuals and as organisations.

Susan Cain

Quiet Leadership: How to Harness the Strengths of Introverts

In her enlightening, relatable, and practical talks, Susan Cain shows us that introverts think and work in ways that are crucial to the survival of today’s organizations. How can you structure your organization so that the best ideas—rather than those of the most vocal and assertive people—dominate? How do introverts and extroverts solve problems and evaluate risk differently? What do introverts know about creativity that the rest of us should learn? Drawing on her original research and the latest in neuroscience and psychology, Susan will radically change your view of the best ways to develop leaders, manage teams, make smart hires, and stimulate innovation.

Jim Gavin

Masterclass on ‘Resilience – Lessons Learnt from High Performance’

We all have situations where things don’t go our way. Plans are changed at the last minute, things are dumped on us or the unexpected happens. Many of us collapse under the stress, pressure and worry.  But there are a lucky few who are able to handle these events and take them in their stride. It’s almost as if they perform better because of it. 

Why is that? Do they simply have a different outlook? What are the skills and behaviours of people who are resilient? Can we learn from them and become more resilient ourselves? In this masterclass, 6-time All Ireland-winning football manager Jim Gavin will teach you the What, Why and How of resilience skills and help you become more effective in your everyday life.

Peter Cosgrove

Future-Proofing your organisation

Taking into account emerging trends, shifts in macro trends, and volatility and uncertainty in areas outside of their industry, this masterclass delivers practical research solutions for executive teams as they make critical decisions about their future when that future increasingly seems shaped by disruptive forces such as AI, climate change and more. Peter Cosgrove helps you to futureproof your workplace. Topics covered include technology disruption, the rapidly changing jobs market, the impacts of globalisation, the futurist view, culture, people, innovation and diversity.

Confidence: Lose it or Learn It

Confidence can empower you to reach heights you never thought possible. Equally, a lack of it can have a devastating effect on your future. Probing the latest science and neuroscience behind confidence, in this 90-minute masterclass, Professor Ian Robertson tells you how confidence plays out in our minds, our brains and indeed our bodies. And shows you how you can learn it.

The Science of Confidence

Discover the new science of self-belief, why some people learn how to grow their confidence while others don’t, and what you can do to tap into yours.

In this fascinating session, you will discover the science behind self-belief, and how you can apply it to your own life and you will learn about the incredible effects of confidence on the brain and on the rest of the body. Crucially, you will be guided through exactly why – and how – confidence can be learned, and how to train your complex network of mental processes to reinforce your own. Leave informed, intrigued, and ready to invigorate your life.

Photo of Monique Carayol

Be Yourself, Back Yourself & Make it Happen

A masterclass to inspire and energise future leaders to take ownership, overcome their fears and start leading bravely. Monique Carayol shares practical insights throughout the session from her experience of building dynamic, diverse teams, supporting others to be brave, be themselves and thrive, and navigating her own career journey from PA to the Boardroom – becoming the youngest and only black director on the board. She creates a safe space (virtual or in person) for attendees to interact and learn together and covers knowing what you’re great at, being who you really are, taking opportunities, developing your support toolbox and enabling and empowering others.

There is a take away action and book recommendation at the end of the session so attendees can start putting what they’ve learned into action straight away and also continue/deepen their understanding of some of the themes covered via the book recommendation. Both of these steps help to embed the learning, maintain momentum and not let the inspiration and enthusiasm gained from the session fade away quickly.

When the only constant is change …  A New Leadership Mindset for the New Normal

In every crisis there is an opportunity. After the drama of 2020, serial entrepreneur and journalist Mark Little explores the opportunities for great leaders in 2021 and beyond. Drawing on his experiences from war zones to board rooms, Mark will offer lessons in great leadership in a time of great change. This masterclass will offer grounded inspiration for change-makers in every sector, and challenge some of the myths about the innovation mindset.

Securing a Clean Transition

Drawing on his experience as an academic advising government, business and multilateral organisations, Dimitri Zenghelis challenges audiences from all backgrounds to see a clean technological, behavioural and institutional revolution as an opportunity rather than a risk.

Cathy O_Connor

Enhancing Your Personal Style

Many of us lack the confidence or fashion know-how to wear the clothes that really convey our personality, or suit our body shape. In this masterclass on how to enhance your personal style, stylist and broadcaster Cathy O’Connor guides you through the key elements of style:  how to identify and dress for your body shape, choose colour and cut, avoid or follow trends, and select accessories.

