Clare Dillon

With over 20 years experience of leadership development, business strategy and technology evangelism, Clare helps organisations maximise the opportunities presented by the latest trends in technology, from AI to Virtual Reality. Passionate about how technology is changing and shaping the world we live and work in, she regularly speaks on topics related to digital transformation and organisational change.

Clare Dillon was a key member of the Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team for 8 years as Microsoft transformed from a software product to a cloud services organisation, giving her first-hand experience of leading through times of change. Heading up the Developer Experience and Evangelism team, she was focused on establishing partnerships with software as a service (SaaS) companies to drive their success on the Microsoft platform, from both a technical and business perspective. She has also served on the board of the National Digital Research Centre, the Irish Internet Association and on the Industry Guidance Board of the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce.

Technology trends shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and changing shape of business in the 21st century

Culture change required for a digital world

Lessons learned from Microsoft’s digital transformation

Introduction to AI for non-techies

AI and the rise of the machines: should we be afraid?

Ethics of AI – the potential pitfalls of implementing AI

Terence Mauri

Terence Mauri

Are you ready to survive and thrive in the age of AI, automation and algorithms?

Terence Mauri tackles the age of disruption that all businesses are facing and looks at smart ways to stay one step ahead. His role as an Inc. magazine Columnist and entrepreneur mentor at London Business School and Oxford University ensure you get new thinking to become the CEO of tomorrow.

Inc. Top 100 Speaker 2018

Neil O'Brien Mindset Coach

Neil O’Brien

Neil O’Brien is an advocate of Healthy Human Systems and a hugely popular motivational speaker on the subjects of Mindset and Mental Fitness. In his engaging and humorous talks Neil loves to take the audience out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone. He equips attendees with tools for a growth mindset and has built a stellar reputation for helping business leaders and their teams through transformation by teaching them to embrace the small steps that lead to big changes.

Neil set up Time To Fly in 1998 to bring his skills and passion for human potential and growth to organisations. Prior to that he worked in banking for 23 years – in sales and then L&D where he realised his innate ability to motivate and coach others to be their best.

Neil has built an award winning performance programme for the banking sector and continues to develop and deliver development programmes as well as speak at conferences throughout Europe. His clients include Accenture, Abbott Labs, Airtricity, AIB Bank and Group, Allianz Capital Partners, Bank Of Ireland, Google, Grant Thornton, IBM, 3M, Irish Life Corporate Business, Irish Life Investment Managers, KPMG, Microsoft, Pfizer, RBS, Sales Institute of Ireland, Institute of Bankers, Zurich Insurance and many others.

Neil is also one of Ireland’s top sport coaches and he has worked with professional and amateur golfers including Ryder Cup and Walker Cup players. He has coached at inter-county and club level with GAA teams and he is currently coaching some of Ireland’s elite athletes.

To summarise, Neil has helped psychiatrists with their stress management, psychologists with their personal development, directors with their sense of direction, sales people sell more, footballers score more and golfers score less!

Matt Cooper Broadcaster, Journalist, and biographer of Tony O'Reilly

Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper Broadcaster, Journalist, and biographer of Tony O’Reilly

Matt Cooper presents and edits the daily news, current affairs and sports programme The Last Word on Today FM from Monday to Friday, 4.30pm to 7pm.

He is the author of three critically acclaimed and commercially successful books: “The Maximalist”, his biography of the iconic Irish sporting, business and media figure Tony O’Reilly, was published in 2015; “Who Really Runs Ireland” was published in 2009; “How Ireland Really Went Bust” was published in 2011.

He is also an experienced television sports presenter. He hosted TV3’s Rugby World Cup coverage in 2007 and 2015 and will be hosting the station’s Six Nations Coverage from 2018 when it takes over as host broadcaster for the Irish market. He was previously anchor for the six years that TV3 broadcast championship GAA games from 2008 to 2013.

He is a former editor of The Sunday Tribune, having been appointed at the age of 30 in 1996. He left for a career in radio in 2003 but continues to write a leader page column for the Irish Daily Mail each Wednesday and also writes on business, economics and politics for The Sunday Business Post. He was twice National Journalist of the Year and twice Business Journalist of the Year.

He is a partner in the television company Playmaker-media, which devised and made the rugby series Area 22, and which made the acclaimed Olympics documentary “No Earthly King” in 2012. He also made current affairs documentaries for RTE and TV3, most recently “Ireland’s Housing Market – What’s Next?” (TV3, November 2014) and “The Brexit Dilemma” (TV3, June 2016).

He was the narrator on the British made documentary “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang” about a controversial international basketball game staged in the “hermit kingdom” of North Korea in January 2014 and which was attended by its dictator Kim Jong-Un. Matt travelled to North Korea as part of Rodman’s group for the filming of the documentary and had a ringside seat to the proceedings, making him the first Irish journalist to ever have such extraordinary access. The documentary is available on Netflix US.

In the landmark biography on Tony O’Reilly ‘The Maximalist’, Matt Cooper draws on an abundance of new material, including interviews with many of O’Reilly’s closest family, friends, associates and rivals, to uncover the man behind the myth. An Irish epic, it documents in unflinching detail and with great subtlety the meteoric rise and slow unravelling of an Irish icon.

Mark Little

Mark Little

Mark Little, Digital Entrepreneur, Broadcaster and Innovator

Mark Little is a journalist and digital media innovator. He spent more than 20 years in broadcast news, as an award-winning foreign correspondent and TV anchor for Irish public service broadcaster, RTE. In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful, which pioneered new models of verification and collaboration. He was most recently Twitter’s VP of media partnerships in Europe and is now exploring new business models to sustain trust in media.

Mark Little is a journalist and digital media innovator. He spent more than 20 years in broadcast news, as an award-winning foreign correspondent and TV anchor for Irish public service broadcaster, RTE. In 2017  Mark co-founded Neva-Labs a Digital Media company to help publishers beat the problem of “information overload” and deliver personalised news to paying users.

In 2010, he founded the world’s first social news agency Storyful, which pioneered new models of verification and collaboration. He was Twitter’s VP of media partnerships in Europe before he started Neva-Labs.

Mark has more than two decades of experience in journalism. He was an award-winning foreign correspondent for the Irish national TV station RTE. He also presented the network’s top-rated current affairs programme, Prime Time, and was its first Washington correspondent. He has covered some of the biggest stories of our age, including the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the election of Barack Obama.


Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan, TED Speaker, was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. As a television producer, she made documentary films for Timewatch, Arena, and Newsnight. She designed and executive produced a thirteen part series on The French Revolution for the BBC and A&E. She also produced music videos with the London Chamber Orchestra to raise money for Unicef’s Lebanese fund.

Leaving the BBC, she ran the trade association IPPA, which represented the interests of independent film and television producers and was once described by the Financial Times as “the most formidable lobbying organization in England.”

In 1994, she returned to the United States where she worked on public affair campaigns in Massachusetts and with software companies trying to break into multimedia. She developed interactive multimedia products with Peter Lynch, Tom Peters, Standard & Poors and The Learning Company. She then joined CMGI where she ran, bought and sold leading Internet businesses, serving as Chief Executive Officer for InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation and iCAST Corporation. She was named one of the Internet’s Top 100 by Silicon Alley Reporter in 1999, one of the Top 25 by Streaming Media magazine and one of the Top 100 Media Executives by The Hollywood Reporter. Her ‘Tear Down the Wall’ campaign against AOL won the 2001 Silver SABRE award for public relations.

Margaret was featured on BBC Radio 4 in Changing the Rules, which won the 2008 Prowess Media Award. She devised and led a programme for female entrepreneurs at Simmons College, one of the few all-female business schools in the United States. She continues to advise global businesses on effective global strategies and to support women’s networks and industry associations involved in diversity and inclusion. She teaches at the School of Management at the University of Bath and has been invited to speak at business schools around the world, including Harvard Business School, the Rotman School, London Business School and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She also lectures widely at organizations as diverse as the Federal Bank of the United States, Accenture, Roche, KLA-Tencor, State Street, Khosla Ventures, Standard Chartered Bank, J.P.Morgan Chase and Procter & Gamble.

Margaret Heffernan Business Author & Former CEO is amongst our most popular conference and keynote speakers. Margaret has been invited to speak at all of the world’s leading financial services businesses, the leading FTSE and S&P corporations as well as the world’s most successful sports teams. She advises private and public businesses, mentors senior and chief executives and writes for The Financial Times and Huffington Post.

She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. As a television producer, she made documentary films for Timewatch, Arena, and Newsnight. She designed and executive produced a thirteen part series on The French Revolution for the BBC and A&E. She also produced music videos with the London Chamber Orchestra to raise money for Unicef’s Lebanese fund.

Leaving the BBC, she ran the trade association IPPA, which represented the interests of independent film and television producers and was once described by the Financial Times as “the most formidable lobbying organisation in England.”

In 1994, she returned to the United States where she worked on public affair campaigns in Massachusetts and with software companies trying to break into multimedia. She developed interactive multimedia products with Peter Lynch, Tom Peters, Standard & Poors and The Learning Company. She then joined CMGI where she ran, bought and sold leading Internet businesses, serving as Chief Executive Officer for InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation and iCAST Corporation. She was named one of the Internet’s Top 100 by Silicon Alley Reporter in 1999, one of the Top 25 by Streaming Media magazine and one of the Top 100 Media Executives by The Hollywood Reporter. Her ‘Tear Down the Wall’ campaign against AOL won the 2001 Silver SABRE award for public relations.

Margaret was featured on BBC Radio 4 in Changing the Rules, which won the 2008 Prowess Media Award. She devised and led a programme for female entrepreneurs at Simmons College, one of the few all-female business schools in the United States. She continues to advise global businesses on effective global strategies and to support women’s networks and industry associations involved in diversity and inclusion. She teaches at the School of Management at the University of Bath and has been invited to speak at business schools around the world, including Harvard Business School, the Rotman School, London Business School and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

She also gives talks regularly to organizations as diverse as the Federal Bank of the United States, Accenture, Roche, KLA-Tencor, State Street, Khosla Ventures, Standard Chartered Bank, J.P.Morgan Chase and Procter & Gamble, Hiscox, Standard Chartered Bank, Lloyds, ARM and Microsoft. 

David McWilliams

David McWilliams

David McWilliams Economist is an uncompromising thinker, with a relaxed, confident and entertaining style. He was voted the most influential economist in the UK and Ireland in 2015.  

He is a regular conference and keynote speaker at international financial conferences where he speaks about trends in the global economy and how we might profit from them. He speaks to businesses and industrial groups on how the trends in growth, currencies and financial markets will uniquely affect them.

Consistently accurate in his forecasts, David McWilliams was the only economist in Ireland who accurately forecast a strong UK Brexit vote. He was also the first economist to identify the Irish boom as nothing more than a credit bubble, warning of its collapse and the consequences for the country. His objective is to make economics as widely available and easily understandable on as many platforms as possible.

David is currently hosting a weekly chat David McWilliams Ireland on TV3 where he explores the big issues facing Ireland’s society and economy

He is the co-founder of the world’s only economics festival ‘Kilkenomics‘, an eclectic combination of economics and stand-up comedy, described by The Australian as “Davos without the hookers”.

“David was brilliant as he always is, couldn’t have been better, he’s a legend, had everyone eating out of his hand as usual! We’ll do it again, will be in touch.” – John McDonnell, Cathedral Finance, April 2016

“David joined us for a 2 hours session – smoothly organized by Personally Speaking – to think about and discuss the big global trends in geopolitics and economy.  Simply outstanding!  This is a guy who is simultaneously a deep thinker on substance and totally entertaining in the way he engages his audience.  It was inspiring, informative, provocative and hilarious.  So: Thanks, David!” – Till Olbrich, PMI, August 2015

“David went down so well with the client, he was outstanding!” Eleanor Bloem, Thundermark, July 2015

“David’s delivery was super. His content was thought-provoking as always of course!” Andy O’Callaghan, PwC, June 2014

“David’s speech was fantastic and very well received by the audience. Many thanks to you and your team for assisting us in organising this wonderful conference.” Suresh Thyagarajan, FX & Interest Rate Sales, Treasury & Capital Markets, Bank Muscat, Nov 2013

“Your presentation to the Annual Investment Summit was perfectly pitched and brought exactly what we had hoped: a clear articulate view of the world with which we have a great deal of sympathy, delivered with wit and intelligence in an engaging and entertaining style. Our best Summit yet, and your contribution clearly helped’” – Neil Woodford, Head of UK Equities, Invesco Perpetual, July 2013.

