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Gina Badenoch

Social Entrepreneur, Photographer, Change Maker

Gina Badenoch is a passionate, creative and visionary social entrepreneur. She is an authentic leader who is changing narratives and mind-sets by focusing on outsmarting unconscious bias and the value of seeing people through their stories.

Gina has been awarded the British Empire Medal, recognised as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and as an Ashoka Fellow.


Gina Badenoch is a passionate, creative and visionary social entrepreneur and photographer. Gina's focus on the potential talent of all groups lead her to teaching photography to blind people. Gina can help your team increase innovation and performance in an increasingly diverse workforce.

As an inspirational and inclusive leader for more than a decade, she has shifted mind-sets, enabled people to move beyond their limits and helped connect diverse groups of people who otherwise would not see each other’s value.

Most recently, she has developed a highly successful new approach called “First I hear you then I see you” by which recruiters can move from content to context, going beyond their own unconscious biases, connecting and identifying the true potential of future employees to increase diversity as an asset.

Gina has spread her message to Unilever, HSBC, World Economic Forum, The Performance Theatre and TedX.

  • Changing mind-sets, to more inclusive and empathetic ones, focusing on what is possible.
  • Inclusive & Authentic Leadership.
  • Social Entrepreneurship - focusing on giving a voice to those who are not being seen.
  • Inspirational - thinking outside of the box and unleashing the potential of vulnerable groups.
  • Identifying the specific business benefits of diversity.

“Gina is an energising and passionate speaker who unselfishly puts herself to the service of others and especially fights for people with disabilities. Having heard her speak several times you can not help but jump into action mode.” Paul Polman CEO Unilever

"Gina Badenoch is a skilled advisor and facilitator who marries creative energy with proven methodologies in the pursuit of strategic outcomes. Gina's contributions as a member of the Young Global Leader (YGL) Community and on the YGL Advisory Board, has led to important shifts in connecting and motivating members towards strategic impact outcomes.

Not only has Gina provided valuable advice and guidance to our work, she has led us in new directions. In 2014 we co-designed the first-ever YGL dinner-in-the-dark and brought similarly adventurous workshops to the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos and countless Young Global Leader gatherings.

Over this 6 year period of collaboration, Gina has constantly impressed me by seeking out new avenues for impact in the corporate and public-private sectors to influence through her innovative approaches." John Dutton, Head of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

“I love hearing Gina tell her story. She is a powerful and passionate speaker who always inspires and moves her audience. Her personal journey is extraordinary, from teaching photography to blind people to becoming the voice of a global movement for inclusiveness. After hearing Gina’s story, audiences are truly left ‘seeing differently’ and with greater insight into how unconscious bias affects all of our thinking, and how it can be overcome. She is a champion for human potential and the idea that there are no barriers to what is possible.” Mark Cheng, Executive Director at Chelwood Capital, European Director of Ashoka

“Gina is one of the most compelling speakers I have ever met; her passion and knowledge combine into one to bring people closer and to share common intentions and values." Nico Daswani Head of Arts and Culture, World Economic Forum

“ Gina has that rare combination of heart and content as a speaker. With over a decade of experience in the Inclusion, Diversity and Human Potential space, she blends her passion as a photographer, storyteller and corporate consultant to be a wonderfully compelling and thought provoking speaker and panelist." Caroline Casey, TED Speaker, MDRT Main Stage Speaker 2017, Award Winning Social Innovator

" I was interviewed by Gina for the world economic forum, she had great mix of making it fun, smart questions with deep insights and at the same time making me feel at home conversing with some friends, loved the interview." Rodrigo Teijeiro Young Global Leader Founder, CEO of RecargaPay

“Gina is a very engaging speaker with a fresh and fascinating way of seeing the world, and a great talent for helping her listeners do the same.” Dr. Gabrielle Walker

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