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Chris Roebuck

Expert at transforming lives through leadership

Chris gives insight based on his unique hand-on global experience as a former Army Officer, Global Head of Leadership for UBS, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at CASS Business School and HR Most Influential Thinker and author.

His new breakthrough approach to leadership shows leaders and organisations how to succeed quickly and simply at no cost. Has spoken to organisations as diverse as global banks, top law firms, 500 HRD in Chennai, the Executive Committee of Myanmar Red Cross, UK National Health Service Leaders, top 50 leaders of Chinese Space programme, top leaders of global automotive supply firm and many others.

Chris will help you use your own experience to transform the performance of your people simply and quickly via a new, innovative and inspiring way to deliver leadership success.

Earlier in his career Chris served as an Engineer Officer in the British Army and is the inventor of the “pipe fascine”. Chris has been on the HR Most Influential Thinkers list annually since 2010, been interviewed over 250 times on TV with a total global audience now over 1bn. He has also been quoted in many top global publications on leadership issues including Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, FT, Straits Times, Times of India, Business Week, Time and many others.

He delivers a 1 hour inspiring keynote as well as an in-depth One Day 'I CARE' Masterclass on entrepreneurial, effective, engaging and ethical leadership. At the end of the Masterclass you get a signed copy of Chris book “Lead to Succeed” that acts as an implementation handbook and a framed personal certificate of Masterclass completion.

To date over 3000 business leaders have been introduced to the route to success I CARE Leadership enables. They have come from organisations spread globally which are as diverse as: international Investment banks, US and UK law firms, logistics, transport, the UK National Health Service, to the Myanmar Red Cross, Indian & UAE business leaders, Chinese Space Programme and a Chinese State financial corporation. The professional groups introduced have varied from CEOs, Finance, Marketing, IT, HR Directors and Chief Risk and Legal Officers to Project Managers, Government Officers, Military & Police Officers, investment fund managers, lawyers and other professionals.

“I would like to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the World Retail Congress in Rome. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time" – Professor Valentina Chkoniya

"The world would be better if more people would not only listen to you for a while but make what you talk about happen" Anke Fabian, Event facilitator, HR Expo 

"Great speech yesterday in Cologne at the fair. Really enjoyed it!"  Sven Roetzel – unsolicited post event feedback HR Expo 

"I really enjoyed your lecture at the exhibition in Cologne yesterday"  - Olga Wagenleitner – unsolicited post event feedback HR Expo

“Chris inspiring ideas and interactive approach meant that even the seasoned, senior, and traditionally sceptical audience left enthused and with practical actions” - Events Chairman, Financial Services Professional body

“Every year Chris delivers an inspirational encouragement by giving insights on how to get the best from people that are invaluable, simple and practical. The feedback on what he says is excellent" - Principal- Management College

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