Mike Hemingway

Award winning global Branding Expert, Founder of Brandhunger and international speaker

Mike Hemingway is one of the most regarded people in branding around the globe. Having started working in branding in London in 1979, his work has since taken him around the world, leading and working on campaigns that we are all familiar with, such as: Launching the Laura Biagotti, Hugo Boss and Otto Kern fragrance lines. However, the biggest success of all was the launch of Pantene – a concept developed in London, which led the brand to Worldwide Market Leadership.

While he led the Mars Wordwide confectionary division, Mike developed and led an Advertising Training Seminar, sponsored by the Mars Family. This week long Seminar, titled 'How to Create Award Winning Effective Advertising', was held in over 20 countries around the world. In June 2000, Mike was invited to join Ogilvy & Mather in New York, to work on Kodak, as Worldwide Director, based in New York. He led the team that created the successful “Share Moment. Share Life.” campaign.

In 2004, Mike took over the WW Dove business, leading the team that created the now famous Campaign for Real Beauty.  This now iconic campaign led to immediate sales increases, whilst pioneering new concepts in “equity innovation” and “new” mass media.

Mike is based in New York and continues to work in branding; he launched 'brandhunger' - a site that allows companies  to understand what a Brand can be, with the Brand Fast*Track as a  device to help them choose what program they'd like to work with – this has been hugely popular and continues to grow. Mike is also in demand to share his experiences with organisations around the world. Mike is passionate about his subject, he gives highly insightful speeches and presentations to companies and organisations about the importance of Values, not just Value, in building loyalty and profit.


For seven years, Mike lead the Ogilvy team that created Dove’s iconic and highly successful “Campaign for Real Beauty.” The campaign was then ‘decoded’ and used as the success model. He worked with Harvard Business School's Professor John A. Deighton to publish the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Case History: “Dove. The Evolution of a Brand.”

Mike has made keynote speeches and presentations to many universities, such as: Duke University, Iona University, Bowdoin University, Temple University and several others, about marketing in the 21st century and the use of the new media to build brands. All met with very positive responses and always invited back!



The Rise of the Citizen Consumer

It’s not just what you do, it’s why you’re doing it

Values of Brands and the Values of Citizen Consumers

Brand Definition in the 21st Century: A Brand is an opinion

“You were the first to see what was coming and moved mountains to make it a reality as only visionaries do.” - Alessandro Manfredi,  Unilever Dove Director

“You are a worker of miracles. We’ve made history more than once. If there is anyone, not just in Ogilvy, but within the industry, that can work miracles, I have no doubt it’s you.” - Shelly Lazarus,  Chair and President, Ogilvy Worldwide.

“Working with you has been a privilege of my career. If anyone ever asks me how much difference one person can make, I would immediately point to you. Your time at Ogilvy has been glorious. Your contribution beyond measure.” - Steve Hayden, Creative Guru and Icon (Apple. IBM. American Express.)

“Your talk really helped us change the way we market to Women. You showed us the way to success!” - J. Szulc Cohen, Worldwide CMO Levi’s

“Mike’s an excellent speaker. His speech to Coca Cola in Atlanta, particularly his point that “Brands put themselves second”, was truly memorable.” - Kathy O’Brien, Director, Unilever USA

“Your speech was inspiring and full of examples. You gave us clear ways on how to move forward. We even invited you back for a second show!”  - J. Harper, Vodafone

“Your understanding of how to create a breakthrough communications plan is unsurpassed. You have the ability to connect with client and consumer alike in a way that is action oriented and fun! We’ve already acted on your advice. The MOAT is breakthrough…and it’s working!” - Mark Wakefield,  Ferrero Brands Marketing Director 

“Your talk about your Dove Real Beauty work made us realise how much more we profitable by being proud and clear about what we stand for.” - Ashleigh Young, Avon WW Marketing Director

“You hit the ball out of the park. Wow!” - Kate Carr, Microsoft-Teach.Org

“I can't recall the last time I have felt so challenged and invigorated! Challenged to how we perceive and present TobyMac to those outside our world. Invigorated to re-create our own mindset and share it. Challenged to look and think about our barriers with fresh eyes. Invigorated to find new ways to attack barriers.”  - Bill Hearn CEO, EMI (CMG) Nashville

“Your sense of compassion for our audience is extraordinary. Your ability to take insightful theory into powerful communication is brilliant. And you’re a compelling and forceful speaker.” - Eric Lent CMO, HFE Entertainment.

“Your two speeches are still talked about! They were wonderful and highly emotional. Memorable indeed!” -  Fionuala Pender, International Irish Business Network

“That was the most powerful and the most compelling speech I have ever heard. We must work together now!” - Isaac Mizrahi,  World Famous Fashion Designer

Paul Newman’s “Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.” - Jimmy Canton, Connecticut

“Blessings in a Back Pack.” - Stan Curtis, Kentucky

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