Kingsley Aikins

Former President and CEO of The Ireland Funds & Networking Guru

Networking Guru Kingsley has a unique speaking style and delivery which he puts across with passion and humour. His stock of anecdotes and stories based on his global experiences keeps audiences entertained and informed and leaves them with a series of practical and uplifting messages.


Kingsley Aikens

Kingsley Aikins has built up a formidable international speaking reputation over the last 25 years and has spoken to over half a million people in 39 cities around the world during that time.

During his 21 years with The Ireland Funds he raised over a quarter of a billion dollars which was given to over 1200 organisations throughout Ireland, North and South. This was achieved at zero cost to the Irish Government and taxpayer.

Kingsley has lived and worked extensively overseas in the UK, USA, France, Spain and Australia. He has built an immense global network of people of affluence and influence and engaged tens of thousands of people with Ireland. He has perfected a unique and distinctive networking process built on a 4 step process of Research, Cultivation, Solicitation and Stewardship.

Kingsley is highly regarded in his field internationally and has spoken at numerous conferences, the most recent being the Hillary Clinton Global Diaspora Forum in Washington where he launched his most recent publication " A Global Diaspora Strategies Toolkit".  This unique guide for all countries is the only one of its kind in the world and has had a terrific reception.

Kingsley is a recognised expert speaker on all matters diaspora, networking and philanthropic and since returning to Ireland has built a reputation as an entertaining and informative keynote speaker. Recent clients include Accenture, KPMG, Arthur Cox, Mason Hayes Curran, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Shaw and The Institute of Chartered surveyors.

Kingsley is a graduate of Trinity College and a member of the Institutes of Marketing, Exports and Linguists (French and Spanish).

In 2008 he was awarded a CBE for fostering British-Irish relations He is a keen sportsman and played rugby for Trinity College, the Irish Universities and Leinster and Vichy (France) before injury ended a promising playing career at 22. Kingsley is married to Claire and lives in Dublin with their 3 children, Grattan, Darcy and Devin.

  • Business Networking
  • Diaspora
  • Philanthropy
Global Diaspora Strategies Toolkit by Kingsley Aikins

Global Diaspora Strategies Toolkit by Kingsley Aikins

“Kingsley is simply one of the highest power speakers (and bear in mind his style comes across as low key) that I have heard in 4 decades of listening to speakers. What’s more , his topic was networking and after his talk he spent at least 5 minutes with every single person in the audience (approcx25 of us). Very impressive!” Bill Moss, The Bill Moss Partnership

“After 1 hour talking to Kingsley you walk away with a conviction that just about anything is possible when you draw on the collective strength of the networks around you who share your belief and optimism about a brighter future for Ireland.” Lucy Masterson, Hireland

“Kingsley does ‘naked presentations’ better than anyone else I know! In other words, no powerpoint nor props not pointless imagery, rather he weaves a fascinating story for his audiences based on experience, facts, ancedotes and compelling conjecture about the future for Ireland and for all of us”. Gerard O’Neill, Chairman of Amárach Research

"Kingsley Aikins gave an excellent paper to the 2011 Royal Institute of Arcitetcs Ireland conference 'Riding out the storm - Survival, Renewal and Recovery'. The keynote speaker for the Internationalisation and Export of service module, Kingsley stressed the need for the RIAI to expand its international networks by engaging with architects in the diaspora around the globe. Confirming his reputation as one of the best publics speakers around today, his presentation combined unrivalled knowledge of global diaspora issues with the humour and erudition for which he is renowned." Paul Keogh, President, Royal Institute of Architects Ireland

"Thank you so much for the tremendous contribution you made to last night’s Annual Corporate Gala.  As I said last night, your speech was right on the button.  You made us laugh, you made us think and you made my clients feel good about what they’re doing.  You really pulled the night together for us." Audrey Phelan, National Concert Hall

"I would like to very sincerely thank you, for being the speaker at the ABA Luncheon on Friday last. Your talk  was terrific, was extremely well received and there was a huge amount of positive feedback." Tony Burke, Mason Hayes Curran

"I just wanted to say thank you for your very witty, interesting and inspiring talk at our conference last Thursday. It really was top class. The reaction from our stakeholders was equally positive." Simon Baily, Head of Unit, Ireland Wales Programme

"Thanks so much for last Thursday, your speech was amazing and blew everyone away."
Jimmy Fearon, Chief Executive Officer, DEBRA Ireland

""When Kingsley Aikins spoke at the Sales Institute of Ireland national conference in May 2011, he was very inspirational and had a great impact on the event. His knowledge of global business and his incredible understanding of the communities and networks which underpin the business world make him a unique and very engaging speaker for any event."
Mervyn O'Shaughnessy, Sales Institute of Ireland

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