You can then ‘shop the looks’ if you wish, so you don’t have to go looking for them. This is a fun and surprisingly rewarding masterclass that will build your confidence as well as your wardrobe.


Healthy High Performance

This masterclass with Dr. John Briffa delivers essential insights and proven, practical strategies for optimising your wellbeing, performance, resilience and sustainability. Each of the four sections focuses on a critical area: ​

  • EMOTIONAL REGULATION – how to support and enhance thinking, mood, mindset and resilience
  • ENERGY – how to lift and sustain levels of vitality and wellbeing
  • ENVIRONMENT – how to optimise workspace at home or office to maintain wellbeing and boost performance
  • EXECUTION – how to manage workload, eliminate distractions and maintain focus to maximise output and productivity


We all have an inner fire that burns brightest when we’re playing to our strengths, living our values, having an impact and making meaningful connections. Sometimes, however, it can feel like there’s no fuel for the fire, leaving us running on empty or without focus or direction. So how to find that spark, and relight the fires within? 

In this masterclass, Áine Kerr draws examples and insights from her life experiences to inspire and motivate leaders to advance along their own path towards fulfilment. Whether you want to progress women in leadership, motivate your staff or empower your employees, this talk has something for everyone.

The Emotionally Agile Leader 

In a world of ‘distrust’, where misinformation proliferates and trust in leadership is at an historic low, the future leader is the emotionally agile leader.

Effective communication with a diverse (and now often dispersed) workforce, boardroom politics, real-world politics, and all the unforeseen changes appearing on the horizon can be a tricky task for any senior executive. 

In this masterclass, Susan David shows leaders how they can train and use their emotional intelligence to achieve personal goals and organisational success.

Tech trends to capitalise on

Clare Dillon uses her expertise and insight to help organisations to capitalise on emerging tech trends, some of which have been accelerated by the pandemic. Each masterclass is tailored for your particular industry, so she can do a deep-dive into how both larger and micro-trends affect that industry or a sector within it.  Participants gain a much better understanding of how to identify the trends that affect them, and how to make the most of them in the immediate and longer term. 

Yves Morieux

Smart Simplicity

As an expert in corporate transformation and developer of the ‘Smart Simplicity’ approach, Yves Morieux helps organizations to create the structural and behavioral groundwork for competitive change, and crucially, without making it unnecessarily complicated.  

In this masterclass aimed at senior executives, he examines how companies can embrace the new business complexity to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Strategies for Optimal Performance

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to optimising your performance at work and your overall happiness and health with it. In this Corporate Wellness masterclass, mental health advocate and former athlete David Gillick offers strategies around nutrition, exercise, daily habits and mindset to help you realise your potential and operate efficiently and effectively to achieve your goals, even amidst uncertainty and change.

Transformational Insights

At a time when Covid-19 has given all leaders a visceral understanding of what constitutes transformation, disruption thinker Ade McCormack helps organisations transition to an operating model that can thrive in an increasingly uncertain and volatile environment.  Always adopting a people-centric approach, Ade delivers masterclasses on leadership, transformation, disruption, technology, situational awareness, innovation, risk management and asset building, among others. 

The Future of Work – Welcome to the Cognitive Gymnasium

Covid and hybrid work are simply bit players in the seismic shift taking place in respect of the changing nature of work. Algorithms and robots are increasingly vying for human work. There is a role for humans to play in the workplace, but it means raising our game. You will leave this workshop with a better sense of what lies ahead and will be in a better position to attract and retain the best talent.

Sustainability and Disruption

Sustainable products and brands already outperform non sustainable ones, and this trend will only continue to accelerate as new generations start to make up the majority of markets as well as employees. Business will be disrupted so radical change is a must.

In this masterclass, Marga Hoek takes you through the challenges and many opportunities presented by sustainable business and investment.  She shows how to anticipate and identify opportunities relevant to your sector, and draws on powerful real-life examples to demonstrate how to make the most of them.

Mark Downey

How to make the most of your online presence

In this masterclass, Voice, Speech and Presence Coach Mark Downey offers intensive, interactive communication training on how to access your authentic voice, stay connected to the ideas you wish to convey, and express them with spontaneous, relaxed physicality.

This masterclass is suitable for anyone who has to participate in online meetings or presentations, but it’s also particularly good for senior executives seeking to hone their communication skills in an environment where teams are fragmented and remote working looks set to become the norm.

David Robert Grimes

Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Scientist, cancer researcher, and award-winning author Dr. David Robert Grimes explores the fascinating reasons we get everything from medicine to politics so dangerously wrong, and empowers us to make better decisions in all spheres of life.

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