• Future Proof Me: Part One

    posted on 15/10/2020 by Frances Keane

    In the first of a two-part blog series on future proofing ourselves in these Covid times, mental fitness expert Neil O’Brien  argues that we need to go beyond coping mechanisms.  Since Covid began, the focus of the advice has been on habits, structure, routines, rituals, stay-in-the-day etc. And all of that has been fine, but […]

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  • A great MC: the key to successful virtual events

    posted on 07/10/2020 by Frances Keane

    Knowing the right questions to ask, having and communicating a clear overview of what’s being said, being able to think on your feet — these are some of the core qualities of a successful MC.  And for thousands of events that have had to go online during the pandemic, the MC is now more in […]

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  • Bringing mental health to the people: World Mental Health Day 2020

    posted on 17/09/2020 by Frances Keane

    Mental Health for All: Greater Investment—Greater Access is the theme of this year’s World Mental health day (WHMD) on October 10th. And in a world of growing economic inequality where divisions and disruption are threatening to erode our mental well-being, the theme couldn’t be more timely.   Each year the theme for WMHD is decided by […]

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