Christer Holloman

Technology writer and Social Media expert

Apart from his contagious energy, entertaining and 'aha' filled presentations, what makes Christer unique as a keynote speaker is that he lives and breathes real digital innovation and delivery for a living.

Named one of London’s most influential individuals within new media by the Evening Standard, he helps organisations understand how new technologies affect business and how they can monetise digital.

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Christer Holloman is Sky News technology feature writer, author of Amazon bestseller The Social Media MBA, published by Wiley and Chairman of First Tuesday, the UK’s largest network for high growth technology companies and their investors.

Currently launching Expedia founder Rich Barton’s new $40m start-up in Europe, Holloman was previously Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times.

Holloman is regularly hired by clients to address their guests and senior management at conferences and kick-offs to inspire and excite the attendees with new ideas they can apply to their own business or department. Delegates leave the room feeling great about the organiser and the future!  Clients that have recently hired him as a keynote speaker include Fortune 500 companies across the EMEA region, such as VISA, Microsoft and Ogilvy.

  • The Social Media MBA – a MasterClass: It’s a fact that companies so far have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved with social media. Whatever your continent, industry, company size, current degree of social media adoption or job title, the purpose of this session is to inspire you to see how you can raise the bar to reap new rewards.
  • Social Media Basics: (How to create and deliver a social media strategy);
  • Social Media By Department:  (Social Media for Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer Service, Product Development and HR);
  • Best Practice by Social Media Channel (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) incl. Calculating ROI, Emerging Issues & Future Trends.
  • The End Of The Digital Beginning: Key Technology Trends And Why They Matter To Your Business

The Social Media MBA

"One of London's Most Influential Individuals Within New Media" - The Evening Standard

“He communicated his message with a rare contagious passion and authenticity” - Johan Svensson, CEO, Borneo Family

“Throughout he acted as a true audience's advocate” - James Cameron, Founder, Camerjam Events

“Christer provided us with a lively, relevant and insightful presentation, which sparked off great debate within the group” -Lindsey Morgan, Account Director, Ogilvy

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