• Teams that Play Together, Stay Together

    posted on 04/05/2018 by Frances Keane

    Do you feel like you’ve heard it all when it comes to managing teams? In this month’s blog, our speakers offer alternate ways of enhancing team collaboration and cohesion, including how to deal with conflict. Building high performing teams is always going to be a question of trial and error as you discover what works […]

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    posted on 27/03/2018 by Frances Keane

    BIG DATA  BIG DEAL? …..  Yes, a very big deal. Your products or services are no longer the be-all and end-all of your company’s identity. You also have lots of raw information that is flowing into your organisation every day, data. Perhaps you analyse a small amount of it? But maybe you could be making […]

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  • Making Sense of FinTech

    posted on 27/02/2018 by Frances Keane

    FinTech touches not just the financial services sector, but every single business the financial services industry deals with. Your business is surely one of them? FinTech stands for Financial Technologies, in other words technologies used and applied in the financial services sector, mainly used by financial institutions themselves on the back end of their businesses. […]

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