“Your insightful presentation on ‘The European Outlook’, as well as your contribution as moderator on the Economists’ Panel Discussion at the 5th Global Financial Markets Forum 2013 was extremely well received and significantly contributed to the overall success of the forum. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in joining us for the 2nd time at this event and making yourself available for the private lunches and round-table sessions with our key clients.” – Michael H. Tomalin, Group Chief Executive, National Bank of Abu Dhabi

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation and delight in your attendance. Furthermore we are thankful to you for sharing your unique expertise on internationally sensitive topics. The ideas presented surely will leave a lasting impression on us all.” –
Abdullah Al-Ahmadi, ICA Chairman, November 2012

“It was a huge success…The event was a compete sell out and David responded generously. If David is in town again please let us know!” – Eamon Eastwood, The Landsdowne Club, Sydney Australia, November 2012

“Last Thursday went very well and was a success for us. David’s presentation went down very well to the audience of about 150”
John Lucey, INVESCO, October 2012

“Everything went very well and we were absolutely delighted with David. He was just what we needed for the day.” – Ciara Pelly, ICOS, May 2012

“I would like to thank you for your efforts in participating in our Fourth Financial Markets Forum 2012. The Event was remarkably successful with over 600 attendees and it would not have been possible without your efforts and contribution. Your participation certainly enhanced the profile of our line-up of international speakers” – Mahmood Al Aradi, SEVP – Financial Markets Division, National Bank of Abu Dhabi – 1st March 2012

“I would like to thank David for speaking at the event. His contribution very much helped to ensure a successful conference that has since been the focus of a great deal of positive feedback from the participants” – Venessa Heywood, Conference Director, IIR Abu Dhabi – 1st March 2012

“The conference in Rome was indeed a success and David’s speech added great value to our plenary session” – Olivier Bedois, Director – Marketing & Communication, SDV – 13th February 2012

“Our event was a great success, we have received such positive feedback from our guests who attended. We were all very impressed with David, his speech was very entertaining, humorous and easy to listen to. He interacted very well with our guests and with our own Actavis team and he seemed very knowledgeable of our industry. It was great to see our guests so animated throughout David’s speech.” – Debbie McDonald, Marketing Executive, Actavis Ireland, October 2011

“The entire audience was pleasantly shocked to see an economist could be so connected with reality and also were delighted that he delivered a clear message that we can control our destiny despite all that is going on around us especially sales leaders and business owners (who were the audience). The overall feedback was very positive.” – Charlie Mernagh, Managing Director, Ask Solutions, September 2011

“David’s relaxed, yet confident style, coupled with the ability to debate with him and frankly discuss matters of huge importance, both to our advisers and their brokers, was really well received. We consider this small event for our key clients a great success.” –
David Walls, Axa Financial, June 2011

“On behalf of the board and the members of the FPP I would like to thank you most sincerely for chairing the FPP Annual conference in the Westbury Hotel, Dublin on February 25th. YOur expert contribution on the day was much respected by both speakers and delegates to make the conference a great success.” –
Lionel McCarthy, CEO, Forum on Public Procurement in Ireland

“The Event went really well last night, we were delighted with David; he was a delight to deal with and an excellent and very entertaining speaker. He related very well with the audience, he was enjoyable to listen to and very insightful” – Nuala Martyn, Financial Solution Skillnet

“Thanks for your support in securing David McWilliams for our conference. He was fantastic and has had superb feedback!” – Geraldine D’Arcy, Irish Primary Principals’ Network

“On behalf of the chairman and the national Council of ISME may I thank you very much for your excellent and valuable contribution to our national conference, it was very well received” – Mark Fielding, Chief Executive, ISME, The Independent Business Organisation.

“I am writing to thank you on my own behalf and on the behalf of Cork City Council and the University of Ulster for your participation in the recent conference of the Isles. We have received an amazing number of letters and emails congratulating the conference on the quality of the speakers and their presentations” – Stephen Kearney, Director Housing and Community Cork City Council

“We were most fortunate in having you as our guest speaker on the occasion of this celebration. It was a great success and we were thrilled with the feedback from our guests. All in attendance found you most entertaining and some people were talking about you for days afterwards…again David, thank you very much and continued success for the future.” – Conor McCarthy and David Kiely, Directors Jennings O’Donovan & Partners Consulting Engineers

“Provocative, entertaining, stimulating——A man who dares to differ—That’s David!” – Frank Mc Donagh, Commercial Branch Manager, Bank of Ireland

Caroline Casey Motivational Speaker

Caroline Casey

TED Speaker, MDRT Main Stage Speaker 2017, Award Winning Social Innovator. Caroline Casey Motivational Speaker is one of our most popular speakers . She believes that authenticity, vision, self belief and resilience are crucial for business and personal success. With her energy and down-to-earth personality, motivational TED speaker Caroline Casey has an amazing ability to captivate any audience. Her passion and ambition for leading a life without limits and labels is truly contagious.

In 2017 Caroline successfully launched a global campaign #valuable…to spark a global revolution of inclusion that puts disability equally on the business agenda.

Taking a life changing decision at 28 to leave her successful career as a management consultant and travel across India on an elephant, Caroline has been committed to building a global movement on inclusive business to build an equal society for the 1 billion people in the world with a disability.

Collaborating with some of the world’s leading organisations and CEOs Caroline has identified what she often refers to as “The New Green” – the new business imperative for success – Inclusive Business. An advisor, mentor, board member and international speaker Caroline’s has a real ability to connect with people. Her extraordinary personal story of coming to terms with her own hidden disability and turning that perceived “weakness” into professional and personal success is relatable, funny, humbling and deeply meaningful. She is in her own words a ”dangerous dreamer” and someone who has leant the art of never giving up and “failing fabulously”. Despite being the recipient of many awards and accolades, she believes true success only comes to those who can really be themselves! She is still working on it!


Áine Kerr

Áine is a teacher turned journalist and entrepreneur who can talk education, media, business and technology. She is an expert in moderating lively discussions and professionally MC-ing memorable events, having taken part in some of the biggest media industry events in the world. Áine Kerr is the Co-Founder and COO of Neva Labs; a new start-up venture with Mark Little. Previously, Áine led global journalism partnerships at Facebook in New York, overseeing a team focused on building products, tools and services for the news industry. She was instrumental in creating the Facebook Journalism Project and the News Integrity Initiative (NII). Before joining Facebook in March 2016, she spent five years at Storyful, where she served as head of content and political editor before being appointed managing editor in at the time of the company’s acquisition by News Corporation. Prior to that, Áine spent over seven years working as a political correspondent and news reporter with The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and The Irish Examiner. Áine is on the board of the NII, an advisor to the Institute for Future of Media and Journalism (Fujo), and co-founder of Online News Association (ONA) Ireland. She is currently undertaking the Sulzberger Leadership Program in Columbia University, New York.

The Future of Journalism

Role of Technology in Journalism

Women in Leadership

Social and New Media

The News Industry

Leadership and Management

“I have worked with Áine since Web Summit 2014 and she has never let us down. She’s always super enthusiastic, incredibly willing to be involved in any capacity and brings a unique spin on any session she’s involved in both as a speaker or moderator. Together with her experience across traditional and new media, she’s a wonderful addition to any talk in this area and more insightful than most when it comes to challenges and opportunities facing this industry. I’d recommend Áine for any event and look forward to having her join us again soon at future Web Summit events.” – Stephen Twomey, Speaker Director, Web Summit

“Áine Kerr was the opening keynote address at our most recent #GetStarted2017 entrepreneurship conference, attended by over 700 delegates at the Helix, DCU (November 21st, 2017).  Her engaging and open manner as well as her clarity and authenticity set the tone perfectly for the entire event, capturing the audience from the moment she stepped on stage.  Both as an internationally recognised thought-leader on the future of news, journalism and content consumer behaviour and as courageous and innovative business leader, Áine was the perfect choice to inspire our audience of both established and aspiring entrepreneurs.” – Centre Director IC4

Matthew Syed Best-Selling Author of Black Box Thinking and Bounce

Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed Author of Black Box Thinking and Bounce

Matthew speaks to companies, sports teams and other organisations on psychology, performance and continuous improvement. Recently, Matthew has been booked by many of the most innovative and forward-thinking organisations in the world including Goldman Sachs, Arsenal FC, Vodafone, Rolls Royce, BP, McKinsey, Alliance Bernstein, Oxford University, Saracens, McLaren, Deutsche Bank, Morrisons, Cliffod Chance, Genentech, Orange, the Premier League, United Bank of Switzerland, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, the England and Wales Cricket Board, Westminster School, Freshfields, Proctor and Gamble and INSEAD.

He has given keynotes about Black Box Thinking to pioneering organisations around the world including a specially convened meeting of global finance ministers at Harvard University, the commanders and admirals of the British surface fleet, Britain’s chief constables, the Presidents of the medical Royal Colleges, the General Staff of the British Army, the global partners of Goldman Sachs, as well as the Arsenal first team and other top sports organisations.

He is passionate about young people and education. His Mindset for Education conferences are about providing brilliant, often busy teachers and school leaders with the latest research and tools to unleash curiosity, creativity and growth mindset in their students. He also provides tailored events for businesses and a learning course on the principles of high performance.

Ivan Yates

Ivan Yates

Ivan Yates Broadcaster, Entrepreneur, and former Politician

Ivan Yates has had unique life experience in politics, business and media. A former government minister and Wexford TD for more than 20 years; an entrepreneur who founded and developed Celtic Bookmakers to employ 400 people, with €200 million turnover.

He bounced back from bankruptcy in Wales in 2012 to become a highly successful national broadcaster. He presents the radio show The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk  weekdays 4-7pm and The Tonight Show on TV3 with Matt Cooper four times weekly at 11pm.  He is also  a leading columnist with the Irish Independent newspaper.

In 2014 he published his best-selling autobiography, ‘Full On’ with acclaimed reviews. He resides in Dublin and Enniscorthy, is married to Deirdre with 4 adult children.

His original forthright style of entertaining punditry and analysis on the full range of current affairs and sport has made him a much sought after motivational public speaker at corporate and formal events. He also acts as a versatile conference facilitator/moderator, MC with a flair for asking the questions that need answering. Ivan is a memorable and compelling after-dinner speaker.

Ivan’s attention to detail, preparation and client focus ensures your event runs smoothly and efficiently, with humorous asides. He adds value to your occasion by making it special.

Brent Pope

New Zealand born rugby player, coach and TV commentator Brent Pope played rugby with top New Zealand side Otago University before finally settling in Ireland in 1991 and lining out for three seasons with St Mary’s RFC. Later Brent coached Clontarf RFC for two seasons, leading them to promotion to Division One of the AIL.

Brent has worked as a TV rugby pundit for nine years and can regularly be seen on RTÉ with George Hook & Tom McGurk. Brent also writes children’s books for charities. The proceeds from ‘Arnold the Anteater‘ went to Children’s Hospice Homecare while ‘Bones’ was written for the Irish Osteoporosis Society.

Brent has worked for RTÉ Sport for over 15 years and has also appeared in many crossover programmes such as ‘The Restaurant’ (Irish TV series), and in ‘The Den’, ‘The Afternoon Show’, ‘The Hook and Popey Roadshow’, ‘The Late Late Show’, ‘The Saturday Night Show’, and various travel programmes. Brent also starred as a singer in ‘Charity You’re a Star’ in 2007. In 2012 he learned and played the clarinet for the RTÉ reality music show ‘Instrumental’. Brent was listed at number 4 in a recent poll for Ireland’s hottest male television stars, and in 2012/13 he was nominated as one of Ireland’s best dressed men.

He is also the curator of a popular art gallery for mental health artists called The ‘Outside In Art Gallery’, and has a movie script entitled ‘Coming out to Play’ listed with a major movie production company.

Brent is involved in several mental health charities, and is an ambassador for St Patrick’s Hospital ‘Walk in My Shoes’, ‘Cycle Against Suicide’, and RTE’s ‘People Of The Year’.


Jim McGuinness Performance Consultant to Glasgow Celtic

Jim McGuinness

Jim McGuinness Performance Consultant to Glasgow Celtic was born in Glenties, County Donegal. He was only a teenager, when part of a Donegal squad that claimed the county’s first All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in 1992. McGuinness was also a star of Third-Level Colleges football, winning Sigerson Cups with  Tralee I.T. GAA in 1998 and 1999 as captain, and again as captain in 2001 with the University of Ulster at Jordanstown (U.U.J.).

Jim was player coach when his club captured their first ever Donegal Senior Club Championship title in 2005. He has represented his Province on a number of occasions winning two Railway Cup Medals, and has also represented his country in the International Compromise Rules Series against Australia in 1998, a series which Ireland won.

In 2010 Jim was manager of the Donegal Under-21 Football Team that won the Provincial Championship for the first time in fifteen years and reached the All-Ireland Final. In July of that year he was appointed Donegal Senior Football Team Manager.

His time at the helm with the senior team has been a major success; in his tenure he has overseen a Donegal team that has won two consecutive Ulster Senior Football Championship titles and this year he guided his native county to win the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final, the county’s first since 1992. Donegal’s victory in 2012 under McGuinness’s management is only Donegal’s second ever All-Ireland Senior Championship win in more than 120 years.

McGuinness’ achievements have also been recognised internationally, earning the admiration of, among others, the golfer and Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley and the Glasgow Celtic football manager Neil Lennon. On the 9th of November 2012, the Scottish soccer giants Glasgow Celtic  confirmed the appointment of McGuinness as a performance consultant, while Paul McGinley has confirmed that McGuinness will have a role to play in the 2014 Ryder Cup. Having been invited to assist Glasgow Celtic in Scotland, McGuinness is the first Gaelic football inter-county manager to have been offered a role at a professional sports team abroad.

Jim holds a Master’s of Science in Sport Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University, School of Sport & Exercise Sciences. He previously gained a BSc (hons) Degree in Sport, Exercise and Leisure from the University of Ulster Jordanstown, and a Higher Certificate in Health & Leisure studies from Tralee Institute of Technology. He has previously lectured in Sports Coaching and Sport Psychology at Limavady College, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland.

Ade McCormack Near futurist, Author, former FT journalist

Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack Near futurist, Author, former FT journalist

Ade McCormack is a former information technologist who studied Physics / Astrophysics and has worked for the European Space Agency. He has worked in over 30 countries, across many sectors with many of the world’s leading brands. He is a former Financial Times and CIO magazine columnist, and has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on digital leadership.

Ade speaks to primarily a leadership audience on how the world is changing, its impact on business and people, and how leaders need to respond both personally and strategically.

Ade has a unique ‘bits to boardroom’ understanding of the issues. He has developed an anthropological hypothesis to explain what is happening as we enter the digital age, and how we might best respond.

Ade is considered original, engaging, provocative and insightful. His zoom out approach makes him an ideal opening keynoter or ‘big ideas’ speaker.

Recent speaking clients include:

  • Google
  • WorkDay
  • European Forum for New Ideas
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • FT
  • EY
  • Salesforce.
Kingsley Aikens

Kingsley Aikins

Networking Guru Kingsley has a unique speaking style and delivery which he puts across with passion and humour. His stock of anecdotes and stories based on his global experiences keeps audiences entertained and informed and leaves them with a series of practical and uplifting messages.

