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Celine Mullins, Dr.

Founder and CEO of Adaptas

The founder and CEO of Adaptas, Celine specialises in Leadership Development, combining a variety of areas, (including Psychology, Neuroscience, Coaching, Filmmaking, Virtual Reality and more) to create unique and impactful Learning Experiences for Managers and Leaders.

Celine has over 15 years experience as a Psychologist, Coach and Training Consultant working across Multinationals, SME’s, Governmental and Educational agencies. She founded adaptas™ to put a gigantic spin on more traditional approaches to learning, which she believes often fall short of making real and lasting change happen.

With a focus on narrowing the gap between the training room and the real world, and using what we know about the brain and behaviour from psychology and neuroscience, Celine’s specialties include; leadership communication, eradicating behaviours and limiting beliefs that restrict performance and relationships, while improving team communication and collaboration.

Celine is all about learning by ‘doing’ and letting mistakes happen in her safe haven, instead of in the real world.  In her past life, while studying and practicing her skills as a psychologist, she was also appearing in TV, Film and treading the boards as an actor. She now utilises skills from her interesting and varied background to take corporate coaching & learning with individuals and groups to the platform of real and lasting change.

One of these experiences, 'Immersive Sales Star’, won the award for ‘Excellence in Digital Learning’ with FBD Insurance from the Institute of Training & Development Awards (IITD) in March 2019. Celine is In 2018, Oak Tree Press published the first book in a series of three by Celine: ‘Our Learning Brain’. The second book, ‘Developing Learning Addicts’, will be published in October 2019. Celine's book 'The Ignited Leader' will also be published in early 2020.

Leadership Development

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