Chris Flack

Entrepreneur and Advocate for Tech Life Balance

Chris Flack is an expert in the Human Impact of Digital Transformation, Chris is passionate about encouraging people to switch off in order to recharge, and to work out how they can maximise their performance in an increasingly distracted world.  In 2018 he was accredited as an All Stars Thought Leader and speaks regularly throughout Europe.


Chris Flack has a passion for behaviour change encouraging positive tech habits to improve productivity and wellbeing.   His foresight in setting up UnPlug in 2016 gives him a very unique experience and understanding of how technology impacts our behaviour and how we can improve focus and our ability to have high quality downtime.

In 2018 he is due to speak at annual conferences including IDA, Chartered Accountants Ireland, The Future Health Summit and The People Summit.  Chris is booked for his charisma and in-depth knowledge on the subject of how technology influences our productivity and wellbeing and how we can manage it.

Chris spent fifteen years working in large technology companies and has experienced first-hand many of the negative impacts of information overload and witnessed how distraction and an ‘always on’ culture has changed the lives of many people.

Chris has also spent three years working in the not for profit sector in overseas aid and development and, although UnPlug is a commercial business, has a good understanding of social entrepreneurship and fundraising.

Chris has a very strong personal wellbeing practice and, since living in India teaches yoga and meditation once a week at The Yoga Hub.

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  • Maximising Performance in a Distracted World
  • Switching off and Recharging in an Always On World
  • Managing Screens at Home
  • The Human Impact of Digital Transformation

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