Kingsley Aikins has built up a formidable international speaking reputation over the last 25 years and has spoken to over half a million people in 39 cities around the world during that time.

During his 21 years with The Ireland Funds he raised over a quarter of a billion dollars which was given to over 1200 organisations throughout Ireland, North and South. This was acheived at zero cost to the Irish Government and taxpayer.

Kingsley has lived and worked extensively overseas in the UK, USA, France, Spain and Australia. He has built an immense global network of people of affluence and influence and engaged tens of thousands of people with Ireland. He has perfected a unique and distinctive networking process built on a 4 step process of Research, Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship.

Kingsley is highly regarded in his field internationally and has spoken at numerous conferences, the most recent being the Hillary Clinton Global Diaspora Forum in Washington where he launched his most recent publication ” A Global Diaspora Strategies Toolkit”.  This unique guide for all countries is the only one of its kind in the world and has had a terrific reception.

Kingsley is a recognised expert speaker on all matters diaspora, networking and philanthropic and since returning to Ireland has built a reputation as an entertaining and informative keynote speaker. Recent clients include Accenture, KPMG, Arthur Cox, Mason Hayes Curran the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Shaw and the Institute of Chartered surveyors.

Kingsley is a graduate of Trinity College and a member of the Institutes of Marketing, Exports and Linguists (French and Spanish).

In 2008 he was awarded a CBE for fostering British-Irish relations He is a keen sportsman and played rugby for Trinity College, the Irish Universities and Leinster and Vichy (France) before injury ended a promising playing career at 22. Kingsley is married to Claire and lives in Dublin with their 3 children, Grattan, Darcy and Devin.

Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo, Dr.

Dambisa Moyo Global Economist, TED Speaker, & Author

Her work has taken her to more than 70 countries over the last decade, during which time she has developed a unique knowledge on the inherent conflicts facing developed economies, as well as the interaction between politics, international finance and developing markets.

In particular, her work examines the interplay of international business and the global economy, while highlighting the key opportunities for investment, capitalizing on her rare ability to translate trends in markets, technology, politics, regulatory matters and economics into their likely impact on global business.

Dambisa Moyo serves on the boards of Barclays Bank, the financial services group, SABMiller, the global brewer, Barrick Gold, the global miner, and Seagate Technology. She was an economist at Goldman Sachs and a consultant to the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

Dambisa is a contributing editor to CNBC, the business and finance news network. Her writing regularly appears in economic and finance-related publications such as the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. She completed a PhD in economics at Oxford University and holds a Masters degree from Harvard University. She completed an undergraduate degree in chemistry and an MBA in finance at the American University in Washington, D.C. She is an avid tennis fan and has run numerous half marathons and marathons. She received The Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage of the University Philosophical Society at Trinity College Dublin in Oct 2106.

In nearly 10 years of practical board experience, Dr. Moyo has been engaged in many key aspects of company oversight and operations including:
Board & Management Succession:
• Selection process and appointment of numerous CEOs
• Oversight of the upgrading and staffing of the executive committee
• Corporate governance liaison with shareholders
• Oversight of the structuring of the company Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP)
• Alignment of compensation in the context of market trends
• Approval of management bonus plans
Global Perspective
• First hand knowledge of economic and political conditions in all major emerging markets
• Understanding of recent changes in fundamentals
• Able to assess strategic potential
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A):
• US$100 billion acquisition of SABMiller by Anheuser Busch; US$10 billion acquisition of Fosters by SABMiller
• Oversight of multi billion dollar asset sales
• Equity raise:  Rights issues
• Balance Sheet Management: Capital allocation, Dividend
Regulatory Affairs:
• Oversight of multi billion dollar regulatory fines and redress
• Implementation of control environment
• Implementation of cultural change agenda
• Rollout of corporate restructuring: Spans & Layers, Organization centralization/de-centralization
• Approval of company risk appetite: versus cost of capital, ROIC/Return targets, mandate and scale, liquidity
• Assessment and management of Macroeconomic, market (including interest rates, FX, Commodity volatility), credit, geo-political risk
• Monitoring of Operational risk
• Monitoring Technology and Cyber risk
• Overseen changes in strategy owing to changes in market conditions
• Approved new business model in light to industry changes after financial crisis
• Overseen changes in business model to reflect structural and regulatory challenges

Board Experience:
• Barclays: (2010 – Present); Audit Committee, Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee; Reputation Committee
• Barrick Gold: (2011 – Present); Audit Committee; Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee; Risk Committee
• SABMiller: (2009 – Present); Chair of Corporate Accountability & Risk Assurance Committee
• Seagate Technology: (2015 – Present): Audit Committee, Finance Committee


• PhD, Economics, Oxford University (2002) • MPA, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government (1997) • MBA, Finance, American University (1993) • BS, Chemistry, American University (1991)

  • Work Experience:
    • Goldman Sachs, Capital Markets, Economist (2001-2008) • World Bank (1993-1995)
Pixie McKenna

Pixie McKenna, Dr.

Best known for her role in Channel 4’s primetime, BAFTA-winning medical series ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘Freaky Eaters’, practicing GP Dr. Pixie McKenna has seen every bizarre condition under the sun. With a sympathetic disposition and real medical expertise, she aims to restore health and dignity to millions of viewers.

Pixie McKenna graduated from University College Cork Medical School in 1995. Following a year of medical and surgical internship in Ireland, she joined the Cambridge Vocational Training Scheme in general practice. This involved three years of hospital training at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge in medicine, surgery, general practice, care of the elderly, gynaecology, rheumatology, rehabilitation medicine and paediatrics.

In 1999, she obtained her certificate in general practice training and membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Over the last 13 years she has worked both in the NHS and the private sector in Ireland and the UK. Pixie is currently a practicing GP at London’s Harley Street.

Her media career began in 2006 when she was asked to be the onscreen doctor in BBC Three’s ‘Freaky Eaters’ series, which ran for three seasons.

She is best known for her role in Channel 4’s primetime, BAFTA-winning medical series ‘Embarrassing Bodies and Channel 4’s ‘Food Hospital’.

As well these major flagship shows, Pixie makes ad hoc appearances on a variety of other programmes as wide ranging as Celebrity Mastermind to This Morning. When not filming, Pixie spends her time writing columns for the Irish Mail, Mizz, Zest and Best magazines. She also hosts the weekly ‘Air your Ailments’ slot on Ireland’s Today FM.

When she’s not busy with her clinical commitments and media work, Pixie can be found strolling, punting or cycling around her UK base in Cambridge, or sailing around the west coast of Cork.

Although having given birth to her first child earlier this year, she describes herself as having more “nappy time” than leisure time.

Pixie comes from a family background of medicine, being the third generation of doctors in her family, but only the first female medic! Having studied speech and drama from the age of five, she is an accomplished speaker on a variety of medical topics, with sexual health, dermatology, women’s health and health promotion being her specific interests.

Pixie released her first book, The Handbag Doctor, through Kyle Cathie books in 2010.

Dr Pixie is currently practising at Freedom Health, 60 Harley Street, London.

Dr Jolanta Burke Positive Psychologist

Dr Jolanta Burke

Dr Jolanta Burke Positive Psychologist specialises in Positive Psychology. She is a senior lecturer and associate programme leader for Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, which is the first and largest third level positive psychology qualification in Europe. She is a highly engaging and passionate speaker who has delivered talks and keynotes at many conferences in Ireland, UK, other European countries, Canada and the US. She is published in various psychological and popular magazines and appears in the Irish media regularly (e.g. RTE, Today FM, Irish Times, Irish Independent). She’s also hosted her own radio show about the science of well-being.

Dr Jolanta Burke has extensive business experience and has collaborated with many organizations such as Google, IBEC, Big Lottery Fund, DTZ, Primerica. She is an Irish representative of the European Network for Positive Psychology. She is a visiting lecturer for Trinity College Dublin Business School where she regularly speaks at the MBA programme and has created and delivers a module in Psychology of Management (Managing a thriving organisation) for Masters in Management, ranking the third best general management degree in Europe.

Her last book about “Happiness after 30: The Paradox of Aging” is based on the latest research indicating that our well-being improves with age. Her new book  “Flourishing employees: The psychology of people at their best” is coming out soon.


Marguerite Donlon

With over 30 years of experience in the creative world, Maggie has gone from Dancer to Choreographer to Director. In her unassuming and warm way she shares with the Corporate world her knowledge of how to create a winning team of gifted individuals who burn for the same unique result. She shares her creative knowledge, which, is key to keeping agility, passion and a love of living out of the comfort zone. She’s a talent addict and shares with her audience how she seeks out talent and helps them find the self-empowerment to become the best they possibly can. Maggie is refreshing and passionate and her story is inspiring.

Maggie is an International contemporary Choreographer, Director and accredited RD1st Leadership Coach. She is a former solo dancer of the English National Ballet and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. She currently lives in Berlin and creates ballets for companies all over the globe from super ballet Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet to cutting edge contemporary dance companies in the USA and central Europe plus her own company DDC. She was the ballet director for 12 years of the Saarland State Ballet in Germany and created more that 30 ballets winning her several nominations and 2 medals of Merit.

Maggie has a unique story, coming from the midlands of Ireland in the 90’s and beginning dance at the late age of 15 she managed to become a soloist of note with the English National Ballet and the Deutsche Oper Berlin and performed on world stages such as The Metropolitan Opera House, New York, The Kirov, St Petersburg, and the Coliseum, London.  In 2014 she developed a team building method called “Creative Empowerment” using choreographic tools for the corporate world. They experience innovation and creativity in team from head to toe.

The idea that “Nothing is Impossible”

How to create from a blank sheet

How to remain creative

Follow Flow, the creative way

Team Building begins with head to toe TRUST

Why give up when you can go on……

Embracing the unknown

How to keep the edge

The body cannot lie


David Allen

“One of the world’s most influential thinkers” (Fast Company)

David Allen is an author, consultant, executive coach, and international lecturer. He is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on personal and organizational productivity.

David is the founder of the David Allen Company, which provides services designed to increase performance, capacity and aligned execution through its global partners. Clients include some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, including over 40% of the Fortune 100. His thirty-five years of pioneering research, coaching and education of some of the world’s highest-performing professionals has earned him Forbes’ recognition as one of the “Top five executive coaches” in the United States, and as one of the “Top 100 thought leaders” by Leadership Magazine.

Fast Company hailed David Allen “One of the world’s most influential thinkers” in the arena of personal productivity, for his outstanding programs and writing on time and stress management, the power of aligned focus and vision, and his ground-breaking methodologies in management and executive peak performance. The American Management Association ranked him in the top ten business leaders in 2014.

David is the author of three books; the international bestseller, ‘Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity‘ (popularly known by the brand shorthand of GTD ® ), ‘Ready for Anything’, and ‘Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life’. Getting Things Done has been a perennial business bestseller since it’s publication in 2001, and the 2015 revised edition is now published in 30 languages. TIME magazine heralded Getting Things Done as “The defining self-help business book of its time”. GTD has an international following of adopters in corporate enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs. It has given rise to a thriving GTD industry of websites, blogs and software applications. Internet searches bring up tens of millions of references.

David Allen is a rarity in the Twitter world, as one of the few non-celebrities with over a million followers hanging on his informative wit and inspiration. PC Magazine noted him as one of the “Top One Hundred to Follow” on Twitter.

International Rugby Referee Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens

International Rugby Referee Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens is a Welsh International, World Cup and Heineken Cup rugby union referee. Born and raised in a small village in South Wales he was appointed as an international referee in 2005, and that year officiated his first international between Ireland and Japan in Osaka.

He was the only Welsh referee at the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups and is regarded as the first openly gay man to referee at the highest level.  He made his World Cup debut in Lyon, France in September 2007 refereeing the Argentina vs. Georgia game.

He is only one of two referees ever to be appointed to referee two consecutive Heineken Cup finals: Munster v Toulouse at the Millennium Stadium in 2008 and Leicester Tigers v. Leinster at Murrayfield in 2009.

Nigel is also one of the presenters on S4C’s ‘Jonathan’, a rugby-themed Welsh language chat show hosted by former Welsh international Jonathan Davies.  He also co-presents the sports-themed Welsh language chat show ‘Bwrw’r Bar‘.

In 2007, Owens was named ‘Gay Sports Personality of the Year‘ by gay rights group Stonewall at their annual awards ceremony in London.

In 2011, Nigel was made a member of the Gorsedd of Bards at their National Eisteddfod in Wrexham.

Owens was appointed as the referee for the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final between New Zealand and Australia at Twickenham.

Norah Casey Entrepreneur Broadcaster former Dragon

Norah Casey

Norah Casey Entrepreneur Broadcaster former Dragon – Until July 2013, Norah was anchor of the successful daily radio Breakfast Show on Newstalk and co-hosted The Today show on RTE 1 every Friday during the 2012/2013 season. In 2013, she decided to leave the successful business entrepreneur show Dragons’ Den to pursue a full time career in radio and television. Her investment portfolio is diverse and includes online and traditional media businesses.

Her new television series Norah’s Traveller Academy was aired on RTE in Spring 2015. She presented 13 episodes of The Takeover with RTE 2 – transforming business through staff mentorship. Her documentary titled Way to Go, exploring issues around death and the Irish, aired on RTE 1 in July 2014.

Norah is owner and Chairwoman of Ireland’s largest magazine publishing company Harmonia, printing over four million magazines annually for the Irish, British and USA market and selling on average 2.6 million in the Irish market annually. She founded the company and was CEO until October 2013. Harmonia publishes the top three best-selling women’s magazines in Ireland – Irish Tatler, Woman’s Way and U Magazine – along with a range of lifestyle and consumer titles such as Woman’s Way, CookBook, Food&Wine Magazine, Irish Tatler Man, Ireland of the Welcomes and Auto Ireland.

