Ken Hughes

Leading Consumer, Shopper Behaviouralist & Keynote Speaker

Ken Hughes is acknowledged as being one of the world’s leading authorities on consumer and shopper behaviour, internationally renowned for helping his largely blue-chip client base better understand the needs of the future consumer.

Founder and CEO of Glacier Consulting, Ken blends the psychology of decision making, neuro-marketing and consumer psychology to show you how to increase sales without having to discount prices. His keynote speeches deliver thought-disrupting and inspiring content in a captivating and highly energetic manner, all served with a generous helping of wit.

Look out for Ken's new book 'The Blue Dot Consumer' coming soon!



Ken Hughes

With over 15 years’ experience as CEO of a consumer insight agency, he blends his understanding of consumer psychology, shopper immersion, digital anthropology and retail futurology to explore the needs of the new consumer and predict the changes to come.

Ken Hughes advises some of the biggest brands in the world (Unilever, 3M, IKEA, Coca-Cola, AXA and Heineken to name a few) on customer experience, omnichannel strategy, shopper marketing, retail trends, the millennial shopper and the peer-to-peer economy. As an accomplished author, TED speaker, university lecturer and actor, his performances are not only insightful and thought-provoking but are infamous for their sheer energy, entertainment and passion, not to mention his generous Irish wit.

His latest TED talk also showcases his unique approach as a Playologist, motivating individuals and his corporate clients to unleash their creativity and innovation through a blend of discovery, fun, play, mischief and risk.

 Every year, Ken shares his thought-disrupting insight with tens of thousands of delegates all over the world as one of the most popular keynote speakers booked on the international conference circuit relating to the future consumer. He is regularly voted best speaker at events to which he is invited to speak and believes in engaging and delighting event attendees at every opportunity.


Positive Disruption: Beyond the Millennial Consume

We're All a Little Bit Crazy: Harnessing Shopper Irrationality

Time Bending: How to Catalyse Creativity and Innovation

Positive Disruption: The Blue Dot Consumer

The Digital Native Advance: A New Shopper DNA

Experiential Retail: The Need for 360 degree Shopper Engagement

Is Your Supply Chain Millennial Ready: The Shopper of the Future Meets the Logistics of the Past

Shopper Marketing: You Have a New Boss

"We have had a number of other presentations on this topic previously but none approached the subject as Ken did. The way in which he brought the millennial consumer to life for the leaders of our business in this keynote speech was as challenging and informative as it was entertaining. This is a must-see speech for anyone in financial services, a real eye-opener" - John Keegan, Director of Distribution Channels, Bank of Ireland 

“Ken Hughes’ presentation at Innoday was a huge success. His profound expertise in shopper behaviour, excellent presentation delivery filled with humour and numerous illustrative examples was certainly well received by the attending retailer and manufacturer executives. Mr Hughes got the highest speaker rating at Innoday and he is definitely one of the top speakers I have ever booked” -Mathias Dittrich, Marketing Director, DLF - Grocery Manufacturers of Sweden

“Ken's true talent is the tailoring of his content to our audiences.  We have invited him to speak at several different Red Bull events, and his content is always uniquely tailored to that audience and event theme and ‘on the money’ with our hot topics. He challenges each of us to think outside of the box, and is both an educational and inspirational presenter. His keynotes not only posed some tough questions about the future shape of our industry but he also linked this to the emerging consumer forces evident today. He is as entertaining and engaging as he is challenging and not to be missed” - Brian Kuz , Global Head of Trade Marketing and Insights at Red Bull

“I met Ken at the ECR Europe Conference in Brussels where his session on “Shopper Irrationality” was my top ranked session among all in the event. It was also one of the best presentations that I ever had on Shopper Behaviour and Insight. In our Global Leadership Summit in July, we invited Ken to join all our Walmart Leaders from the world in Bentonville, USA. His presentation was once again an eye opening session which brought high engagement for all our participants.” - Maggie Chan, VP Unilever, Walmart International

"Your talk was very well received by all, and your message resonates enormously and was a good reminder to us all to set the bar once again higher in the shopper marketing area. Thanks for taking the time to be with us" - Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

"Ken’s presentations to the ECR Europe community are always a highlight and his invite to present once again at the Leaders Forum did not disappoint. His Digital DNA speech was very challenging to the business leaders in the room without exception. It was highly informative and as always incredibly entertainment. It is a window into a future that all brand owners need to witness" - Jan Zijderveld, President Unilever Europe

“Ken is one of the finest speakers we have ever had the pleasure of inviting to address our conference, with his ‘Irrationality’ speech receiving the highest positive delegate feedback. He combines a powerful message with an impactful and humorous presentation style the audience loves, and manages to both educate and entertain in equal measure. It was one of the most unique and relevant speeches I have ever seen” – Spyros Tryfonas PhD, Corporate Sales Director, Nestle Hellas SA

“Ken’s presentation on the Millennial Consumer and their expectations made delegates laugh and cry and laugh again. His easy story-telling style meant that delegates were not only engaged throughout but also left with some real thought-provoking content. I would not hesitate to work with Ken again” - Kristi Kawanna Havener, Events Director G3 Communications New York

"On behalf of the FNLI we would like to thank you for a superb presentation that provided outstanding food for thought for many. Your insights into the digital shopper gave us all a peek into the dynamics that will shape the future. Our guests were thrilled by your presentation with rave reviews all around" - Philip Den Ouden, Director FNLI (Grocery Association) Netherlands 

"If you haven’t seen Ken Hughes present on the experiential future of shopping and retailing, you’re in for a real treat. Ken’s presentation is a thoroughly enjoyable cocktail of clever insights into the mind of consumers and cool futuristic technology that will boost business for retailers and brands, all served with a generous dose of good Irish wit. I see literally hundreds of speakers in a year - conference junkie as I am - and Ken is certainly one of the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend you to catch him at a conference near you in the future" - Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter, Futurologist & Author

"Ken Hughes’ presentation at DLF’s conference Innoday was a huge success. His profound expertise in shopper behaviour, excellent presentation delivery filled with humour and numerous illustrative examples was certainly well received by the attending retailer and manufacturer executives. Mr Hughes got the highest speaker rating at Innoday and he is definitely up there with top speakers like Kjell A Nordström and Hans Rosling. Not surprisingly, we have already invited Ken Hughes back to Stockholm for next year’s Innoday" - Mathias Dittrich, Marketing Director, DLF - Grocery Manufacturers of Sweden

"I have seen many presentations over the years concerning shopper behaviour, but the presentation by Mr. Hughes is the one which has kept my attention. He describes consumer behaviour in a very real and simultaneously interesting way, is a very good presenter with humour and passion for his subject, while also bringing it to life using varied case studies. I invited him to address my retail organization on shopper centricity and thankfully in these challenging times, we have seen results" - Nikos Veropoulos, CEO Veropoulus Group, Greece

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