Ben Hines

Musician and Workshop Facilitator

Ben combines his musical expertise with his natural ability to engage and motivate people to energise conferences and motivate teams.

His music workshop are innovative, interactive, inspiring, and hugely enjoyable. They work particularly well for Team Building, or as part of a Leadership Development programme.

Ben combines his international blue chip corporate experience with his musical talent. Resulting in a highly memorable, powerful experience with lasting results, companies benefit as they tackle the challenges of leadership, communication, team working, cultural change and emotional intelligence.

Ben facilitates and speaks at corporate conferences, team away days and develops and leads specific courses.

He is fascinated by the inner workings of high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams in the corporate world and in the world of music. He loves to share his passion for music and musical performance in an inclusive and relevant way to people from all walks of life. Through listening to and creating music, performing it and discussing it, Ben can help your leaders and their teams engage with a wide range of business issues.

Ben has excelled in leading high-performing teams in the financial and professional service industries and developing strategic solutions to drive business performance.  An experienced sales leader and strategic marketer, he has brought step change in sales performance to teams, and created and implemented numerous innovative segmented product solutions across multiple countries. He has advised and brought significant change to how organisations structure themselves to maximise their key markets. Ben is based in London, and has worked extensively in Europe, USA and India.  He lived and worked in Africa for 3 years.

With an honours degree in Music from a leading British university, Ben plays the French horn to semi-professional standard, and is an accomplished pianist and singer. He has been an orchestral performer for over 20 years, and has played much of the large-scale orchestral repertoire in many of the leading concert venues on four continents.

Team Building

Leadership Development

Effective Communication

Developing Emotional Awareness

"Ben has an amazing ability to bond teams around a cause through music. It really needs to be experienced to be believed and understood. It is beautiful, uplifting and long-lasting. Ben has a very special gift that he is generous enough to share.” - René Carayol, MBE

"Having been a musician all my life I was well aware of the power of music. Moving Performance unleashed this power on our people and our business. The team quickly lost their inhibitions, got in touch with their emotions and produced a performance; a performance that came straight back to the workplace." - Nick Crossland, Head of  Customer Call Centre, UK Bank

"Moving Performance, with their originality, their engaging style and their beautiful, moving music helped us to lay the organisation's business past to rest and focus on a better future for all our colleagues at Northern Rock. The feedback from the 200 delegates was tremendous. You should use Moving Performance at your next conference, team away day or as part of your organisational and people development agenda." - Malcolm Hewitt, Director of Customer Service and Sales, NORTHERN ROCK PLC

"I have had the pleasure of sharing Know the Score® with clients as part of leadership programmes designed to cultivate leadership strengths, passion, self-awareness and better understanding of team dynamics. The session is wonderful. It helps open everyone's hearts as well as providing rich and powerful metaphors for atunement, listening, team performance, risk taking and unleashing excellence. Ben is masterful at facilitating participant reflection and drawing the leadership lessons from his interviews with the conductor and the performers. People leave Know the Score® uplifted, engaged and focused on their own leadership journey." - Amy Elizabeth Fox, Chief Executive Officer, MOBIUS EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP

"At the beginning of our two-day workshop with Moving Performance, I was somewhat sceptical about the power of music to influence behaviour in a group of analytical accountants. By the end of the workshop, I was a convert – I experienced how Ben used music to encourage us to explore what motivates us as individuals, how to work more effectively as a team, and how to communicate better with others. The final session of the workshop provided a "wow" factor the like of which I have never experienced before on any training course – I was impressed. But more impressive for me is that two months after the workshop, we are still talking about the time we spent together and using the tools Ben and Giles introduced us to. Time is money for accountants, and that workshop was two days well spent." - Roy Welsby, Partner and Executive Director, GRANT THORNTON LLP

"I recently attended Know the Score®, using music as a metaphor for leadership at the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It was the most incredible experience I have had on a leadership learning day. The way Ben and team intertwines music and contextualises it with business is superb and leaves you with a wow factor. The boring sporting analogies are a thing of the past... As a result of my first experience I asked Ben to facilitate a leadership piece at the Callcredit Management Conference focused on Collaboration, Agility and Innovation. The result was stunning and attendees are still talking about the experience weeks later, I would suggest the output will live on in our organisation for a long time to come. If you are looking to develop your leaders or managers and want a truly world class unforgettable experience speak to Ben." - Adrian Mitri, Chief Operating Officer, CALLCREDIT INFORMATION GROUP

"Having produced conferences for over twenty years I was struck by how Moving Performance offers something refreshingly new to clients. They weld the interactive, creative elements of their presentation with the business messages extremely well. Ben has a likeable style and his preparation is meticulous; he carefully researches the business objectives of the client and tailors a solution around this. His own commercial leadership experience gains credibility and empathy with the audience allowing him to obtain speedy buy-in which makes the whole team ethic he promotes more relevant and powerful." - Duncan Highet, Managing Director, 2IIS

"Compose a piece of music? But we work in IT! We ‘faced the music’ with Moving Performance to discover new team dynamics that previously had evaded us in the 9 to 5 workplace. Team building has never been so engaging drawing out raw passion and emotion amongst the group that would otherwise have lay dormant. A unique experience! Encore!" - Jamie Allsop, Head of Account Delivery, ACCENTURE

"You sometimes meet people who have passion coming out of every pore, but not often. To meet someone like this, who's passion is to help others, is unique in my experience. It is for this reason that I have no hesitation in recommending Ben to anyone who wants help in building their team. A talented musician, a far-sighted faciltator with a clear vision of how to help other people makes him someone you should speak to." - John White, Associate Course Director, THE LEADERSHIP TRUST


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