• We need more Child’s Play in Business

    posted on 20/07/2018 by Frances Keane

    Don’t you just love easy to follow instructions? I say that as a person who normally rebels against all forms of process in favour of #creativity, #spontaneity and freedom, or so I like to think! It is my daughter’s 4th birthday today and I have spent the last 30 minutes assembling a Play Corner Shop […]

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  • Motivate your Team with these Super Powers

    posted on 25/05/2018 by Frances Keane

    Take a Spoonful of Lifestyle Medicine Dr. Mark Rowe is a thought leader in the emergent area of health, happiness and high performance in life. Rather than approaching every illness as something to be cured with a prescription and pills, Dr Rowe advocates for lifestyle medicine. Change your habits to remove the root cause of […]

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  • Teams that Play Together, Stay Together

    posted on 04/05/2018 by Frances Keane

    Do you feel like you’ve heard it all when it comes to managing teams? In this month’s blog, our speakers offer alternate ways of enhancing team collaboration and cohesion, including how to deal with conflict. Building high performing teams is always going to be a question of trial and error as you discover what works […]

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