Marguerite Donlon

International Choreographer

“The body cannot lie”

With over 30 years of experience in the creative world, Maggie has gone from Dancer to Choreographer to Director. In her unassuming and warm way she shares with the Corporate world her knowledge of how to create a winning team of gifted individuals who burn for the same unique result. She shares her creative knowledge, which, is key to keeping agility, passion and a love of living out of the comfort zone. She’s a talent addict and shares with her audience how she seeks out talent and helps them find the self-empowerment to become the best they possibly can. Maggie is refreshing and passionate and her story is inspiring.


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Marguerite Donlon is an International contemporary Choreographer, Director and accredited RD1st Leadership Coach. She is a former solo dancer of the English National Ballet and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. She currently lives in Berlin and creates ballets for companies all over the globe from super ballet Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet to cutting edge contemporary dance companies in the USA and central Europe plus her own company DDC. She was the ballet director for 12 years of the Saarland State Ballet in Germany and created more that 30 ballets winning her several nominations and 2 medals of Merit.

Maggie has a unique story. Coming from the midlands of Ireland in the 90’s and beginning dance at the late age of 15 she managed to become a soloist of note with the English National Ballet and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. She went on to perform on world stages such as The Metropolitan Opera House, New York, The Kirov, St Petersburg, and the Coliseum, London.  In 2014 she developed a team building method called “Creative Empowerment” that uses choreographic tools for the corporate world. The companies Maggie has worked for experience innovation and creativity in teams from head to toe.


The idea that “Nothing is Impossible”

How to create from a blank sheet

How to remain creative

Follow Flow, the creative way

Team Building begins with head to toe TRUST

Why give up when you can go on……

Embracing the unknown

How to keep the edge

The body cannot lie


"We spent just under a week with Maggie during a team off-site in Barcelona. Maggie has a rare combination of authenticity and humility. She managed to coax us, both individually and as a team, out of our somewhat awkward, work-based stiffness towards open expression, both through movement, music and dance, and in terms of speaking and sharing of experiences. Maggie was also a great listener, doing so in a light-hearted and non-judgemental way. I still need to go to my first ballet, and when I do, I’ll probably ask Maggie for a recommendation. A great teacher and overall joy to be around. Highly recommended." - Andrew O’Flaherty, The Analyst, London

"Marguerite’s coaching approach is very refreshing in such a way that it injects the essence of performance arts into a business context.” - Jue Huang, The Analyst Research LLP, London

"Maggie is incredibly inspiring. By encouraging us to get on our feet and let go of our shyness, she built our personal confidence and creativity, as well as our team spirit. She’s an amazing woman!” - Alaina Dudhia, The Analyst Research LLP, London

"I have been to a few team building workshops in my time but this was very different. The approach of using freestyle self choreographed dancing in front of the group took me way out of my comfort zone and once you have done that trust, teamwork and bonding are a doddle!" - Jim Gibson, Trustee London Children's Ballet & Co Founder and CEO of Big Yellow Self Storage

"Experiencing creative empowerment was a truly fascinating and a profound discovery for me. A powerful mix of coaching, playing, joy, team building, and great body experience, a combination that really unfolded an unknown world to me. One of the best experiences in my life." - Britta Wein, Account Director, Marketingagentur

"The possibilities to recognize my team with its manifold strengths and make use of the entrepreneurial vision inspire and sustain me. I realize and appreciate the enriching experience through this course that in managing a company too much stress zone is rather ineffective and moving outside existing structures can enhance creativity, and also implement collective intelligence (‘swarm intelligence') within a team." - Martin Ristau, Doctor and Managing Director




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