With a strong portfolio of brands and events from having run many successful publishing companies in London, Norah bought her own business, Harmonia, in 2004.  A journalist and former nurse, Norah was awarded Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2007/8, and has been Ireland’s Publisher of the Year no fewer than four times. She has served on numerous boards, and is currently a member of the Press Council of Ireland, the London-based Women’s Irish Network and The International Women’s Forum.

Debbie Deegan

Debbie Deegan

Debbie Deegan is the Founder and Managing Director of the charity To Children with Love. She is also a published author of two books.

She is well recognised from her national and international TV and radio appearances and was the recipient of a Unesco Tolerance Award, Irish International Person of the Year Award, Social Entrepreneur of the Year award among many others. She is also a Certified Life Coach.

Debbie is an inspiring presenter, and her message is simple but powerful: that individuals can make a huge difference in their own lives and if they choose in the lives of others.

Recently, she has been hired by Qualtrics, Aughinish AluminaVision International and Kellogg.

Debbie Deegan is a people’s champion because she is an ordinary
person who has achieved extraordinary things. Using her
infectious passion and total belief in the power of human
potential she has changed the lives of thousands of children
through her charity work. Debbie believes that anyone can tap
into the power of their potential if they are prepared to take a step.

Debbie is an inspiring presenter her message is simple but
powerful. Her message is that individuals can make a huge
difference in their own lives and if they choose in the lives of
others. Her many personal stories make her speeches special
authentic and riveting.

Debbie is an ordinary person who has achieved extraordinary things.

Using her infectious passion and total belief in the power of human
potential she has changed the lives of thousands of children
through her charity work. Debbie believes that anyone can tap
into the power of their potential if they are prepared to take a step.

“I have been fortunate to work with Debbie Deegan on many occasions […] Her many personal stories make her speeches special
authentic and riveting. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a motivational speaker” – Damian Clancy, Chairman of Aughinish Alumina, Adjunct Professor, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick

Sonya Lennon

Designer and entrepreneur Sonya Lennon is a tiny bundle of fearless passion who loves to tell a good yarn. All her experience is woven into story of style, creation and starting from scratch to build value. A seasoned speaker with clients including Google, Accenture, Citi, AIB, Eversheds, UKTI, Irish Life and Dublin Chamber.

Constantin Gurdgiev

Constantin Gurdgiev, Dr.

Constantin Gurdgiev is currently ranked second on the UK & Ireland Economists Top 100 list by CityAM. Joining high level view of technological, demographic and consumer trends with original data analytics, he provides a unique long-range analysis of evolutionary trends shaping economies and key markets. His thought leadership crosses the boundaries of individual sectors and countries to bring truly global business and economics perspective to boardrooms and conference halls.

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev is the Adjunct Professor of Finance with Trinity College Dublin and acts as an adviser to a range of financial services companies.

Constantin is an internationally recognised expert and speaker on topics relating to global business and economic development. His main expertise is in spotting key data-driven trends across economies and sectors, and linking these trends to investment and business strategy.

His clients include: Google, IBM, Alltech, KPMG, PwC, IG, Bloomberg, Reuters, CFA Institute, Eon, Allianz, McKinsey, and others.

He is a frequent contributor to international media and writes a regular column for Cayman Financial Review. His blog is syndicated to Seeking Alpha and is carried by a number of investment markets platforms.

In the past, Dr. Gurdgiev served as the Partner and Head of Research with St Columbanus AG, the Head of Macroeconomics with IBM, and Director of Research with NCB Stockbrokers.

Current risks and opportunities in the global economy (European, MENA, Asia Pacific and North American markets; BRICS)

The future of financial services (retail and institutional investors perspective, banking, insurance and aggregators)

Behavioural and macroeconomic drivers for consumer services and financial services development (on-line and off-line)

Big data v Small data and data analytics

The role of human capital in economic development and Smarter Cities

Current and future trends in financial markets (European and Russian markets)

Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard

Hayley is passionate about inspiring business leaders to adopt the principle that diversity isn’t about difference, it’s about excellence.  She tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences’ working lives.

One of our most popular speakers on Diversity and Inclusion, Hayley Barnard is the Managing Director & Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd.  MIX helps organisations become more innovative and profitable through developing both a more diverse workforce and diverse customer base. MIX’s clients include HSBC, Diageo, T-Systems and Walmart.

After quickly rising to become General Manager of Sir Chay Blyth’s ‘Challenge Business’ at just 23, Hayley took the decision to start her own communications and sponsorship business with her twin sister, which they run to this day.  After over a decade of successful trading, their second business was born – MIX Diversity Developers Ltd. 

Hayley is a professional speaker, consultant and media commentator on subjects including gender balanced workplaces, inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, harnessing greater ethnicity in business, Autism in the workplace and Age and Employment. She is passionate about inspiring business leaders to adopt the principle that diversity isn’t about difference, it’s about excellence.  She tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences’ working lives.

One of the most innovative projects that Hayley has headed up is the LeasePlan Women’s Arctic Challenge in which she co-led a team of women on a traverse of Baffin Island, trekking and camping for 11 days at minus 40 degrees C. MIX worked with LeasePlan to develop this unique platform to communicate the gender balance issue and challenge unconscious bias within their company.

When not at work or at home Hayley can usually be found swimming in the nearest stretch of open water in preparation for a 45Km swim around Manhattan Island in August 2018 and her solo English Channel swim attempt in 2019.

Siobhan Byrne

Siobhan Byrne

Siobhan Byrne Personal Trainer and Specialist in Women’s Fitness

Business Owner and Irish Independent Health & Fitness columnist Siobhan is passionate about helping women of all ages make positive realistic changes in their eating and fitness regime to improve their health, self-esteem and energy. She specialises in training for weight loss and maintaining fitness through pregnancy.

Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz, Prof.

Noreena Hertz Economist looks at global culture — financial and otherwise — using an approach that combines traditional economic analysis with foreign policy trends, psychology, behavioural economics, anthropology, history and sociology.

Hertz is a bestselling author, economist and strategist who advises some of the world’s top CEOs and Presidents on economic, geopolitical and technological trends and business decisions.

She graduated from university at the age of 19. By the age of 23 she was advising the Russian government on its economic reforms and investors on M&A transactions. At the age of 29 she was working with the governments of Israel, Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan on the Middle East Peace Process.

Described by the Observer as “one of the world’s leading young thinkers”, by Vogue as “one of the world’s most inspiring women” and on the cover of Newsweek’s September 30th 2013 issue “Noreena is known for her visionary ideas”.

Noreena’s ongoing research on what she calls Generation Katniss (14 – 21 year olds) was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos and at the Women in the World Economic Summit in New York City and has already been featured in publications including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, El Pais and The Financial Times.

A much sought-after commentator on television and radio Hertz contributes to a wide range of publications and networks including The BBC, CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Beast, the Financial Times, the Guardian, The Times of London, Wired, and Nature.

She is regularly sought after as a Keynote Speaker and has given Keynote Speeches at TED, The World Economic Forum and Google Zeitgeist as well as for leading global corporations, sharing platforms with such luminaries as President Bill Clinton, Professor Stephen Hawking and David Beckham.

Her work was the inspiration for Bono’s (RED) campaign. She is a Board Member of Warner Music Group, on the Advisory Board RWE AG and sits on various charitable boards.

Professor Hertz is based at University College London.

Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Jeremy White has spent the last five years as Product Editor for Wired seeking out and evaluating products at the very cutting edge of innovation and design. Now, as an Executive Editor, he edits Wired’s GEAR section, which highlights and tests the very best in ‘Wired’ products from smartphones to wearables, nano drones to supercars, interiors to architecture.

His expansive knowledge of the product world and forecasting design and tech trends has seen him be commissioned for consultancy services to some of the world’s largest consumer brands on industrial design and user experience.  He has been writing about technology and design for more than 10 years and is also currently the technology expert for Telegraph Luxury and Harrods.

Before Wired, Jeremy was digital editor for ‘How To Spend It’ at the Financial Times, and prior to that was technology editor at Esquire magazine. Jeremy appears regularly on the BBC and Sky News representing the magazine.  

Jeremy curates the live product experiences at Wired’s events, charged with bringing together exclusive displays showcasing the latest developments in automotive, technology, design and art.

The future as it happens – as Executive Editor in charge of all product coverage (both in print and online), Jeremy travels all over the world sourcing the latest design and technology innovations before they come to market.

Technology trends

Internet of Things, and the possible future

Luxury technology and the Future of Luxury Brands

Artificial intelligence

3D printing and maker culture

Product innovation

Quantum computing


Retail disruption

Wearables and Health tech

Autonomous cars and transport

Cyber security

Industrial design

Crowd-funding culture

Fashion technology

Jonathan MacDonald

Jonathan MacDonald

Jonathan MacDonald is a Digital Strategist, founder of the Thought Expansion Network (TEN) and an internationally renowned speaker. His core messages focus on expanding people’s thinking about change, and how that impacts the future, exploring the opportunities that this perpetually changing, digitally and technologically enhanced landscape create.


hrough all of his work, Jonathan MacDonald enables people and organisations to modify their approach from one-off change management to the management of perpetual change, thanks to his deep knowledge of future trends, disruptive innovation, the world of business, human behaviour, and how to use change to fuel outstanding business and personal success.

He also draws upon his extreme depth of thinking to answer the most complex questions from the stage, adding immense consultative value that translates into tangible, bottom-line business benefit.

Jonathan has been creating and advising businesses for over two decades, and his various accomplishments include Ministry of Sound’s digital strategy, launching a Sky TV channel and becoming the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association.

He has recently co-founded a highly disruptive Australian FinTech company that is radically innovating origination using blockchain technology and is also helping to accelerate a similarly disruptive American LegalTech blockchain startup.

He is trusted by the senior executives of the most successful global companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Lego, Heineken and IKEA to expand their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought, and is a contributor to Google’s Think Insights and Forbes.

Jonathan is charismatic, personable and highly impactful, meaning he is consistently the best-rated speaker at any event, leaving a lasting impression on every audience who hears him. He opens up the minds and the thinking of a diverse range of people; facilitating strategic discussion and dialogue with the most senior level executives, or inspiring an entire workforce to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future, leaving audiences with a clear roadmap of the actionable steps to take to achieve success and competitive advantage.

He looks at current and future trends, explores what innovation really means, what disruption looks like, how technology is influencing every part of business, the impact of a disintermediated landscape, and how to use change as a mechanism that can power outstanding business success, rather than something to resist, especially when it comes to ‘future-proofing’ our businesses and workplaces.

Margaret E Ward

Margaret E Ward

Margaret E Ward

Diverse teams create more innovation, improve organisational culture and add to the bottom line but why are they so hard to achieve? What social, cultural and corporate barriers keep us from achieving our optimum teams?
In this short talk, communications and diversity expert Margaret E. Ward defines the most common types of bias in organisation, talks about ways her clients and boards have overcome them and tells her personal story to highlight how culture can block progress within organisations. She explores how new approaches combining behavioural economics, data analytics and communications are “nudging” some organisations toward real cultural change.
The talk will help Boards, Managers and staff think about which levers they need to press in their organisations to ensure diversity becomes part of the corporate DNA and not just a box ticking exercise. A Q&A will follow the talk.
This talk has been delivered to great acclaim at: the European Central Bank, the Central Bank of Ireland and Google. Other highly regarded industry specific talks on diversity have been given in HP (tech), Connecting Women in Technology (tech and media), RTÉ (media), US Embassy (film, TV and theatre), Connecting Women in Pensions, Network Ireland, Department of Justice, IBEC, Northern Irish Assembly, and to many other organisations and networks.
Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli

Chris Bashinelli has interviewed some of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People on the Planet. His keynotes embody themes of service, productivity and cultural understanding. He helps audiences realize their potential to become Global Citizens, inspired members of their organization, their family, and ultimately- the world! Chris Bashinelli has also interviewed some of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Ian Kehoe

Ian Kehoe

Ian Kehoe Journalist, Author, Broadcaster, Editor of The Sunday Business Post

Ian Kehoe is award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. In 2014, at the age of 34, he was appointed Editor of The Sunday Business Post newspaper, one of Ireland’s most respected titles.

He is a former presenter and reporter with RTE’s Prime Time programme, where he chronicled Ireland’s economic collapse. He has twice been named as Ireland’s Business & Economics Journalist of the Year.

Kehoe has made several major television documentaries, including Namaland and Who’s Buying Ireland. His most recent documentary, The Great Irish Sell-Off, exposed the scale of vulture fund activity in post-crash Ireland.

He is the co-author of Citizen Quinn, a bestselling book about the rise and fall of the industrialist Sean Quinn.


Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey

Sarah famously combines her insatiable curiosity and intellectual ability with an engaging, witty style that draws in audiences and brings out the best in expert guests. With a background in broadcasting, there’s no one more comfortable in front of an audience and making them feel part of any event.

Sarah Carey is a well known columnist and broadcaster. She’s written for major broadsheets from The Irish Times to The Daily Telegraph on everything from economics to politics, technology and media and is a highly experienced radio and television presenter. A thorough researcher of big subjects with an open mind, Sarah is highly regarded for her professionalism and warmth.

Whatever your subject – be it technology, energy, economics or the business of media and culture, Sarah will bring a lively intellectual curiosity to the proceedings, putting other guests at ease and making sure your audience will be entertained and engaged in your event. An authoritative and charming chair, she can keep conversations moving along but make sure all key points are explored. Acutely sensitive to the moods of an audience she’ll make sure your event stays on track. Sarah is popular in academia, politics and business and of course, with general audiences who love her personal insights, and open manner.


