The Uncharted Journey

This is a two part Masterclass with Margaret Heffernan. She has based her Masterclass on her recently published book Uncharted. She  will challenge your leaders’ thinking and mindsets thereby increasing their capacity to lead through complexity and uncertainty.

Masterclass part 1:

Why do we get addicted to prediction?
Is forecasting passé?
When is forecasting useful?
Do we hold false certainties?
Is ambiguity the new norm?
And what does this mean for us as leaders?

Masterclass part 2:

We need to accept the future isn’t knowable
And ambiguity makes people anxious
How should leaders relate to experts?
So what are the skills leaders now need?

Margaret Heffernan will curate content (reading, listening and watching) to deepen participants’ knowledge of the subject areas touched on during the Masterclass.

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