Cathy O’Dowd

1st woman in the world to climb Everest from both sides

Cathy weaves together the literal adventure of Everest and the metaphorical challenge of reaching for the peak of achievement. Her 25 years of climbing have given her unique insight into the challenge of getting the best out of ambitious team members in high-risk, high-stress environments, when faced with overwhelming goals. Her inspirational keynotes focus on team dynamics and leadership.

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Cathy has been on Everest as a ‘token woman’ team-member, and as an expedition leader. She has worked with a wide range of international teams forced to co-operate, and has climbed as the only team on a new route. She has faced the ‘worst storm in the history of Everest’, and warring team members as ego ran rampant. She has experienced the thrill of the summit and the reality of failure, and the loss of fellow climbers.

She draws on this wide-ranging experience of teams under acute pressure facing overwhelming challenges to cover themes of importance to anyone trying to get the best out of people.

She is a natural story-teller and her passionate delivery produces an inspirational tale – dramatic, memorable and packed with metaphors pertinent to business. All talks are generously illustrated with dramatic photographs.

2015 clients: GE Wind Energy GmbH, ThyssenKrupp, Sealed Air, Diversey, Enel Green Power, Rexam, Middlesborough Schools Teaching Alliance, STEF

• motivation / inspiration
• team dynamics / effective teamwork
• leadership
• goal setting / goal achievement
• risk assessment
• project management
• leading through uncertainty
• managing VUCA environments

Just for the love of it

“it has been a pleasure listening to you and the feedback I got from the team was overwhelming. And I was not joking when I said that I have never seen a GE audience being so attentive.” - Andreas von Bobart, GE Wind Energy GmbH, Apr15

“Pues los mensajes estaban muy en la línea con nuestra cultura y la forma en la que combinas tu presentación ( estructura, los silencios …) es impactante y permite asimilar muy bien los contenidos. Desde STEF hemos considerado tu intervención como todo UN ÉXITO!!” - Antonio Fernandez Dobaño, STEF, Mar15

“Fascinating and inspiring insight into ‘mountain life’ and the importance of effective teamwork.” - Louise Moore, Middlesborough Schools Teaching Alliance, Mar15

“Your presentation was highly appreciated by the audience and fitted the requirements, so BIG THANK YOU from my side. Everyone enjoyed your presentation as you have probably noticed after the queue for pictures and autographs that followed your session. Your speech was rated in top 10 out of 58 sessions of the entire conference.” - Andra Calin, Microsoft Romania, Nov14

“very inspirational, lively and thought provoking presentation… The feedback I received from the team was extremely positive - we all felt very privileged for the opportunity to listen to you and your thoughts on leadership!” - Rainer Hönig, Rolls-Royce plc, Oct14

“I got extremely good feedback about your performance.” - Rafael Echevarria, Diversey Europe, Jan15

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