David Robert Grimes

David Robert Grimes, Dr.

 Scientist, Cancer Researcher and Award Winning Author

Exploring the fascinating reasons we get everything from medicine to politics so dangerously wrong, and empowering us to make better decisions in all spheres of life.


David is a physicist, cancer researcher, and author. His work encompasses everything from how tumours use oxygen to the impact of disinformation and conspiracy theory on public understanding of science, medicine, and politics. He has a strong focus on public understanding of science and medicine, contributing to BBC, RTE, The New York Times, The Guardian, Scientific American, The Irish Times, and PBS. He received the 2014 Maddox prize (most recently awarded to Dr Anthony Faucci), and his first book, “The Irrational Ape – why we fall for disinformation, conspiracy theory, and propaganda” is out now from Simon & Schuster UK.

David has given keynote talks for organisations such as Engineers Ireland Annual Meeting, Royal College Psychiatry, National SciFest, LIR Group, Yale University and Cambridge Land Society.


Why we get things so wrong – and what to do about it: Encompassing everything from faulty reasoning to bogus information and even our own psychology, David takes us on a frequently hilarious and sometimes disconcerting journey through the reasons we get things so badly wrong, illustrated with extraordinary true stories throughout history, from murderous popes to snake-oil salesmen and even superstitious pigeons. And more than this, he delves into how we can not only recognise these problems, but preempt them and make better decisions in everything from business to politics and even our personal lives.

Disinformation and conspiracy theory: As an expert how conspiracy theories spread and why people believe them, Dr David Robert Grimes explores the ever-increasing lure and dominance of falsehood in the social media era, delving into the strange reasons why bizarre fictions dominate the narrative both online and off, and how this affects everything from business to medicine. And more than this, we delve into what precisely we can do about this in future.

Media and truth in a post-truth world: The information age has allowed the perpetuation of information at an unprecedented rate – but this same freedom has allowed toxic fictions to thrive and threatens to overwhelm us in every sphere, from science to politics, business to medicine. In this talk, Dr David Robert Grimes explores the curious reasons why we’re so vulnerable to fictions, and how we’re constantly manipulated by demagogues, snake-oil salesmen, and the chronically misguided. Elucidating not only the extent of the problem, Dr Grimes reveals insights for how we might tackle it – and with the problem only set to grow, it’s crucial we learn to do so before it’s too late.


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Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories
Scientist, cancer researcher, and award-winning author Dr. David Robert Grimes explores the fascinating reasons we get everything from medicine to politics so dangerously wrong, and empowers us to make better decisions in all spheres of life.



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