“Sarah Carey spoke at a DPER conference on contemporary politics, society and economics and made a very strong impression.  Sarah is an articulate, witty and engaging speaker with an unrivalled mix of experience as a presenter, broadcaster and commentator.  We hope to have Sarah back for our 2018 conference both as a Chair and contributor.  We would highly recommend her for high profile and demanding speaking and chairing engagements.” – Robert Watt, Secretary General, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland

“Sarah was the hit of the First Startup Wake with her highly entertaining insights into life at a fast growing but doomed Tech Company. Having been interviewed by her many times I know she has great abilities to expound on and explain Tech issues in a way that brings them alive for any audience” – Paul Hayes, Beachhut PR and Flounders

“Sarah Carey interviewed me onstage at the WebSummit in 2014 and was very thoughtful and prepared. She figured out what was unique about the panel from WebSummit’s perspective. Worked with PR and Communication at Google to figure out the areas of my expertise and worked on a possible set of questions so that I was accordingly prepared […] She is an engaging interviewer and we all had a great time getting to know her.” – Dr. Anna Patterson, Vice President of Engineering, Google Inc., Founder and Managing Partner Gradient Ventures

Dusty Gedge

Dusty Gedge

Dusty Gedge has had a deep and active love of nature since he fell out of his baby chair aged two to chase a robin. A cracked skull did nothing to dull his appetite.

During his childhood and youth in Kent, he was actively involved in the Seabird Group and the Kent Ornithological Society. It wasn’t that he hung up his binoculars, he merely put them on reserve whilst he trained as a theatre performer and pursued a precarious life as an actor/street entertainer and circus performer.

In the mid 1990s he established off his own back a circus class for disadvantaged children in West Greenwich, London. When it was realised locally that he was a knowledgable ornithologist he began a 5 year study of Deptford Creek. The rest is history.

These days he spends most his time in disguise and undercover, wearing a grey or pinstriped suit. Jim Mcclelland, editor in chief of SUSTAIN magazines once referred to Dusty as a “…content terrorist…”

Current President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations (EFB and founder of, Dusty Gedge is a recognised authority, designer and consultant on green roofs and green infrastructure. He works with Gary Grant for the Green Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd.

He is also co-author with John Little of the Small-scale green roof guide that has help lots of small roofs sprout across the globe on sheds, garages and other small buildings.

Dusty has been a TV presenter on a number of programmes including Channel 4’s television series ‘Wild Thing – I love you’

He has been a birdwatcher since he fell out of his baby chair aged 2. His interest in birds, bugs and butterflies led to his green roof career. Although birds are his first love, he has a particular interest in invertebrates (especially on green roofs) and solitary bees.

There is nothing he likes better than posting reams of things on Twitter, Facebook (he runs a number of pages) and G+. – anything to do with the environment, nature and wildlife. He regularly gets asked to promote things on his social networks. If they are worthy, they are willingly shared.


Mark van Rijmenam

Mark van Rijmenam can inspire your audience by telling what it takes to pursue your dreams and achieve such an incredible adventure. Often, he links his adventure to helping organizations achieve a business strategy, which after all also requires focus, discipline, perseverance, a positive mindset and the ability to plan for the unexpected.

Mark van Rijmenam is Founder of Datafloq is the One-Stop Source for Big Data, creating the Big Data ecosystem by connecting all stakeholders within the global Big Data market. Datafloq connects data and people. 

He is an entrepreneur with a drive for (disruptive) innovation and to make a difference and inspire others. His objective is to be a catalyst for global innovation and to enable organizations and societies to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. He has been named a global top 10 Big Data influencer.

Mark believes in sustainable, social and economic responsibility when doing business or creating companies. He calls for companies to use the latest trends in technology to change and improve the world and create a better place for all.

Currently, he is a PhD Candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has received two scholarships to do so. His research question is how organizations can use Big Data, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to remain competitive.

He is the author of the book ‘Think Bigger – Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business’, which was published globally in 2014 , with a Chinese translation coming out in 2016. He is a frequent blogger on Datafloq and other platforms.

He is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker on big data and disruptive innovation. Mark has given lectures at the Business University Nyenrode and has spoken in Australia, France, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Colombia, United States, Dubai and The Netherlands among others. He is founding partner of think tank The Digital Leadership Initiative in Sydney.

In 2011 he circumnavigated Australia on a bike for charity. 14.122 km in exactly 100 days. This experience taught him everything about perseverance, focus, discipline, a positive mind-set and how to plan for the unexpected. After this adventure, Mark became an entrepreneur with a drive to have an impact on the world. 

The main goal, aside from the mental and physical challenge of the tour itself, was accumulating as much money as possible for KiKa, a Dutch foundation committed to pioneering and innovative research in the area of children’s cancer. 100% of the funds (€ 25.000) collected were donated to this incredible foundation.

Nigel Barlow

Nigel Barlow

One of the world’s most dynamic speakers, Nigel has the singular ability to innovate in the face of the most pressing business challenges.

Nigel has been described as a “business rocker”.  He was the creator of Garage ThinkingTM and has written several books about creativity in business. The key is that he can deliver a vital message and change mindsets in a way that is inspiring, interactive, memorable, and fun.

Nigel Barlow is a keynote speaker, facilitator, creative conference designer and host. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters Consulting business in Europe, and runs his own international consultancy. Until recently, he was an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School, focusing on innovative change.  He has worked in over 30 countries in most sectors of industry and recent clients include Apple, Hewlett Packard Printing, Lilly, Shell, and Tetra Pak. He is also a Trustee for the David Lynch Foundation, whose mission statement is to reduce stress in vulnerable populations through education and meditation. 

“You were a big hit with our customers – really giving them some clear ideas on how to move forward. Just what we wanted!” – Apple Education, UK

“Our event centered around inventing a most successful future . . . . putting the future in the hands in each and every one of us. That day in Toronto was a turning point event!” – Boehringer-Ingelheim, Toronto

“The feedback was excellent. Nigel gave a very entertaining speech mixing his knowledge with specific messages related to our business. So it was a great success.” – Candriam, Paris

“I wanted to say thank you for your session at the conference. I found it very inspirational as did many others who spoke to me afterwards [… ]It was very proactive, thought-provoking and motivational.” – De La Rue, UK

“Nigel scored the highest marks of the three-day event. He took great effort to make contact with key stakeholders to ensure he was able to create a relevant and engaging workshop.” – Danone Baby and Medical Nutrition, Spain

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak at Averda’s 100 conference, your intervention was truly inspiring to our leaders. The stories and experiences you shared throughout the session connected with an innovative and creative passion not usually witnessed at such events.” – Averda, Abu Dhabi

Nick Webb

Nick Webb

Nick Webb Economist and Journalist

Nick Webb is one of Ireland’s best known business journalists. Back page columnist for Sunday Times and Today FM’s “The Last Word”. Interviewed some of the biggest names in business and has terrific – if sometimes irreverent – insight into the major events facing business and global economies.

Recently hired by Event Strategies for Property developers conference, Supply Chain conference, Onezerocon sports conference and Kilkenomics.

Mark Downey

Mark Downey

Mark Downey Communication & Presence Expert, Voice & speech coach, charisma motivator & trainer


Mark Downey believes that it is the birthright of every person to be seen and heard in the most powerful version of themselves: in confident compelling presence, grounded with gravitas yet open and playful, alive with emotional connection freely expressed.

One of just a handful of voice teachers worldwide to have been handpicked by world renowned voice and presence guru Patsy Rodenburg for her Master Teacher Certification Program, Mark now brings Gold Standard Communication and Presence training to Ireland. Recently returned after 27 years of living and working internationally, he brings the wealth of his multi-faceted world class experience to play in all of his interactions.

His clients are leaders from business, politics, broadcasting, professional speaking, theatre, film, radio and television. Since returning to Europe Mark has brought this work to clients such as Google, OVH, Samsung, Kainos, MunichRe, Seimens, Jameson, Musgrave, Eir, Arval and Ibec. He is Voice Tutor at the National Theater School of Ireland, GSA.

Alan O'Neill

Alan O’Neill

Alan O’ Neill The Change Agent

With over 30 years of experience from the board room to the front line, Alan O’Neill mba, The Change Agent –  has supported iconic brands to achieve amazing results. In a dynamic world, he knows what it takes to drive change  in a business – from top to bottom… and back to front. It’s about having a Customer-centric Culture, Engaged People,  and a Supercharged Sales effort.

Across B2B, B2C and the Public Sector, his clients include global brands like Selfridges, Bank of Irl, Harrods, Eli Lilly, Intel, Lufthansa, Mercedes, Moet Hennesy, Ramada Hotels, Scottish Power, Sherry Fitz, St. Gobain, The UN, Vodafone, and more.

Up to 2004, Selfridges for example was a sleeping giant – but in recent years has achieved two significant accolades… it’s officially the best department store in the world … and one of the most profitable (per m²). Alan was their lead consultant for many years.

A consultant, trainer, non-exec director, an author, and a visiting professor with Ashridge, he is also a trusted mentor to many CEOs and board directors who seek his advice on various issues. Alan has a reputation for making the complex simple… being down-to-earth and practical… with a commercial focus that brings everything back to the customer.

It is this unrivalled business acumen that has seen Alan chair and speak at conferences around the world and conduct master-classes with C-level executives. He asks hard and uncomfortable questions, e.g. How do you change an old culture to prepare for emerging global challenges? How do you overcome cynicism and resistance to change? How do you overcome complacency and lack of accountability? How do you differentiate with customer-experience culture?

How do you retain the best talent? How do you increase sales in a challenging and disruptive global market?

Brian Cody

Brian Cody

Brian Cody GAA Kilkenny All Ireland Hurling Final

Brian is open, engaging and very entertaining on the subjects of leadership, teams and change in sport.  He knows all about building and managing successful teams, what it takes to be a true leader and how to successfully motivate and inspire a team to win again and again and again. In his speeches, Brian reveals what it takes to make Kilkenny so successful under his leadership and what keeps him motivated and moving forward.

In his speeches, Brian reveals what it takes to make Kilkenny so successful under his leadership and what keeps him motivated and moving forward.

Every sport has a great sporting hero. Someone who stands head and shoulders above other champions of their sport. Ireland has few, if any, sports stars or managers that have seen the success and been as dominant in their trade as Kilkenny’s Brian Cody.

Mention hurling and you think Kilkenny. Mention hurling managers and it is Cody that is first in peoples’ minds. Following a stellar playing career for Kilkenny in the 70’s and 80’s which saw him win, among other things, three All Ireland Senior Hurling titles and two National Hurling League titles, Cody eventually moved into management. Taking the helm as Kilkenny manager in 1999, there began what can only be described as a dynasty of success. In the seventeen seasons that have followed, so too have the accolades and silverware. Cody tasted success as a player and as a manager he has rewritten the record books, with an astonishing eleven All-Ireland hurling championship titles.

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes Consumer Behaviouralist

As one of the world’s leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralists, Ken Hughes blends his vast expertise in consumer psychology, social anthropology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to answer the question to which he has dedicated most of his career:  Why do shoppers buy and how can we make them buy more?

While his boutique consumer insight organisation, Glacier Consulting, began life as a market research agency, he soon identified his key area of interest was people, not markets. How humans express their desires and expectations through how and what we buy has become his sole focus, resulting in his agency advising a global client base of some of the world’s biggest brands – Unilever, 3M, IKEA, Coca-Cola, AXA and Heineken to name a few.

Ken is acknowledged as one of the most respected thought leaders on Shopper Marketing and Shopper Centricity, Omnichannel & Digital Strategy alongside Retail Futurology. He is a part-time professor in consumer behaviour and a board member & strategic advisor to many organisations on the future of consumerism and shopper trends.

His latest TED talk also showcases his unique approach as a Playologist, motivating individuals and his corporate clients to unleash their creativity and innovation through a blend of discovery, fun, play, mischief and risk.

Summary: Every company and industry is resourcing for disruption, bending rules, breaking moulds and challenging norms. It seems everyone is at it. But really, Disruption is about being ready for it. Preparing for those changes is difficult – that’s why they call it DISRUPTION and not GENERALLY PREDICTIVE CHANGE.

As Millennials begin to turn 35 and their Gen Z counterparts push into their 20’s, consumerism is in for a significant step-change. These next generations of consumers expect Personalisation (I Want it My Way), Authenticity (I Trust My Peer Network), Contextual Communication (Talk to Me Only with Relevant Benefit) and above all a Sharable Experience (Something that Makes Me Look Good on Instagram).

This speech challenges any business to look at their future through the lens of the future consumer. We will look at the social and cultural forces digital has brought to humanity, and how changes in consumer expectations have forever changed the game. Today’s consumer expects a frictionless and seamless experience at every touch-point, has little tolerance for failure but will become a tribal brand fan if you get it right.

Disruption is a Positive Force if you harness what is happening around you. It is a destructive one if you ignore the changing nature of the game. Meeting the consumer’s needs has always been at the heart of business success.


Speech Summary: As humans we don’t make rational choices most of the time. We don’t go through life making cost/benefit analyses about everything we do or buy. Our world is a lot more fluid than that. Emotion, gut feel and other psychological factors are far more powerful than rational thought. Behavioural economics concerns itself with the psychology of decision making. Clearly the consumer goods industry could learn a lot from this discipline, as human irrationality is a powerful force that should be harnessed and used to influence the shopper. This speech takes a humorous look at irrationality, and applies key areas such as arousal, herding, priming, and choice architecture to consumers & shoppers. The talk outlines academic studies and global case study examples of how such theory is applied to consumer goods and have successfully increased sales in-store without ever having to resort to price discounting. It blends behavioural economics, neuromarketing and consumer psychology to open a window to the opportunities of growing sales through alternative approaches. By understanding the psychology of the decision making process, we can then easily step in and influence it, thereby putting new tools in the toolbox for triggering impulse incremental sales in-store Above all, this speech will open your eyes to how easy it is to influence people and make them do exactly what you want!

Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi

An expert in high performing teams, Jamil Qureshi is one of only a handful of external psychologists ever to be allowed to study astronauts on the NASA Space Programme.

