Jordan Casey

One of the World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneurs

why book jordan?

  • Founder of the Teenage Entrepreneur Movement, Jordan supports young entrepreneurs, showcasing his commitment to youth empowerment
  • Engaged in the tech industry for 3 years, Jordan founded multiple startups, consolidating them into a unified business
  • Serving as an intern and advisory board member for Mind Candy, Jordan contributes expertise to the entertainment industry


A successful public speaker, Jordan has also traveled the word sharing his story, wisdom and advice at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world. A student still, Jordan’s current project is the Teenage Entrepreneur Movement a support network for young entrepreneurs. Jordan Casey has been involved in the technology industry for the past 3 years and founded several startups and is currently in the process of bringing all his projects together as one business. He has received several awards in recognition of his outstanding work.

Jordan has served as an intern and advisory board for member for entertainment company Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters). Jordan is also the Ambassador for Bizworld: an initiative aimed at inspiring entrepreneurship in children which provides fun, project-based activities that promote financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for students.

Jordan has spoken at numerous European Union Events, five TEDx Talks, Schools, Private Events, Major Conferences and everything in between. Highlights include speaking at MOZEFO Mozambique, MindShare Saudi Arabia, WebCongress Miami/Colombia, Web Summit Ireland, Dubai Knowledge Summit UAE, European Innovation Summit Belgium and BETT UK.


Transformation and Technology

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Creativity and Innovation

The Importance of Education

Motivation and Inspiration from a Teenage Entrepreneur Simplicity

Jordan Casey


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