Fiona Feeley

Fiona Feeley

Wellness Counselor, Life Coach and Mental Health Speaker

why book fiona?

  • Fiona, a mental health activist with a psychology degree, passionately advocates for mental health awareness, challenging misconceptions in the wellness industry and corporate fitness incentives
  • Fiona’s poise and presence belie her personal struggles with mental health, making her message more impactful. Her remarkable story, is enhanced by her academic insights from psychology, fitness, nutrition, and personal development
  • Fiona inspires audiences to create workplace communities that genuinely support mental well-being. She encourages meaningful sharing, connection, vulnerability, risk-taking, ownership, and responsibility to foster a supportive environment
Fiona Feeley


Fiona is a mental health activist with a degree in psychology whose goal is to use personal experiences to lift others and highlight the misconceptions surrounding mental health issues, the wellness industry and corporate fitness incentives.

Fiona’s poise and presence might seem at odds with the issues she has struggled with almost since childhood, but that is precisely her point. When it comes to how we address mental health in the workplace, things are rarely what they seem on the surface.

Narrow labels and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach oversimplify a complex problem and don’t serve anyone. If we’re to understand how to do more, and do it better, a more nuanced approach is required. We need to dig deeper to look at the individual and what makes them tick. Only then can we really say we’re doing something meaningful about mental health.

Fiona’s own remarkable story adds considerable weight to her presentations. For her this stuff is real and present, so her talks resonate all the more strongly. She also supports her work with insights from her studies in Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development.

Fiona Feeley

Wherever she speaks, she inspires people to create a workplace community that truly supports mental well-being – one where meaningful sharing, connection, vulnerability, risk, ownership and responsibility are encouraged.

Her message, ultimately, is that life is inherently challenging and that if we can recognise this rather than fight it, we can actively choose a more pragmatic approach that ensures we’re not so buffeted about by difficulties, or left feeling inadequate if we’re not living the perfect life every day


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Fiona Feeley


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