Jim Kirwan

Fitness Guru & Motivational Speaker

A dynamic, passionate and inspirational speaker in the health and well being space, Jim's motto is:  “You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.”   

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Jim Kirwan

Jim is a world class speaker and can discuss anything employee well being or fitness related [especially Inactivity]. His presentations are customized to the needs of each client and their specific audience.

His many speaking topics include 2 signature talks:
FITCEO targets senior management and/or HR and sets out the what, why and how of organization and employee well being;
Your New Lifestyle Mission targets individuals/employees and explains why YOU need to be “On a Mission!”

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Other talks include:

1. Signature Talk 1 - F.I.T.C.E.O. - On A Mission “Let’s Get Moving” [targets employers]
2. Signature Talk 2 - Your New Lifestyle Mission [targets employees]
3. Transform Your Life From eXcruciating to eXtraordinary with “The eXercise Factor”.
4. “Sitting is the New Smoking”, 5 Simple Steps To Get Off Your Butt.
5. How To Overcome the 5 Greatest Obstacles to Exercise!
6. Seven Key Steps to EASE into the Best Shape of Your Life, Regardless of Your Age, Weight or Current Fitness Level.
7. Five Easy Steps to Make Exercise Fun!
8. START Exercising Today! Don’t Wait Until Jan. 1!
9. Five Simple Steps To Start Running In Less Than 30 Minutes!

"I saw Jim speak as a guest keynote speaker at the first Charleston Healthy Business Challenge and thought his passion for health and fitness would add great value to the annual Blue Cross Blue Shield Leader Workshops. His mission to "Get America Moving" and his keynote talk, "How To Create A Culture Of Health - Real Strategies You Can Use" was such an important part of our workshops in South Carolina. Jim's passionate presentation was inspiring and I would definitely recommend him as a speaker." - Michael E. Harris, Vice President Major Group Sales, BlueCross BlueShield SC

"I invited Jim to be our guest keynote speaker at a recent training day for all staff [200] in Spartanburg. He is a passionate speaker and we loved his signature talk "Your New Lifestyle Mission" and his dad's story in particular was very moving! He definitely inspired many of our team to take action and I would certainly recommend Jim as a speaker for similar events". - Jayne Moorman, Assistant County Librarian, Spartanburg County Public Libraries, SC

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