Liri Andersson

Business Strategist and Marketer

Liri is an excellent and generous public speaker. Her passion is infectious, and her talks takes you through a journey filled with clarity and insights, leaving people with a new perspective and fresh solutions to the business and marketing challenges they are facing.

Liri's energy, 360° experience and her ability to decipher an increasingly complex business environment has seen her travelling around the world developing winning business and marketing strategies for global brands such as Nestlé, General Mills, Bacardi, IKEA, Bwin, Cisco, Levi's, Yahoo!, Ogilvy, and MediaCom. Described as a renaissance business person Liri co-founded this fluid world, a boutique business and marketing consultancy, to enable global organisations to understand, navigate and exploit a changing business and marketing environment.

She is a guest lecturer at INSEAD’S prestigious executive business programme

How to create winning business and marketing strategies in a social and global world

How to lead and manage successfully in a world where the rules are fundamentally changing

How to build an agile, innovative and relevant organisation in a constantly evolving business world

“Liri’s personable, unerring and confident presenting style took a HUGE subject – Global Changes Global Impact – and made it relevant, easy to understand and dare I say it, inspiring. I’ll be staging another conference sooner rather than later, just so that I can invite Liri to speak again!"

“Liri understands what clients and organisations need. She is a highly experienced and visionary agent of change who will make an impact in any organisation. Liri has the unique ability to analyse organisations and balance good strategic planning with effective operational execution.” - Foviance

"Liri is charismatic, results-oriented, has incredible business acumen and is a fabulous business strategist, drives change, has x-ray vision when it comes to organisational structure and behaviour, is the consummate professional, makes you view the way organisations work in a totally different way, and is an excellent mentor and teacher."

“Liri was frequently in uncharted waters, which she successfully learned to navigate: she has experience of a broad range of organisations, a naturally inquisitive mind and an innate desire to bring structure to chaos. Liri is an extremely intelligent and insightful woman who also has a firm grip on reality and a clear understanding of what it means to deliver.” - WPP

“Liri constantly challenged us to turn our traditional views upside down and inside out, while giving us the tools to facilitate the necessary change. She pushed us to look at our business, business in general and the world, from a different perspective, to identify, not what we are, but what we could be, and our reason to exist.” - Clinton Cards

“Liri’s mind & experience mean that she brings an entirely innovative perspective to every challenge. She is invaluable as a beneficial disruptive force, always highlighting an opportunity or an angle that no-one else would pick up on – and at the same time always remaining completely focused on what will actually solve a problem.” - MediaCom

“Liri wants to get into the core of an organisation, shake it up, change things, offer new ideas, try out new things, experiment, innovate. She has a million ideas a day but knows which to prioritise and which are sound business sense. She is a unique combination of business strategy and creativity.” - Ogilvy

“Liri has an extraordinary talent for getting to the bottom of a business problem rapidly and providing creative and innovative insights to the many and varied issues that we faced. These have proved to be invaluable. The change management programme that Liri has researched, developed and rolled out into the organisation is something that the management of the Agency are primarily pleased with. The impact will benefit the organisation for years to come.” - Ogilvy

“Liri’s work had a direct impact on the success of my team. She tenaciously focuses on results. On more than one occasion Liri sought an objective that I suspected was beyond our influence and she proved me wrong.” - Cisco

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