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Min Kym

Internationally-renowned violinist and author of critically-acclaimed memoir Gone

With accompanying violin performance, Min speaks about her life from child prodigy to seasoned artist and shares insights into what makes a world class performer. She brings inspiration, passion, unique experience, artistry and skill to her talks. Check out her TED performance .

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A South Korean born and raised in the UK, Min Kym made her professional debut aged 11 marking the beginning of an international career that has spanned 3 decades.

In 2017, her memoir GONE was published by Viking Penguin Random House. In part a story of the intense bond an artist forms with their “true” instrument – in Min’s case, a 1696 Stradivarius which she began playing at the age of 21. It is also a story about who we are, how we love and how we grieve. After securing a Sony recording contract and commanding solo recitals at the world’s most prestigious concert halls, in 2010, the violin valued at £1.2 million was stolen from her. The loss left her silenced. Yet Min knew that music was still inside her, if only she could find what she had lost.

In her talk, Min explores how, in examining her loss, she found the courage to rediscover herself. Recent engagements include The Marketing Society, Penguin Random House and Women of the World.

Min Kym shares her story of success, sudden-loss and reestablishment of her life and career. She talks about

  • Dealing with adversity
  • How to address failures
  • Tips on re-interpreting situations
  • How to crate your own head space

"Your talk really inspired us all especially hearing about how you overcame your painful loss through true bravery and resilience, it was incredibly moving and personally I really enjoyed meeting you – you have such a lovely warmth about you and your performance had us all mesmerised." Gemma Greaves, CEO, The Marketing Society

"Absolutely brilliant. Real food for thought." Brave conference participant


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