Ranked among the most influential figures in British sport in 2009, Jamil has worked with 22 golfers all inside the top 50 in the world, with Formula 1 racing teams, with 3 English Premier League football teams, the winning 2009 English Ashes cricket team, and he has helped six people get to number one in the world.

He is a world recognised speaker, taking the stage at a range of venues including the Groucho Club, the K Club in Ireland and NASDAQ in Times Square.

Just ten years ago, Jamil Qureshi was homeless. By changing his thinking and deciding what he really wanted out of life,  he managed to completely turn it around.

Currently, he holds the position of Director of Consulting Services, focusing on leadership and cultural change, for Shirley Parsons. He has been an Advisory Board Member for 3seven9, and now for Kwikpay Limited.

Jamil co-founded the change agencies We Do Things Differently, Loudhouse and JQED, and has worked with business leaders and companies in over 24 different countries last year alone helping teams to fulfil their potential.

He also used to be a regular at London’s prestigious Comedy Store and spent two years working with TV’s award winning mind reader, Derren Brown!

Fear of failure

Mindset for success

Changing your perspective and being open-minded

Creating purposeful and meaningful change

Making choices

Motivation and ambition

“Fabulous speaker! What a hit. We couldn’t have asked for more. The best feedback we’ve recorded.” – Boots Plc

“A speaker of immense skill! Informative & tremendously entertaining.” – Honda

“Brilliant speaker & hugely talented communicator!” – IBM EMEA

“Jamil can help anyone on their way to success!” – Graeme Swann, England Cricketer

“Jamil truly knows how to get the most of people. He is a genuine expert in his field.” – Ian Woosnam, European Ryder Cup Team 2006

David Sneddon

David Sneddon

David Sneddon Director Exports Google

David Sneddon is a Director of the Large Customer Sales division for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets (collectively known as DACH) and Central Eastern Europe (CEE). He is responsible for all sales, deployment and account management for the DACH/CEE region.

In addition to this role, David also runs the Export team at Google, a team dedicated to working with customers to find new international markets for Google’s customers. This team offers both digital marketing advice as well as advice on logistics, translation of advertising and web assets, localisation of web/app assets and payment solutions.
David graduated in 1993 with a BA from Birmingham University, UK, followed by an MBA from Dublin City University in 2001. He started his career in Ogilvy and Mather, the London wing of the global advertising agency, later moving to the sister company Mindshare UK in London and then in 1999 transferred to help to set up the Mindshare Ireland office. After 15 years in advertising and media buying, he made the move to Google in April 2011. Born in the UK, he has made Dublin, Ireland his home since 1999.


Diego Zuluaga

Educated at McGill & Oxford University, with degrees in economics and finance, Diego Zuluaga specialises in consumer finance and banking, capital markets regulation, and multi-sided markets.

Diego Zuluaga is a US-based economist and author. He was educated at McGill University in Montreal and Keble College, Oxford, from which he holds degrees in economics and finance.

Diego is a policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, where he focuses primarily on financial technology, consumer credit and prudential regulation in banking. Prior to joining Cato, he was Head of Financial Services and Tech Policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Britain’s most salient free-market think tank, which was instrumental in the Thatcher free-market reforms of the 1980s. At the IEA, Diego wrote on a range of subjects including the taxation of capital, the regulation of online platforms, and the economic contribution of offshore finance in a globalised world.

Diego has frequently appeared on international media, including Newsweek, BBC World, The Times, L’Opinion and CNN. His research has often featured in print and broadcast media, and he has been asked to give evidence to official bodies on a range of economic issues.


Paul Hayes

Paul brings to the stage a lightness of touch that keeps audiences engaged and highly entertained whilst retaining the ability to go deep on issues facing the world’s leading companies and scale ups. With an unconventional take on most issues, Paul has an ability to ignite a topic or discussion, differentiate an event, and provide audiences with a unique experience, resulting in a lasting memory for all.

As Founder and Director of Beachhut PR, Ireland’s leading tech PR company, Paul Hayes drives innovative communications strategy for a wide variety of tech companies in multiple verticals and geographies. He is known as one of the best connectors in the Irish tech ecosystem and has mentored over 150 start-ups through the NDRC Launchpad, DCU Ryan Academy, and Dogpatch Labs. He is an accomplished host of many tech-related events both in Ireland and around the world, from the Irish Internet Awards and the Data Science Awards in Dublin to Vizions in Berlin and Ireland Week in Los Angeles. He has also delivered innovative marketing strategies at international trade shows such as the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and SXSW in Austin, Texas. Paul’s immersion in the tech scene has led to his creation of unique global events such as Flounders (a gathering for failed founders) and the Start-up Wake Series (where dead startups are buried).

Innovation from start-ups to corporates

Guerrilla Communications Tactics

Communications Strategy

Tech Innovation

Innovation Strategy

“Paul Hayes has become THE spokesperson for Ireland’s start-up community. He has built a reputation based on integrity, charisma and the mother of all networks. Hayes is the ultimate connector, understanding that building great businesses is all about building great relationships. He also has a keen understanding of what it takes for a small Irish idea to make a big impact on the world stage.” – Mark Little, Founder @ Storyful

“It’s difficult to express all my experiences with Paul in a single quote. He has been consigliere, hype-man, connector and a force of nature that every start-up should be exposed to. I can call Paul at any time for any reason and he will always pick up. Paul is not just company marketing and PR, he is LIFE marketing and PR. Also, the man married me. Need I say any more?” – Dylan Collins, Founder @ SuperAwesome

“Paul is one of the most insightful, witty and charming people we have had the pleasure of having at the DCU Ryan Academy who at different events has served as a wonderful host, MC, and speaker. Our programme participants and guests always enjoy Paul’s pearls of wisdom and the manner in which he delivers.” – Eoghan Stack, CEO @ DCU Ryan Academy

Shane Coleman

Shane Coleman

An experienced and authoritative current affairs broadcaster and writer, Shane brings out the best of other speakers and his audience alike.

Shane has extensive experience of moderating and chairing debates with an inclusive and informed, yet at the same time informal, style. He has particular experience as a interviewer, presenter and moderator.

Shane Coleman is the presenter of Newstalk’s flagship Breakfast programme. He is a former Political Editor of the station and previously presented The Sunday Show on Newstalk for five years. He was a nominee and bronze award winner for Speech Broadcaster of the Year in the 2016 PPI radio awards (now IMRO radio awards).

He is also a regulator contributor to both the Irish Independent and the Sunday Independent. He was previously Political Editor and Business Editor of the Sunday Tribune. He is the author of four best selling books on Irish politics, including ‘Bertie Ahern and the Drumcondra Mafia’ and ‘Scandal Nation’.



Future Trends


Channelle McCoy

Chanelle, Lady McCoy

Chanelle Lady McCoy is a popular business, leadership and motivational speaker due to her experience of co-heading up Ireland’s largest Pharmaceutical Company, being responsible for over 400 people and turning-over in excess of €100m. She is also a huge supporter of women in business and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Her key-note and after-dinner speeches, Q and A sessions and leadership workshops cover a wide number of subjects such as growing a business on a global scale, time management, career pressures, life balance, team work and using initiative.

Chanelle Lady McCoy is the newest dragon on the TV series Dragon’s Den in Ireland. She is married to Sir AP McCoy OBE, Champion Jump Jockey for 20 consecutive years, voted BBC Sports Personality of the year in 2010. When he retired in 2015, AP was awarded with the BBC’s Lifetime Achievement Award and was knighted by the Queen for his Services to Horseracing. Chanelle also reveals during her speaking engagements what it’s like to live with such a highly driven and determined sportsman.

She co-founded Chanelle Medical, part of the multi-million pound global company Chanelle Pharmaceutical Group based in Galway. Chanelle Medical and Chanelle Veterinary develop and manufacture generic (copycat) drugs, holding more than 1,500 medical product licenses in over 80 countries. They have won many awards, including Exporter of the Year 2016, Life Sciences Exporter of the Year 2016, Export Innovation of the Year 2016, Winner of ‘Project of the Year’ at the Pharma Industry Awards 2016 and the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Award 2015.

Having been recognised as a successful businesswoman in her own right, Chanelle joined Dragons Den in Ireland earlier this year. She enjoys sharing her experience of scaling up a business and taking it to global markets as well as giving opportunities to entrepreneurs who are the future of industries.

Chanelle co-presents for other TV stations such as the BBC, and is also an Ambassador for a number of race days and for the charity Tiny Tickers. Chanelle’s love for business has also seen her branch out into the fashion industry. In 2014 Chanelle and 5 partners opened the doors of Mojo & McCoy, a successful boutique in Berkshire.

Dan Cobley

Entrepreneur and Former MD Google UK & Ireland and All Round Marketing Whizz

Dan Cobley served as Google’s Vice President of Brand Solutions and as the company’s MD in the UK & Ireland. After almost a decade at Google Dan started a new venture, a FinTech fund and incubator, aimed at building new, disruptive companies within financial services.

As MD of Google UK, Dan was responsible for over $5Bn of revenue, and for helping companies large and small harness the power of digital to generate insights, increase sales and transform culture. Prior to his branding role he was the search giant’s VP of Marketing for the EMEA territories, and before that Marketing Director for Northern & Central Europe, responsible for all aspects of European business and consumer marketing at Google.

Before joining Google Dan held senior marketing roles at Capital One Europe, where he helped make the company the UK’s leading new card issuer, and Ask Jeeves, Pepsi and Walkers. He began his career in consulting and oil exploration after studying Physics at Oxford.

Dan is an advisor to and investor in tech start ups, is on the board of The Marketing Society, is a trustee of the Charities Technology Trust and on the advisory boards of Telegraph Media Group and eHarmony. His TED speech on physics and marketing has been watched over one million times, and he has been rated as one of the influential digital people by both Wired magazine and the Evening Standard.

Gerard Howlin

Gerard Howlin

Experienced in government and business, Gerard is a credible and
incisive commentator. He can distil knowledge from information
and convey both while keeping the attention of his audience. A
speechwriter who has written for great occasions at Westminster
and Washington, he is a speechmaker and debater at home in the
cut and thrust of live debate.

Gerard Howlin is a public affairs consultant since 2008, and a columnist with the Irish Examiner since 2012. He is a regular contributor to political debate in the media. He was a Special Adviser at the Department of Tourism and Sport 1997-1999, the Department of Taoiseach 1999-2007 and was Government Press Secretary June – August 2007. He has a master’s degree in history from Trinity College Dublin.

His public affairs practice includes MNCs, and a range of NGOs and government bodies who themselves seek to influence public debate and policy outcomes. Being informed and connected is his credential. Being able to crystallise his understanding into strategies that are feasible for his client and to deliver on them is his business.

His opinion is frequently sought on radio and television. Programmes he has recently contributed to include Prime Time, Marian Finucane, Yates on Sunday, Drivetime, The Last Word and The Week in Politics. He is a regular speaker at the MacGill Summer School.


Policy making

Public administration

Budgetary strategy

“The Irish League of Credit Union is a national and volunteer led body. Gerard has presented to and addressed a wide range of credit union fora. He has a clear command of current affairs. He has a very interesting way of presenting and is enthusiastic for the cut and thrust of the lively Q&A sessions that characterise our meetings. I can definitely recommend him as a conference speaker.” – Ed Farrell, CEO, Irish League of Credit Unions

“Gerard chaired the first session after lunch at our annual national conference. He really brought it to life. There was no lull and he succeeded in getting a great conversation going between the panellists and the audience. He was lively, dynamic, and ensured that the speakers did most of the speaking and our members had a great input from the floor.”  – T.J. Flanagan, CEO, ICOS

“Gerard has a real command of current affairs. He knows the people, and he has lived the life. As a speaker he can synthesise, get to the point, and make it interesting. He added knowledge and interest to the occasion.” – Siobhán Masterson, Head of Corporate Affairs, Ibec 


Jason O’Callaghan

Jason O’Callaghan is an award-winning psychologist, author and
clinical hypnotist specializing in retraining the unconscious mind
for personal and business success.

From financial institutions (Credit Unions of Ireland AGM) to Tech
companies (Intel) from charity organizations (Pieta House) to The
Irish Army and from the Fine Gael Presidential dinner to the
Wright Groups Christmas party, Jason O’Callaghan’s unique talent
to tap into the unconscious mind has everyone talking. After a
decade as Ireland’s most read journalist, Jason returned to college
and became a Trinity College trained psychologist specializing in
clinical hypnosis. Jason’s skill lies in tapping into the subconscious
mind and shows what each of us is capable off when we utilize the
90% of the mind that normally goes untapped. For teambuilding,
staff motivation, taking care of mental health, increasing sales
targets and sometime just for fun. Let Jason use his skills and
knowledge unlock the power of attraction in the mind of your guests or staff.

Contact us today to check Jason’s availability to speak at your upcoming event.


Dr Niamh Shaw

Dr Niamh Shaw is an energetic, witty and lively speaker. Engineer, scientist and performer, Niamh’s future endeavours include a trip to space. A role model for STEM careers and the empowerment of women in business, she is passionate about awakening people’s curiosity and dreaming big. Niamh is a skilled, warm and engaging speaker, drawing on her experience as an improvisation artist and performer.

Dr Niamh Shaw, Irish engineer, scientist and performer, is passionate about Space and awakening people’s curiosity. She is actively pursuing her dream to get to space, having recently participated in a simulated Mars mission in the Utah desert, and zero gravity flight at Star City in Russia. She is Co-Chair of Humanities at the International Space University’s 2018 annual Space Studies Programme, and was Core Lectures Associate Chair of this programme in 2017.

