Eddie Murphy, Dr.

Clinical Psychologist & Adjunct Associate Professor (UCD School of Psychology)

why book eddie?

  • Respected psychologist on RTE’s Operation Transformation, employs cutting-edge psychological research in his practical, respectful, and hope-oriented approach
  • Head of Psychology in the HSE, specializing in trauma and PTSD, dedicated to successful outcomes for individuals, families, and communities
  • A dynamic public speaker, engaging audiences with seminars and training events on mental health, wellness, and popular psychology topics


Dr. Eddie Murphy is the psychologist on RTE’s Operation Transformation where his practical, respectful and hope orientated approach uses cutting edge psychological research – CBT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused therapy, to help you become your real self, and he has opened the hidden doors of the therapy room to the public at large.
He is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, mental health expert, author, teacher and life coach committed to promoting enduring change. He completed a Masters in Health Psychology in City University London, his Doctorate of Psychological Science in Clinical Psychology in University College Dublin (1997 – 2000) and the MBA at UCD Smurfit School of Business in 2009. He is a lecturer, supervisor, researcher and author of professional publications.

Dr. Eddie is a Head of Psychology / Principal Clinical Psychologist working in the HSE and is committed to providing professional psychology passionately and promoting successful outcomes for children, adults, families, communities and organisations. He has a specialist interest in trauma and PTSD.

He has contributed extensively to local and national media including RTE’s Marian Finucane show & The John Murray Show, The Irish Independent, Irish Daily Mail and RTÉ Guide.
Dr. Eddie is an engaging, dynamic and entertaining public speaker and has given many seminars and training events on mental health, wellness and other popular psychology topics to the general public, schools, professionals, organisations and companies. ‘Becoming Your Real Self’ is his first book.