Jason O’Callaghan

Ireland’s only motivational psychologist

Jason O’Callaghan is an award-winning psychologist, author and
clinical hypnotist specializing in retraining the unconscious mind
for personal and business success.



From financial institutions (Credit Unions of Ireland AGM) and tech companies (Intel) to charity organizations (Pieta House) or the Irish Army, from the Fine Gael Presidential dinner to the Wright Group's Christmas party, Jason O’Callaghan’s unique talent to tap into the unconscious mind has everyone talking.

After a decade as Ireland’s most read journalist, Jason returned to college and became a Trinity College trained psychologist specialising in clinical hypnosis. Founder of the D4 Hypnotherapy Clinic, Jason’s skill lies in tapping into the subconscious mind and shows what each of us is capable off when we utilise the 90% of the mind that normally goes untapped. For teambuilding, staff motivation, taking care of mental health, increasing sales targets and sometime just for fun. Let Jason use his skills and knowledge unlock the power of attraction in the mind of your guests or staff.





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