Recently voted one of Ireland’s leading science communicators and STEAM specialists (merging science, technology, engineering, arts and maths), she regularly contributes popular science topics on national radio and TV and at public science and arts festivals. She has interviewed/moderated and hosted a variety of science-themed events in Ireland and abroad. She collaborates with research and science institutions, arts and media centres, private corporations and NGO’s to attract new audiences of all ages to science and space. Niamh provides specialised communication workshops in the private sector and academic/research institutes and is a keynote speaker on thought leadership and creative mindset in the workplace.

Niamh believes that we can be many things at the same time. She is curious, always and embraces failure every day. Recently hired by A&L Goodbody, HP, ESB, Johnson & Johnson, and Inspire Fest 2017, she is a competent and experienced keynote, interviewer and moderator for your event.

Space Exploration and Ireland’s Space activities

Niamh’s personal journey to Space

Connecting science with the general public

Dreaming Big


Peter Ryan

A story of adversity that few will go through, many will come in contact with, and everyone can take away from.

Peter Ryan is a 27 year old visually impaired Paralympian. When Peter was 18 he began losing his sight. Now, nearly 10 years on, Peter speaks on a number of subjects and leaves audiences with a new outlook on their own lives. An extremely charismatic person, the audience can really feel a connection with Peter when he speaks. His honesty on his journey over the past near-decade offers an extremely insightful and in-depth look at mental health and the end results of not coping properly with life’s adversities. And his journey is far from over as he targets Tokyo 2020.

Peter Ryan’s sporting dreams once revolved around playing hurling for Tipperary in Croke Park. However, in 2010 he started missing balls he should have caught in training. He tired to get contact lenses and instead his whole world shifted as he was diagnosed with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy [LHON], a rare genetic disorder that left him with between five and ten percent peripheral vision in both eyes. He was legally blind.

Without sport or a job, Peter hit bottom and ended up in rehab at the Aiséirí Centre in Cahir,  where he began to take his first steps towards rebuilding his life. In 2012 he attended the Paralympics Open Day at UCD where he undertook a test on a watt bike which was to prove that he was a capable cyclist. Dial the clock forward to today and Peter is the stoker of a formidable two man cycling team with Sean Hahessy as the pilot. The two, having been paired together via the national para-cycling programme since 2015, have already made their mark on the Irish Cycling circuit having competed in the Paralympics in Rio in 2016.

Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne

A popular speaker on Health & Fitness, and founder of BodyByrne Fitness, Paul competes in Fitness and Bodybuilding at world class level. As a Personal Trainer he loves helping others achieve their goals through practical and attainable methods.   

A popular speaker on health and fitness, Paul has delivered talks for groups including The Westbury Hotel Dublin, Waterford County Council  for Harvest Festival and is the is the feature fitness Guru on Keith Barry’s Stop Smoking Now Seminar. He is head of the Professional Division in NABBA the Natural Amateur Bodybuilding Association and also President.

Paul has been working out now for about 25 years and has been training others for almost as long. He has studied and tested in all areas including physical training, nutrition and recovery. Theories are great, but what counts are real results in the gym and your body, and that is why after testing practically every method there is, he has kept only the techniques that consistently produced positive results time and time again, which have helped him and others win many physique titles.

From a competing background coveting such titles as Mr. Ireland and Titan UK Paul has a 10-year background in competing at national and international level. From there he built bodybuilding and fitness events from the ground to the success they are today in Ireland. As the President of NABBA Ireland  (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association) he has built a reputation as running the best shows taking the Mr. Ireland event to a sold out capacity level show over the last 14 years with over 130 competitors per event. In 2015 Paul was made President of the Professional division of NABBA Worldwide he is also President of The World Fitness Federation Ireland.

Married to Siobhan Byrne, they recently collaborated with the Market Butcher to bring out a healthy range of meat products

Susan Cain Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Susan Cain

Susan Cain Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking


Through her writing of Quiet, Cain shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose.  Introverts make up a third to a half of our workplaces and classrooms, and whose natural talents we can no longer afford to waste. Quiet was the subject of a TIME magazine cover story, and her writing has appeared in the The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

Cain’s TED Talk received a standing ovation and smashed a first-week record with over a million views. It has since passed 5 million views and was named by Bill Gates as one of his all-time favourite talks. She is the recipient of several awards, including Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award for Communication and Leadership, and Harvard Law School’s Celebration Award for Thought Leadership. Amongst some of the organisations Susan Cain has addressed are Google, Microsoft, Harvard, West Point, the SEC, the U.S. Treasury and countless others.

Quiet has won favourable comparisons to the best works of Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink, and Cain has been featured or appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, Forbes, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, CBS This Morning, NPR’s All Things Considered, NPR’s Diane Rehm and many more. Fast Company writes that Cain is “inspiring a reexamination of corporate structure and processes, spurring change through the classic public intellectual approach: by encouraging us to think.”

She is an honours graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. She lives in New York with her husband and two sons.


Gina London

From delivering a keynote to emceeing an event to training your
team, Emmy-winning former CNN anchor and global campaign
strategist Gina London knows how to encourage, motivate and
inspire people to life-changing action. Gina creates a custom
experience which both highlights your organization’s goals and
truly uplifts and connects with your audience.

Gina London is an Emmy winning former CNN correspondent and anchor who now serves as an internationally recognized speaker, facilitator and communications expert based in Ireland. Her predominantly Fortune 500 clients include SAP, McKesson, Heineken, Deloitte, Daimler and the United States Department of State.

She has facilitated or compèred hundreds of events – interviewing high profile speakers including Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford, Jr; Huffington Post CEO Jared Grusd and Nobel Peace Prize winners Oscar Arias and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In a more humanitarian role, Gina has also chaired a two-day event for UNICEF at the United Nations in New York, worked with the first Iraqi women running for Parliament, women’s civil rights leaders in the Persian Gulf, and issues activists in Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macedonia and Romania.

A published author and regular news analyst on radio and TV, Gina currently writes a weekly business column for Ireland’s largest newspaper, The Sunday Independent titled, “The Communicator”.

She has also featured in a wide range of global media outlets including (Italy): Le Notizie; La Repubblica (Nigeria): The Nation, Your View, TVC, Channels TV; (Romania): In Business Today; (Egypt): The Rose; (UK): BBC; (US): CNN, Fox News, The Orlando Sentinel, The Denver Post, and Fast Company.

Sarah McInerney

Sarah McInerney

Sarah is presenter of ‘The Sunday Show’, a politics and current affairs program on TV3. She also regularly writes columns for The Sunday Times. Before moving to TV3, Sarah hosted Newstalk’s drivetime show with Chris Donoghue, which was named IMRO Current Affairs Show of the Year, 2017. She also won the IMRO News Broadcaster of the Year award 2017.

Before her move to broadcasting in 2016, Sarah worked as political correspondent with The Sunday Times for eight years, covering politics during the worst years of the economic crash. During that period she was also a regular stand-in presenter for Vincent Browne on his late night TV3 current affairs show.

In 2008, Sarah published a best-selling true crime book about women who were killed or went missing in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains.

Sarah McInerney is a broadcaster and journalist with extensive experience in print, radio and television. She is presenter of The Late Debate on RTE Radio One, The Sunday Show on TV3, and is a regular columnist for The Sunday Times.

Previously, Sarah presented Newstalk Drive, which won IMRO Current Affairs Show of the Year in 2017. Sarah was also awarded IMRO News Broadcaster of the Year 2017. Before moving to broadcast, Sarah was Political Correspondent with The Sunday Times for eight years, having previously worked as news reporter in The Sunday Tribune. 

She is the author of ‘Where No-One Can Hear You Scream’, a book about women who were killed or disappeared in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains, published in 2008.

Sarah is a lively and passionate MC, who uses her experience as a
current affairs broadcaster and journalist to command the
attention of audiences, ask the right questions, and host events
with consummate professionalism.

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman Adventurer in spontaneity & creativity

Steve’s talks have a reputation for being something rather special.  Rather than lecture, he invites the audience into his world, to join him on an adventure to explore some important and profound questions as to what it means to be a human being, particularly in these things we call organisations. He brings playfulness, curiosity and creativity to any subject.

Steve is an independent speaker, coach, facilitator, consultant, writer and artist who specialises in spontaneity, creativity and social change in the workplace.  Previously he held numerous senior, global roles in the corporate world.  He has worked with an incredibly wide variety of organisations in many sectors and is visiting faculty at the Ashridge Business School and Metanoia Institute Organisational Change MSc programmes.

Steve has a reputation for totally embodying his subject matter and, instead of offering a standard plenary lecture, he invites the audience into his world on an adventure to explore some important and profound questions as to what it means to be a human being, particularly in these things we call organisations.

Steve speaks regularly at in house and public events to audiences ranging from 10-2000 on the subjects of creativity, culture change, spontaneity, innovation, identity, shame & the inner critic.

His client list for consulting, coaching, teaching, as well as speaking is huge and includes Google, gsk, Aviva, Siemens, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, Standard Life, Pret a Manager, npower, Nissan, Pentland, Calor, O2 and PwC amongst many others.


Alan Heary

Alan is obsessive about what it takes to be a winner and is recognised for his mentorship, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for strategy. He is well regarded for his unique style in incorporating the winning strategies and tactics of his elite sport stars and applying them to the corporate world. He is a passionate story teller, with an indescribable energy, and an ability to inspire and motivate those around him.

Alan Heary is a true competitor, one who has won and lost in the most extreme sport of the lot: ultra-cycling. He has competed in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, including the world famous Race Across America. Alan doesn’t just talk about mental toughness, he lives it. He is the performance coach to world boxing champions Steve Collins and Johnny Ruiz as well as Olympian cyclist Ciaran Power and Olympian swimmer Nick O’Hare.

Alan has worked with companies such as Microsoft, the Irish Amputee Football team, a multimillion start-up in London, to the PlanetX cycling team. Recently he has created the ultimate digital training system for athletes and coaches to achieve a new level of performance and energy: ‘Going In The Zone for Sport’ and in 2018, is publishing ‘Going In The Zone for Business’ – the ultimate blueprint for entrepreneurs and business leaders who wish to create the mindset and habits of winners.

Developing a High Performance Team

Mental Toughness, Resilience And Grit

Going in the Zone for Business

Refuelling your Energy

The Virtual Team – Working Remotely

Winner’s Mindset – What Business Leaders Can Learn from Elite Sport

“Alan knows everything about getting in the zone; he’s a brilliant speaker – a great storyteller, a great motivator, and a great asset to anyone’s team.” – Deirdre Hopkins, Director of the Irish Film & Television Academy

“Heary has come on as a High Performance Coach. With regards to the mental toughness, he has been incredible for the team. He is very personable and we have access to him via phone or email, should we have any problems we want to talk to him about. The input and the changes that he has made for our team have simply been incredible” – Dave Saunders from the Irish Amputee Football Association

Caroline McEnery HR and Employment Law Expert

Caroline McEnery

Caroline McEnery HR and Employment Law Expert

She has also completed a Masters in Human Resources in the University of Limerick, she is CIPD accredited as well as being a trained mediator. Caroline had worked across various areas of HR for over 20 years in The Kerry Group and in the retail and hospitality sector where she was the Operations and HR Director of The Garvey Group prior to setting up The HR Suite in 2009.

The HR Suite offer specialist tailored and effective human resources and business solutions to clients throughout Ireland. It has four key departments with include: Human Resource Management; Employment Law; Training and Recruitment.  With offices in Dublin and Kerry and a nationwide client base of SME’s and multinationals, The HR Suite has over 500 clients throughout Ireland and employs a team of HR Advisors and a dedicated recruitment department.

Caroline is also the author of “The Art of Asking the Right Questions” a tool kit for people managers to ensure they maximise the talent of their people.  The guide contains top tips and guidelines for anyone who manages people regarding recruitment, appraisals, personal development etc.

She is also a lead mentor on the ACORNS programme which is promoting entrepreneurship for women and is a member of the Going for Growth Entrepreneurship Programme and Continuing the Momentum Programme.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change. Mike’s bestsellling books include Futuretainment, published by Phaidon and The Dictionary of Dangerous Ideas. He hosts the weekly podcast, Between Worlds, and travels worldwide over 300 days a year researching trends and giving keynote speeches on the future of business and innovation.

Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike takes an anthropological approach – scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass, and then translating these into usable business strategies.

Mike previously ran Jupiter Research in Australia, and held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in both the Australian and Asian markets. In his current role at Tomorrow, Mike has advised the CEOs and senior management teams of a wide range of companies including BBC Worldwide, Fujifilm, Richemont, Bentley Motors, Star TV, Televisa, Globe Telecom, Philips and HSBC.

Dr Mark Rowe

By sharing his personal stories and unique insights, Mark uses his vast expertise in human behaviour and medicine to create meaningful experiences tailored specifically for each audience. By incorporating his new philosophy of wellbeing with down to earth practical take home messages, he facilitates lasting positive change in people and their organisations.

He is a member of “Leading by Design “, an invitation only international collaboration of leaders committed to improvements in health through a more effective design of the environment.

He founded the Waterford Health Park as a new paradigm for sustainable improvements in community health. The building was a short listed finalist for World Building of the year at the World Architecture festival awards in 2010. In 2013 , the Waterford Health Park received the Global Health Improvement Award, ” A Place to Flourish “.

He is author of ‘The Men’s Health Book- A Guide for the Irish Man’ which was published by Blackhall Publishing in 2009 with all royalties going to a Cancer Charity. He has also contributed to books on Leadership in Ireland and Healthcare Management.

He has a longstanding interest in medical education, as a trainer of young family doctors with the South East G.P. Training Programme in Ireland, as Senior clinical lecturer with the University of Limerick Graduate MedicalSchool, and formerly as an ICGP examiner.

Dr. Mark Rowe has a background as a Family Physician based in Waterford City, Ireland. He graduated from U.C.D. Medical School in 1991 and went on to specialise in family practice , becoming a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners in 1995 , having achieved first place ‘Ellerd Eppel’ award.

