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Jonathan MacDonald

Entrepreneur & Thought-Leader on communication, social media and mobile strategy

Jonathan MacDonald is a Digital Strategist, founder of the Thought Expansion Network (TEN) and an internationally renowned speaker. His core messages focus on expanding people's thinking about change, and how that impacts the future, exploring the opportunities that this perpetually changing, digitally and technologically enhanced landscape create.


Jonathan MacDonald

Through all of his work, Jonathan MacDonald enables people and organisations to modify their approach from one-off change management to the management of perpetual change, thanks to his deep knowledge of future trends, disruptive innovation, the world of business, human behaviour, and how to use change to fuel outstanding business and personal success.

He also draws upon his extreme depth of thinking to answer the most complex questions from the stage, adding immense consultative value that translates into tangible, bottom-line business benefit.

Jonathan has been creating and advising businesses for over two decades, and his various accomplishments include Ministry of Sound’s digital strategy, launching a Sky TV channel and becoming the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association.

He has recently co-founded a highly disruptive Australian FinTech company that is radically innovating origination using blockchain technology and is also helping to accelerate a similarly disruptive American LegalTech blockchain startup.

He is trusted by the senior executives of the most successful global companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Lego, Heineken and IKEA to expand their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought, and is a contributor to Google’s Think Insights and Forbes.

Jonathan is charismatic, personable and highly impactful, meaning he is consistently the best-rated speaker at any event, leaving a lasting impression on every audience who hears him. He opens up the minds and the thinking of a diverse range of people; facilitating strategic discussion and dialogue with the most senior level executives, or inspiring an entire workforce to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future, leaving audiences with a clear roadmap of the actionable steps to take to achieve success and competitive advantage.

He looks at current and future trends, explores what innovation really means, what disruption looks like, how technology is influencing every part of business, the impact of a disintermediated landscape, and how to use change as a mechanism that can power outstanding business success, rather than something to resist, especially when it comes to 'future-proofing' our businesses and workplaces.

Exploit the interconnectedness of the modern, digitally enhanced world

Maximise the opportunities that new technology brings

Manage changing consumer expectations and the democratisation of the business value chain

Future-proof your organisation by understanding new business trends

Actively benefit and profit from the landscape of constant change

Access true thought leadership on innovation, business strategy and future opportunities.

"You made a great impression on us. With a risk of telling you what you already know; you have an absolute world class, unique talent combining vision, strategy and challenge which, based on your lovely sense of humour, is incredibly effective to open minds. Thank you." - Jesper Brodin, CEO at IKEA of Sweden

“Jonathan did a fantastic job at the Tesco Mobile event last Thursday. The team who found him to be inspirational, engaging and extremely interesting. He’d tailored his presentation really well and he was extremely knowledgeable and a huge asset to the agenda.  We think he’s absolutely brilliant.” - Joanna Kinloch, Head of PR at Tesco Mobile

“We brought Jonathan in to help our senior team understand how we were going to achieve more relevance in our customers’ lives going forward. Primarily, he helped us to understand the business that we are today and the business that we’re going to be in the future. He ensured we were able to get the board to buy into this ambition and then start to question whether we should go bigger or not. I would absolutely recommend Jonathan to any company in any industry. His insight is invaluable.” - Jonathan Earle, Head of Customer Strategy & Development at Telefónica UK

 “Having Jonathan as a keynote speaker at our event turned out to be a recipe for success. He challenged, inspired and entertained the audience with his strong message, relevant industry examples and anecdotal quotes and stories. Jonathan's speaking style and message fitted in perfectly with the theme and atmosphere of the event.” - Timo Dinkelman, Key Retail Account Manager at Google

 “Rarely will a guest speaker dedicate so much research and insight into a client and a topic. I found Jonathan’s willingness to engage pre-event to learn about the client, and tailor his content to suit, to be very refreshing and this attention to detail really paid off onsite. Despite a red-eye flight from Canada to make our morning event, Jonathan was fresh and energetic and made a real effort to mix with the client, adapting his content on the move to relate to the other speakers and he even helped out the production team by keeping ahead of time to balance the agenda! I thought he was very professional and he delivered insightful, challenging and stimulating content that perfectly matched the audience and our brief.” - Ben Atherton, Client Director for Professional Services at WRG

