Ania Lichota

Ania Lichota

Leadership and Transformation Coach and Adventurer

Helping teams and individuals to transform their leadership style, people and results through mindset and mindfulness.


Listening to Ania is like looking into a mirror. One takes stock of ones own life – the highflying career, values, fears, ambitious directions, leadership style, self-discipline and contribution. Most often the conclusion is: ‘It’s time to reflect and course-correct’, whatever your personal story and wherever you are in life. Her story opens people’s eyes, increases awareness and is very contagious.

Ania’s tried and tested leadership style, instilling charity in others and inspiring people to do what they think is not possible won her multiple international awards:

2013 – nomination for Polish Woman of the Year in the UK
2011 – UBS Chairman for Inclusive and Diverse Leadership
2011 – Award for a film: ‘How Poles help the world’ from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2010 – Woman of the Year by the Polish Press in London

2010 – Zlote Stopy – prestigious Polish award for explorers
2004 – Presidents award GE Commercial Finance Europe
2003 – Award for process improvement excellence and efficiency
2002 – CEO award for contribution to improve Net Income by 32% YoY

Through the ups and downs of her journey Ania taught herself how to translate life bashes and thumbs into energizing steps forward, how to see an opportunity in every ‘no’ and how to see a possibility at the bottommost of any low.


You may want to go deeper into a topic for your audience. The keynote topics can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

  • ‘Climbing the mountain of Leadership’ series is an account of climbing the highest peak on every continent and progressing through a corporate leadership ladder. Ania shares how authentic leadership develops, how vulnerability and humility have to come in for executives to be highly effective at the C level. How bonding and relating with others even if counterintuitive at times is the key to winning. She talks about how the loneliness at the top can be transformed into a healthy aloneness, where being open and honest with oneself can alter the reality in the whole organization.
  • ‘Unstoppable Leadership’ – is a story of becoming a self-aware, powerful and positive force in the corporate world. Ania talks about how the socialization and conditioning processes that all of us go through in our youth and a too strong sense of self limits our true potential, influences our choices and bounds us to what we believe is possible. Listening to Ania’s story people get inspired and infected with ‘can do’ and ‘that’s possible’ thinking. The mantra becomes: ‘I don’t know what I am capable of until I try’. This talk resonates well with mixed and female audiences.
  • Inspirational Keynote talks – Ania did not plan or dream about climbing Mt. Everest, writing a book (she couldn’t write due to dyslexia), become an Executive Director in the City (she did not know that The City existed being born in Communist Poland). Her unexpected journey and a multidimensional personal transformation came through exposing herself beyond her comfort zone time and again.




Why the hell bother? by Ania Lichota

Why the hell bother? – Back Cover


“Tonight my view on leadership shifted. Ania’s ‘lessons learnt’ are weighty, thought provoking, transformational … and she communicates all those unbelievable achievements in such a modest way. Superb talk.”

“She is a phenomenon, listening to Ania’s story from whatever angle you ask yourself: am I really living big? What else could I be doing? Her story provided a perspective to what I call problems … I felt humbled and compelled into action.”

“This talk was highly inspirational – Ania – a normal person, like me but doing extraordinary things in a second language and away from home! If she could go through the discipline of all of that, anything is possible for me! It’s an awakening.”

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