He has worked with national and local media consistently over the years as an advocate for health. He delivers seminars on “health leadership” and is an international keynote speaker on the topics of “New Philosophy of Wellbeing”, “Health Leadership”, “Generative Space” and “A Prescription for Happiness”

He also holds the position of Chairman of the board at Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford City.

Jason Smyth paralympian

Jason Smyth

Jason Smyth Fastest Paralympian on the Planet

“he can cover 100 metres in 10.22 seconds, a feat rendering him the fastest Paralympian in history.”
The Telegraph“The Olympics has Usain Bolt — the Paralympics has Jason Smyth.”
‘On the track it has been my mission to push the boundaries of what is possible by bridging the gap between Para sport and mainstream sport. It is off the track that my experience has the greatest impact as I assist others bridge their own gaps’ – Jason Smyth

Georgina Corscadden

Georgina is one of Ireland’s leading executive coaches and an experienced speaker with over 30 years’ pioneering leadership and the core development of people to ignite purpose at work. She is renowned for being authentically curious, purpose driven and committed to making a difference at the DNA level of client organisations.

Her style is warm and engaging with a “feel good” factor which leaves her audiences feeling empowered, positive and with an expanded sense of possibility, whilst always being academically grounded. Georgina has a proven track record of speaking on a range of topics and to a wide variety of audiences in Ireland, UK, Europe, Australia and US with a talent for anchoring memorable tools and techniques for all present.

Georgina Corscadden is currently CEO of Peak Connexxion Training Group and Director of Imperative Europe (Purpose at Work). She was a Senior Faculty Member and Programme Director with the Irish Management Institute and previously has been Director of training and recruitment at Saatchi & Saatchi, Director at Ogilvy & Mather and Manager at Marks & Spencer. Georgina also had a training consultancy business in London, working with BBC and ITV television in strategic coaching.

Having worked nationally and internationally at CEO, senior and board level both in the private and public sector, Georgina offers a range of perspectives. She has worked closely with Facebook, ABN AMRO, Allianz, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Bayer, Coca Cola, AIB, KPMG, Musgraves, Citigroup, Trinity College Dublin, the Department of Public Enterprise and Reform, the Revenue Commissioners etc. Her expertise, academic grounding and ethical approach to all her endeavours enable her to work within a wide variety of organisations with success. Georgina holds an MBA, BSc (Hons) Psychology and a Diploma in Executive Coaching (Distinction).

Since the late 1980s, Georgina has pioneered ‘best practice’ Women in Leadership programmes in Ireland, UK and Brussels, both in the public and private sector, and initiated the first Diversity Conference in Ireland. She is particularly skilled at connecting with multi-cultural audiences and she has an ongoing active involvement with the RCSI leadership programme in Bahrain and Dubai.

Georgina designed the first Accredited Irish Public Sector Coaching Award and is also credited with bringing “Emotional Intelligence” into Ireland in 1999. She was the first and is still the only Certified “Purpose at Work” coach and trainer in Europe, and is involved in exciting research relating to its science.

In fact, she has an ongoing involvement in research on a range of areas, including Quality of Life for senior and middle managers for RCSI, 360 competency models for managers and a performance coaching model.

Georgina has also published extensively in the national press in UK and Ireland, and is currently writing a book on “Purposeful Leaders”. She is the author of key articles on Coaching, Teams and HR in the ‘Irish Management Institute Handbook‘,  an essay on underlying motivations in ‘The Handbook of Management‘ in 2004, and published an e-book in 2011, ‘Motivating Others‘.

Watch Georgina in action here.

Brendan Balfe, TV presenter, comedy writer, satirist, performer, & interviewer

Brendan Balfe

Brendan Balfe, TV presenter, comedy writer, satirist, performer, & interviewer has spent a lifetime in Irish radio. Since his debut at the age of 18, he has been a disc-jockey, station announcer, producer, television presenter, comedy writer, satirist, performer, interviewer and presenter of most of the daily slots on RTE Radio.

He opened RTE Radio 2, released Ireland’s first comedy album and produced most of radio’s biggest names. He had his own production company supplying programmes to the Irish radio market, acted as trainer for corporate clients and lectured in IADT on radio broadcasting. Brendan is renowned for both his comedy radio programmes and his documentaries, including The Irish Voice, the CD of which was the best-selling Irish album of 2011. He recently toured his one-man show telling ’tales from behind the microphone’, was a highlight at the 2016 Listowel Writers’ Week and the featured speaker for Culture Night at the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Orlaith Carmody Business Woman, Author and Leadership Coach

Orlaith Carmody

Orlaith Carmody Business Woman Author and Leadership Coach

As a well known communications expert in Ireland and overseas, Orlaith Carmody’s day job is working with leaders in the world’s top companies delivering executive training programmes, and preparing leadership teams for frontline communications. As a keynote speaker she has addressed Ireland’s most influential business people, networks and political groups, and has also presented at conferences in the USA, UAE, Canada and throughout Europe. 

Following a career as a broadcast journalist with RTÉ, Orlaith became a serial entrepreneur, and is the Managing Director of, which specialises in communications training and leadership development. She is a director of a number of SMEs in media, recruitment and education, and she served on the board of RTÉ from 2010 to 2015.

She is a founder member of the Irish Chapter of EO, the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, and was President 2014/15.


Calum Chace

Everything you wanted to know about artificial intelligence but were afraid to ask.

Following a successful 30-year career in business, Calum has developed a new career as a writer and speaker about the likely impacts of artificial intelligence on people and societies.  He has been hired by all kinds of companies, including firms in professional services, financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, defence, entertainment, education, marketing and advertising.

Since graduating from Oxford in PPE, Calum Chace has worked as a journalist for BBC World Service, as a director for AMR International and KPMG, for BP in both the UK and UAE, and was the CEO of Weeding Technologies.  Currently Calum is a consultant on AI through 3cs, a company he founded. He is also the author of ‘The Economic Singularity’, a non-fiction book about the prospect of widespread technological unemployment; ‘Surviving AI’, a non-fiction book about the likelihood and impact of strong AI and super-intelligence; and techno-thriller ‘Pandora’s Brain’.

“Thank you very much for the presentation you gave – it was exciting, and generated a lot of conversation afterwards – which is always a good sign!” – Kindred, October 2017

“On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for participating at EmTech France this year.  Your talk was enjoyed by the audience and we heard amazing feedback!” – EmTech, October 2017

“Thank you so much for your presentation last night and for participating in a very interesting and lively panel discussion.  I thought it worked really well, and all the feedback I had was very good indeed.  I thought you set the context for the discussion really well and warmed up the audience to think more deeply about and around the topic.” – ICAEW, September 2017

“He was absolutely fantastic!  All the delegates gave very positive feedback on Calum’s contributions, and he added a great deal to the day, and not just in his allocated sessions. We really appreciated him staying around. We’d like to extend a huge big thank you to him. He was excellent.” – Hymans Robertson, September 2017

“Calum did a fantastic job engaging the whole audience and was very well received. The feedback on was absolutely spot on.” – Barclays, June 2017

Matt Williams

Matt Williams

As a pioneer of Professional Coaching in Rugby, Matt Williams has many years of experience coaching in both Australia and Europe. He is a gifted raconteur and has a unique message that he not only articulates but has lived.

During his time coaching, Matt Williams became fascinated with the makeup of individual and team performance. In elite sport, coaching is made up of 3 key areas: Technique, Tactics and Performance – which is the drive to play at one’s maximum. Matt takes the “Performance” aspect of sports coaching and applies the enhancing techiques to business teams and executives.

In 2006, after seven years in Europe, Matt returned to Australia and linked with the Sydney based HR company EXCEL HR. In partnership they have produced the ‘Peak Performance Business Program’.

In the media Matt has contributed articles to the Sydney Morning Herald, The Irish Independent and The Irish Times. He has appeared on the Irish radio Newstalk 106 and has been a commenter with the ABC, Setanta Cable TV and RTE Television. He is now the rugby writer for The Irish Times and works as a commentator for Tv3 Group.

Matt started coaching in the New South Wales Waratah’s system in 1990. In 1995, after playing an inside role of the winning of the Rugby Wars for the Rugby Union, he rose through the coaching ranks to become manager and Assistant Coach, before becoming Head Coach of the New South Wales Waratah’s from 1997 to 1999. During this time Matt was at the forefront of establishing professional coaching in rugby. Matt was instrumental in mentoring and coaching such great players as David Campese, Matt Burke, Tian Strauss, Phil Kearns and Jason Little.

Matt then pioneered the now familiar rugby ‘trek’ of Australians coaching in Europe. He was the first Australian Super 12 Coach to move to Europe. He travelled to Ireland coaching the now powerful Irish provincial side, Leinster.

In Matt’s three years at Leinster he “was part of a great group of men” who rose through the European rankings from thirty five to second. Leinster won the inaugural Celtic League Final and were Semi Finalists of the European Cup.

Matt coached the British and Irish Lions Captain Brian O’Driscoll, as well as Gordon D’Arcy, Shane Horgan, Malcolm O’Kelly and Dennis Hickey.

Matt also was appointed Head Coach of Ireland “A” and won the Six Nations title with the “A” team. This led to Matt being head-hunted and appointed Head Coach of Scotland. This unique challenge saw Matt as only the second Australian in over a century to be appointed as a Head Coach in the Six Nations Championship.

Matt Williams also has business experience as the current General Manager for RCNM, a software company for sports clubs enabling elite athlete management based in France.

He has a background in Education and holds a Masters Degree in Education from Sydney University specialising in Coaching.

Louisa Heinrich

Louisa Heinrich creative and digital strategist
Louisa Heinrich is a design, strategy and innovation leader. Over the past 20 years, she has been part of the development of many technologies that are now considered commonplace. As design director during the first dotcom boom, Louisa led the design of some of the first digital consumer projects for banks, healthcare companies and government services.
She was executive director for BBC future platforms when iPlayer was released. As global head of strategy for international design agency Fjord (now part of Accenture), she was responsible for trends and thought leadership, as well as working on award-winning projects such as Bonnier Media’s News Plus, which reinvented the newspaper for the touch-screen era. She founded Superhuman in 2013 to focus on the human aspects of the digital future, and works with clients large and small to align business planning and technology with the needs of real people.

Louisa is also a highly regarded speaker on topics such as the future of technology, technology and society, strategic and product development and planning, human centred business, personal identity in the digital age, big data, screen-less interfaces (the IoT), AI and design education.

Liam Griffin

Liam Griffin hotelier entrepreneur and former hurling manager is available to speak at corporate and industry events on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, amongst other topics.  “Fantastic – Liam Griffin’s presentation really went down well with the group. An extremely interesting and accomplished speaker.” – Eamonn Burke, Chairman, IT/Automation Healthcare

Gavin Duffy Entrepreneur Broadcaster Motivational Speaker

Gavin Duffy

Gavin Duffy Entrepreneur, Dragons Den Investor, Broadcaster and Motivational Speaker is one of Ireland’ top entrepreneurs and most sought after motivational speaker. His witty, engaging and entertaining speaking style is guaranteed to inspire any audience or group.

Gavin is publicly known for his work with entrepreneurs on all seven series of RTE’s Dragons’ Den. Gavin’s career in media started at age seventeen, setting-up a local radio station in County Louth. He was the presenter of the first RTE television business programme, Marketplace, and two years before that in 1985 was one of the first broadcasters on Morning Ireland on RTE Radio One.  He won the franchise for regional radio station LMFM in 1989, later sold to UTV.

Gavin’s extensive experience, both in radio and on television coupled with his knowledge and expertise in business ensure that he is a naturally engaging MC and Speaker.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

2“What I’m certain about is that Big Data will be the defining text in the discussion for some time to come.” Forbes

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute, part of Oxford University. He is also a faculty affiliate of the Belfer Center of Science and International Affairs at Harvard University.

After successes in the International Physics Olympics and the Austrian Young Programmers Contest, Mayer-Schönberger studied in Salzburg, Harvard and at the London School of Economics. In 1986 he founded Ikarus Software, a company focusing on data security and developed the Virus Utilities, which became the best-selling Austrian software product. He was voted Top-5 Software Entrepreneur in Austria in 1991 and Person of the Year for the State of Salzburg in 2000. He has chaired the Rueschlikon Conference on Information Policy in the New Economy, bringing together leading strategists and decision-makers of the new economy. In 2014 he received a World Technology Award in the law category for his work.

He is a frequent public speaker, and sought expert for print and broadcast media worldwide. He and his work have been featured in (among others) New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Nature, Science, NPR, BBC, The Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, WIRED, Ars Technica, and Daily Kos. He is also on the boards of foundations, think tanks and organizations focused on studying the information economy, and advises governments, businesses and NGOs on new economy and information society issues.

He has published eleven books, including the international bestseller ‘Big Data‘ ( co-authored with Kenneth Cukier, translated into more than 20 languages) and the awards-winning ‘Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age‘. He is the author of over a hundred articles and book chapters on the governance of information.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, go to the movies, and learn about architecture.

David Rowan WIRED Editor-at-large and tech company adviser

David Rowan

David Rowan is founding Editor-in-chief and now Editor-at-large of WIRED’s UK edition, and technology columnist for The [UK] Sunday Times. He’s taken 125 flights in the past year to investigate the companies and entrepreneurs changing our world, recently spending time with the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Xiaomi, Nest, Twitter and countless other ambitious startups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen. For a book, he’s currently on a global quest for successful examples of corporate innovation in the face of technology-led disruption. His recent keynote talks have included events for banks, governments and Fortune 100 companies, and recent stage interviews have ranged from to James Murdoch and David Cameron. David has been a columnist for The Times, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller and The Guardian. At WIRED he has extended the brand into conferences and a consulting business. He’s an early-stage investor in 40 tech companies and co-founder of, taking amazing people for weekend adventures in the world’s most extraordinary locations. And he is still searching for the future.