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Mark Blyth

Expert in the Economics & Politics of the US & Europe, especially their banks and other disasters-in-waiting

Blyth distinguishes himself on the speaking circuit with an ability to break down complex, financial and political issues with clarity and wit. He can strip away all the complexity and tell it like it is in a uniquely and humorously Scottish way. Blyth brings the audience along with him on his talks, clarifying the absurd and calling out the ridiculous.

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Mark Blyth

“Mark is able to convey extremely complex economic ideas and concepts in terms which even the most generalist members of an audience can easily comprehend. Economics is littered with highly intelligent academics whose speaking style is dull or opaque. Mark Blyth is a rare exception to this norm - his first rate intellect is married to an exceptionally articulate and charismatic speaking style that grips an audiences attention.” - David Stewart, Global ARC

Acclaimed for his stunning early predictions of Donald Trump’s victory and Brexit and for identifying the phenomenon that he named “Global Trumpism,” Brown University professor Mark Blyth energizes audiences with his sharp Scottish candor and no-nonsense insights into the interconnected impacts of global politics, economics and markets. Blyth’s ability to break down and clarify high-level financial and political issues for diverse audiences has made him a popular keynote for groups ranging from international investor conferences to trade associations.

Mark Blyth currently serves as the Eastman Professor of Political Economy at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. Blyth also recently became the Director of the William R. Rhodes Center at Brown University. His research focuses upon the causes of stability and change in the economy and “why people continue to believe stupid economic ideas despite buckets of evidence to the contrary.” Professor Blyth has authored several books, most recently Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea and The Future of the Euro. Austerity, which has been translated into 16 languages, won numerous awards, and the attention of Paul Krugman and Lawrence Summers.

Blyth has previously been a chef, a funk bass player, and a stand-up comedian. Blyth lifts panels with the unique combination of a wry sense of humor and in depth knowledge.



    Financial Markets and Economic Policy
    The Politics of Economic Ideas
    Economic History
    Money and Monetary Policy
    Global Macroeconomics and Politics
    Austerity: The History of A Dangerous Idea
    The Future of the Dollar and the Euro

"We at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) have been extremely pleased with Mark Blyth’s participation at our flagship annual event – the Global Financial Markets Forum. Mark has played a core role within the main plenary sessions at this forum for the last three years, either as a speaker or moderator, and has been extremely well received by the audience and senior management of the Bank. His insights into key European issues, the political economy, and of course his natural wit and humour have contributed to the success of the event. Most recently, he interviewed Yanis Varoufakis (Former Minister of Finance for Greece) on stage at the 2016 forum and this session was one of the true highlights of the gathering! His insights really do add value!" - Chavan Bhogaita, Managing Director and Global Head of Market Insights & Strategy, Global Markets, National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

"Mark Blyth impressed the audience at the CLSA Investors’ Forum with his foresight, intelligence, and energy – so much that we did something we almost never do: we invited him back the following year." – Grace Hung, Director of Strategic Initiatives, CLSA Americas LLC

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