• Terence Mauri: Why It’s Time for Leaders to Move Beyond Disruption

    posted on 07/02/2021 by Frances Keane

    From business to workforce disruption, leaders are going through turbulent times but is enough being done to scale agile, resilient and daring futures? Terence Mauri is one of the most in-demand disruption thinkers in the world.  In this brilliant guest blog,  the Founder of Hack Future Lab and author of critically acclaimed new book The […]

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  • Self-worth is Worth it: Future Proof Me – Part 4

    posted on 23/11/2020 by Frances Keane

    In part four of his Future Proof series, mental fitness expert Neil O’Brien gives us tips for developing self-worth.  In simple terms, he says we need to value ourselves and our talent before we can expect anyone else to do the same.   In this blog series I have set out my philosophy and approach in […]

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  • From Mismatch to Magic: Future Proof, Part Three

    posted on 12/11/2020 by Frances Keane

    Whose responsibility is it when you find yourself not using your talents to the full, or even at all?  In his third guest blog for us, mental fitness expert Neil O’Brien shares his reflections on natural talent and ability.  In it, he talks about the mismatches that arise when you don’t get to express your […]

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