Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

Head Coach for Happiness

The authority on how to crush your inner critic so that you can live your life with purpose, fulfilment, and True Success™ – both personally and professionally


Dr. E has personally helped numerous high-profile individuals achieve success and is considered Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head Coach for Happiness”. Through her bestselling books, online interactive training, keynote speeches, and numerous other avenues, she shares her wisdom and experience helping others to achieve great results. Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Deloitte, UBS and Westinghouse, Dr. E is considered one of America’s most-trusted celebrity psychologists. As a regular contributor to the TODAY show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Forbes and The New York Times, Dr. E is passionate about helping people optimise their lives, through proven methods. Dr. E lives in Chicago with her family and their dog, Bailey.


Creating the New Normal

Optimising your mindset is integral to your success in the present and future.

Utilising Dr. E’s patented True Success Formula, you will discover the three essential ingredients to creating the New Normal by developing resilience to take a step ahead now. In cultivating a positive mentality, creating meaning and integrating it into your life, and enriching relationships with others, you will be equipped with the internal and external resources to advance your leadership. You probably already know that Dr. E offers solutions to individuals, teams and organisations to discover immediate, actionable skills to boost effectiveness at work and in personal lives. See for yourself by watching the video to get an overview of her effective strategy in Creating the New Normal.

Leadership from the Inside Out

Leaders improve when their mindset and actions are aligned.

Based on Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative TrainingTM (NRT), your audience will discover a unique formula to mastering mindset and corresponding actions so that they can become better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Because actions are determined by your thoughts, this presentation focuses on identifying and overcoming obstacles to strong leadership. When a leader rewires their brain, they boost leadership performance.
Dr. E provides practical tools to cultivate leadership from the inside out, even during stressful times.

Cultivating the Winning Sales Mindset

An optimised sales mindset boosts revenue.

Discover how Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) facilitates neuroplasticity so that you can rewire your brain. By applying cutting edge research, this keynote delivers an entertaining and prescriptive process to transform your mindset. Sales associates will leave with a three-step action plan to eliminate obstacles, increase productivity and amplify engagement.

Happiness at Work to Accelerate Results

Happiness is vital to the success of an organisation.

Harvard research shows that happier employees experience a 31% increase in productivity, a 37% increase in sales and 15 less sick days/year. The beauty is that happiness is a skill that can be learned with this powerful training.
Through relatable stories, Dr. E teaches specific skills, based on her bestselling book, “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness.”  In her entertaining keynote, you will discover how to boost happiness in the workplace to optimise employee engagement.





“The event would not have been the same without you. Elizabeth brought such energy and professionalism to the summit, and we look forward to working with her on future events” Cass Brownlow Davies, Think Tank


“Everyone sitting at my CRLA Finalists table commented how excellent our speaker was. Content, speaking, engagement… professionalism and so much more stood out as a speaker. We feel she would be a fabulous keynote [for another event]” Sherry Cook, CMP, CMM

“We were fortunate to have Dr. Lombardo speak for our group. Great message, outstanding delivery!” Don Morgan, Walmart and Sam’s Club


“Dr. Lombardo is one of the best, if not the BEST Top Keynote Speaker I have had the opportunity to hear and meet, and I’ve heard a lot over my 40+ years in the military and industry. A true professional in every aspect. The perfect speaker. Had my attention from the start, and never lost it.” Michael Lynn

“Elizabeth was received very well! She was full of  excitement and vitality. SHe kept the group awake, involved, spoke directly to them about their passion. Elizabeth left the group with positive thoughts and tools to take with them ” Terry Cox, National Cardiovascular Partners

“I joined Young Presidents’ Organisation to find my edge and expand as a person, business leader, parent, partner and impact maker. Elizabeth Lombardo was the first resource I have met who delivered substance to each of these dimension and beyond. Her caring strength, keen insights and steadfast commitment to find the gem within ourselves seems to be the secret key we need to push through to the next level. I strongly recommend Dr. Lombardo as a resource for those ready to find contentment and self-love more than ever before ” Seth Streeter, Young Presidents’ Organisation

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