“A short note of sincere thanks for your outstanding contribution to the IoD Convention. As you know, we were very much aiming for a complete change of direction in terms of positivity and attitude coming out of the event. I am delighted to advise that feedback thus far has been incredibly positive, and your presentation was a huge contributor to this success.  You were simply outstanding in terms of content and delivery of your talk, setting the scene for discussions over the rest of the evening.  And the way that you tailored the session specifically for us certainly engaged and entertained the audience.  So on behalf the organising committee, thank you very much, your professionalism is unsurpassed and we are truly delighted that you were able to join us in Guernsey. We hope we can tempt you back again?!” - the IOD Chairman, Guernsey Branch

“Jonathan was very well-received by the audience. I was particularly pleased with the way he tailored the message to the location and audience, and how he spoke in an insightful way to the industry without trying to portray himself as an expert.” - the Chief Operating Officer, Hotel Technology Next Generation

"Jonathan has a great gift to connect with the audience. He does not stop at capturing attention and engaging with his listeners, he really provides them with something they can all use everyday in their jobs." - the CEO & Program Director, Urban Future

“You made an excellent performance, as well as one year earlier, when I saw you in Malmo. You are full of passion and energy and manage to transfer this to the audience. You have an extremely serious message that you transform into inspiration and easy understanding. You manage to touch both the heart and the brain. On this specific occasion, presenting to a group of 120 French managers, the language and speed of presenting was a challenge that you managed in a really good way. Your message cannot be missed and is very relevant to any organisation. Once again, thank you for an extremely important and useful presentation.”Senior Marketing Manager and owner of Future Customer Lab, IKEA France:

"To me this was the best structured talk of the day. Plus immensely inspiring with awesome visuals, elegant and powerful. A natural born Speaker, you are! And your site is a great read. Exponential growth sounds intriguing enough to explore ... Thank you and good luck at TEDxPorto :)"  - The organiser of TedX Warsaw, March 2013

“He is an exceptionally talented business leader, a skilled communicator and one of the smartest minds within the global communications industry. As a consultant, he is one the best change agents and strategists around and the respect he holds in the industry is a testament to his hard work. Time and time again, Jonathan's advice, professionally and personally, has proven invaluable to me, and he's been a real pleasure to work alongside and learn from.”  - Adam Levene, Head of Media Strategy, Advertising Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent

“He has a special talent to excite, engage and educate his audience. Jonathan is incredibly talented and has built a framework on social media that can truly be applied in practice. I can recommend him to anyone looking for a thought provoking speaker, advisor or moderator.” - Marina Engelvuori, Head of Internal Communications and Shared Services (Global) at Nokia Siemens Networks

“Jonathan is a Genius (and that is an understatement…). But since no one can hire a genius these days, you can have Jonathan as the best consultant out there on the market. What’s truly unique about him is that he is a genius that can actually communicate his ideas and communicate them amazingly well.” - Mihai Vlad, Head of Audience Management, Alcatel-Lucent

“Outshining his peers in a field full of rising stars, Jonathan is both shockingly down to earth and astronomically brilliant. Equally at home behind the desk or in front of a crowd, he shares his knowledge and experience freely and to great effect. A complex mixture of a musician, an entrepreneur and a blogging sensation; Jonathan defies convention, and is an individual in every sense of the word. He is creative, energetic and never afraid of a challenge. He is always involved and a personal inspiration for my professional life.” - Oya Yasayan, Head of Digital, OMD Media Direction

“Jonathan is a powerhouse of enthusiasm & technique. I had the privilege to audience a session of his in Barcelona, and in additional to being highly interactive & effective, Jonathan was also abundantly generous in his knowledge sharing! Definitely a rare breed that I would highly recommend!” - JC Duarte, Director; Portfolio Management Office at Odigeo, Strategic Alignment & Planning at Grupo Santander

“One of the most honest, trustworthy and insightful marketing professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Jonathan has an ability to grasp and dissect concepts like few I have ever met and his ability to formulate and deliver motivating presentations is legendary." - Barney Craggs, Freelance Strategy Consultant, Exponere

“Some people think outside the box, Jonathan thinks outside the warehouse. He is an outstanding strategic thinker, able to zero in on what matters immediately, inspiring presenter, highly gifted business man and negotiator and - something I really value - he just tells it like he sees it, without making concessions to what people may or may not want to hear, or may or may not be ready for. Doing business with him is uncomplicated, fast and delightfully devoid of everything that doesn't really matter - the way it should be. 5 stars!” - Christopher Billich, SVP, Research & Strategy, Infinita Inc.

