Alan Chambers MBE

Polar Explorer and former Royal Marine Commando

Alan captivates people with his amazing stories of endurance, skill & strength, challenging managers and leaders to explore and reflect on their own capacity for leadership.

His passion for teamwork and his belief in the power of individual character leave audiences feeling like they can overcome anything.

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He was awarded the MBE for 'exceptional leadership in extreme adversity' when he led the first successful unsupported British expedition to the geographic North Pole, walking 672 nautical miles in temperatures as low as -65°C. After immense challenges – including the evacuation of two team members – and extreme frostbite and hunger, Alan and team mate, Charlie Paton, raised the Union Jack on top of the world at 23:16 hours on 16th May 2000. The walk on the ice had lasted a gruelling 70 days.

He participated in the planning and execution of that first winter crossing of Iceland on skis from the west coast to the east. Previously attempted six times by various nationalities. Iceland was deemed un-crossable. Dragging sledges each weighing 240 pounds, the four-man team skied in arctic blizzard conditions for 47 days over 500 miles.

He has since groups of internationally known business leaders across 60 miles of Arctic ice to reach the Geographic North Pole.

  • Team Selection
  • Motivating Teams
  • Leading Teams
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Winning Belief and Winning Behaviors
  • Leadership Lessons

"Inspirational – He’s a genuine hero" - Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse

"Alan’s amazing story, highlighting the remarkable focus and leadership he had around the North Pole trip, truly inspired the team in their preparation for Rugby World Cup 2003"- Martin Johnson, England Rugby World Cup Captain

"I think it was one of the best presentations I have ever seen and I know the team feel the same way" - Rooney Anand, CEO, Greene King Brewing Company

"I am a tremendous fan of Alan and feel strongly that his incredible story should be shared with the world. He is an adventurer of this century who leads by example in a thoughtful and skillful way. His self-confidence builds teams by recognising that it takes the whole team and not one man to succeed. I am in awe of Alan’s accomplishments" - Rose Sculley, Director of Development, Women’s World Banking

“Alan’s leadership skills borne out through his determination mixed with his consideration of the needs of others gave us all much to think about. His effort in achieving a task that many people could not even begin to consider is truly inspiring” – Martin Hegarty – Training Manager, British Petroleum (BP)

“Alan Chambers gave us an hour’s presentation on how he got through an unsupported walk to the North Pole – an amazing journey of endurance, skill & strength. There were parallels to be shared and he told us there would be blips and setbacks along our route. After the first test I remembered what he had said” – Michael Vaughan England Ashes Captain

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