Dimitri Zenghelis

International Advisor in Economy, Sustainability and Climate Change

Helping us to explore how we transition to a resource efficient, low carbon society, while successfully managing the changing landscape of opportunity and risk associated with the coming industrial revolution.


Dimitri Zenghelis is Special Advisor for the Wealth Economy Project, at the Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge, which he previously co-founded and led, and is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics. He is Chair of the Responsible Wealth Committee at Capital Generation Partners and is a Senior Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

He was until recently Head of Policy at the Grantham Research Institute at the LSE and Acting Chief Economist for the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Previously, he headed the Stern Review Team at the Office of Climate Change, London, and was a lead author on the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, commissioned by the then Chancellor Gordon Brown. He was also Senior Economic Advisor to Cisco’s long-term innovation group and an Associate Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House.

Before working on climate change, Dimitri was Head of Economic Forecasting at HM Treasury providing regular briefings to the Chancellor Gordon Brown and Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was also Head of the EMU Analysis Branch. This informed and administered an assessment of the Five Economic Tests, reviewing progress of the single currency in the euro area.

He advises governments, financial institutions and international organisations (including the UN, World Bank and regional development banks) on macroeconomics, sustainable growth, climate change and innovation. He currently advises the Mayor of London and the UK Committee on Climate Change and was a Coordinating Lead Author for the UN Global Environment Outlook, GEO-6. Dimitri sits on numerous advisory boards including the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme and the Post-Carbon Transition programme at Oxford University.


Anticipating and managing the low carbon transition

Sustainability is not only compatible with growth, it requires it

Moving from a GDP economy to a Wealth economy is necessary to secure sustainability

The importance of social capital, the wealth all around us

Financing the future, why low carbon offers the best risk-adjusted returns

Can the public sector invest in green growth and public debt sustainability?

How credible policies and leadership can drive a clean innovation revolution


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Securing a Clean Transition
Drawing on his experience as an academic advising government, business and multilateral organisations, Dimitri Zenghelis challenges audiences from all backgrounds to see a clean technological, behavioural and institutional revolution as an opportunity rather than a risk.





“Thanks Dimitri for attending our session, your knowledge is unparalleled. Based on audience feedback on our poll, the audience found it extremely engaging and the information that you gave was extremely insightful. The dynamic between you and our host set the tone and we look forward to working with you again.”

“Dimitri is an economist’s economist – his contributions to technical debates at the highest level continue to push the research frontier. But by distilling and communicating the salient, actionable lessons from even the most complex economic issues, he is also the layperson’s economist. His unique blend of technical rigour and disarming, accessible style makes him an engaging speaker, much in demand by academic, policy, business, and NGO audiences around the world. ” Dr Matthew Agarwala, Project Leader: The Wealth Economy. Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Cambridge

“The best lecture I have ever heard, in my life! And I’ve heard a lot of lectures” Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy


“Dimitri is a compelling speaker. He has a forensic mind, elegantly cutting through complex economic arguments to communicate clearly to a wide audience the economics of change and sustainability.” Professor Diane Coyle CBE

“The world must listen to Dimitri. And they will enjoy it as well as being enlightened” Professor Lord Nicholas Stern

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