“Jonathan is hands down the most inspirational speaker I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has the ability to look past the industry limitations and mindsets of today and work towards an open communication vision for the future. His passion for progress should be the standard for the rest of us in the digital communications industry.” - Eliza Dashwood, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ambergreen Internet Marketing

“Jonathan is a generous, energetic, highly knowledgeable and passionate leader in the world of media. Utterly professional, yet instantly personal, Jonathan is exciting and inspirational, encouraging truthful, direct, high impact discussion amongst a minefield of buzzwords and jargon. He is innovative, pioneering and motivating.” - Dominic Rodgers, Publisher, Raconteur Media

“Jonathan is an inspirational, enthusiastic and super energetic thought leader. He's taught me to always keep the main thing, the main thing. An incredible communicator, captivating and entertaining when others would bore a room to sleep. He gets what makes people tick through his years of experience and has mastered the art of presenting.” - Michael Litman, Social Media Strategist, Consolidated PR

“Jonathan is one of those rare people who seem to make business meetings fun. His smile and enthusiasm drag you into the moment. However, underlying this persona is a deep knowledge of new media strategy, and lightning speed thought processing. He can evaluate products and services almost instantly and churn out highly intuitive takes on business positions. I have found his input into my venture invaluable and would recommend him to anyone looking for outside input into their business model in this market segment (ie. web, mobile, new media in general).” - Paul (Fletch) Christian, Founder, LiveAps.com

“I found working with Jonathan a real pleasure, he has an insatiable appetite to succeed and has boundless energy. I learnt a lot from Jonathan, as well as being a leader in the industry he is also a great guy to work with.” - John Fenwick, UK Operations, Blyk

“I first met Jonathan when he was at Blyk, a great bloke and exceptionally clever. I really enjoyed working with him and his team. I have remained friends with Jonathan and it is testament to the high regard I hold him in that I often use him as a sounding board or 'sense check' when the need arises. I would happily recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to work with a media expert at the top of their game.” - Theo Theodorou, Head of mobile advertising sales - EMEA, Microsoft

“Jonathan is one of the most astute and talented Interactive and commercial brains I have had the pleasure to work with. A true entrepreneur who creates the bigger picture, he is definitely one of the genuine shapers of the global media industry - especially advertising." - Adrian Watkins, Business Development Director, Europe, Fox Interactive Media

“Jonathan brilliantly cuts through the complexity of the emerging dominance of the networked world to find winning solutions. His enthusiasm and passion for technology and its human dimension makes him an inspiring, informed and excellent communicator, too. We twice worked together on internal conferences. The first aimed at changing the way we think about mobile, the second at marketing and advertising solutions for the networked world. His contribution on both occasions was world class.” - David Cushman, Digital Development Director, Bauer Consumer Media

“Jonathan is a great manager, demonstrating inventiveness and charisma when we worked together at Ministry of Sound. He's always proved to be ahead of the game - demonstrated by his blog and the respect he has from the industry. A real pleasure to work with.” - Steve Wilson-Beales, Head of Internet, Ministry of Sound

“Jonathan is someone to me that defines the world inspirational. I don't always understand what he does but I always want to listen to what he has to say. I can pay him no bigger compliment than that. It is always a pleasure to meet him and to work with him.” - John Steven, Director of Marketing, Sennheiser UK LTD

“Jonathan has such passion to get the job done, his encouragement almost certainly rubs off on you. He has an incredible creative mind, visions ahead of most and you certainly want to be involved and on board. I learnt a lot about business and process under his leadership.” - Mark Phillips, Digital Sales Manager, Ministry of Sound

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