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Andy Xie

Renowned Economist specialising in Asian Economies

Andy Xie is a renowned independent economist based in Shanghai, specialising in China and Asia. He is the former Morgan Stanley Star Chief Asia-Pacific economist, and currently Director of Rosetta Stone Advisors, and Director of China Boqi Environmental Science and Technology.


Xie is renowned for his provocative views on the Chinese economy, and his formidable prediction accuracy. He is one of the few economists who accurately recognised economic bubbles including the South East Asian Financial Crisis (1997), the dot-com bubble (1999), and the US sub-prime mortgage bubble which led to the current financial crisis (2008).

He was Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific Economics at Morgan Stanley until 2006. Prior to that he spent 2 years with Macquarie Bank in Singapore, where he was an Associate Director in Corporate Finance. Before Macquarie, he spent 5 years as an economist with the World Bank. He was responsible for the World Bank programmes in industry and finance in Indonesia, and telecom and power programmes in several other Asia-Pacific countries.

Andy Xie is frequently in demand to share his views with audiences on economic bubbles, China and Asian economies, and global economics and finance.  He is currently a guest columnist for the South China Morning Post, The New Century Weekly and Bloomberg.


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