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Nancy Rademaker

TEDx speaker and IT professional with over 20 years of experience

Nancy Rademaker is one of the very few female keynote speakers to cover the impact of digitization on customer behaviour and how that affects the way companies should interact with customers. With a mix of mind-blowing examples and a great sense of humour, she takes the audience on an exciting rollercoaster of high-level content, delivered in a very energized and easy-to-digest way, leaving her audience inspired time after time.

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Nancy Rademaker has over 20 years of experience in how technology was and is transforming society, working for different IT companies. She loves to share her passion for technology and combines that valuable inside information with her experience in training and education. She has always been enthusiastic about people and customer-centric strategies. She likes to focus on how technology influences people's behaviour and how it helps them to share knowledge and to create and innovate.

As a highly rated and motivating international business speaker, she has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of digital transformation, extreme customer centricity, disruption, AI, business model change and leadership.

Nancy Rademaker travels the world taking business leaders to innovation hubs like Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Berlin,… using that first-hand inspiration as a continuous and valuable source, thus keeping the keynote content and examples on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, developments and disruptive new business models.

Over the past decades, focus on “experience” has grown dramatically. When considering products and services, emotions increasingly are the leading factor. Organizations have come to realize that, in an age where everything is available to everyone, customer centricity is key and experience has become the X factor.  In her keynote speech "The X Factor of Customer Centricity" Nancy takes the audience on a journey of human change, the effect on organizations and how customer centricity and focusing on Customer Experience (CX) is essential to acquire and retain customers. This strategy has technology as its core, with artificially intelligent algorithms and new interfaces to satisfy the needs of the New Customer.

But the X factor is not only about the customer. An equal focus on Employee Experience (EX) will distinguish great companies from average ones. CX and EX are to go hand in glove for organizations to be successful and this requires a drastic cultural change. One in which processes and procedures need to be rethought from scratch, and where leadership and organizational structure need a thorough make-over. The battle for the employee is on. Every customer-centric company will need to make the journey from CX to EX and back.

  • The X Factor of Customer Centricity
  • Market Leadership in the Day After Tomorrow
  • How to Get Ready for an AI Future
  • Healthcare in The Day After Tomorrow – Patient Centricity is THE Leading Game

"Nancy Rademaker joined us at our 2018 Regional Conference in Hong Kong. Her energy and enthusiasm literally lit up the room. Her passion for the customer and the role they play in Society today resonated hugely with everyone in the room. Her ability to make it relevant to our business and her power of examples, kept our audience captivated for the 45 minutes she was on stage. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and an enormous attribute to our event; described as one of the “best ever” conferences, Nancy played a key role in helping us to achieve this. Thank you; I do hope to work with you again." Pip Beasley, Regional Director, Corporate Affairs & CEO Operations - Prudential Corporation Asia

"We chose Nancy as a keynote speaker for our Google Marketing Platform Conference in Dublin. The audience was made up 300+ advertisers and agencies who came to listen to talks on Google’s latest products. Nancy delivered her talk “Extreme Customer Centricity” to help us demonstrate the changing nature of the modern consumer which tied in perfectly with our theme and tone for the event. Nancy was an absolute professional to work with in advance, discussing the narrative for the conference and customising her content for our audience. On the day, she was inspiring. She delivered her talk with confidence and charisma. “Extreme Customer Centricity” was the highest rated talk of the event and was specifically called out by a number of advertisers as their highlight. I would highly recommend Nancy as a Keynote speaker for any event." Brian McCaffrey, Sales Manager - Google Marketing Platform

"It was a real pleasure to have Nancy as guest speaker for the KPMG Life Sciences Community Event in Zurich, Switzerland. Nancy exceeded the audience’s expectations with her keynote about “fostering a culture of innovation”. Her speech was very powerful, yet she kept it very entertaining and inspiring at the same time. She left the audience with some very remarkable aspects that stick in the mind. We would like to emphasize Nancy’s enthusiasm and clear demonstration of expertise in delivering an industry specific keynote.
Great work, we can recommend Nancy anytime. Thank you!" Martin Rohrbach, Head of Life Sciences - KPMG Switzerland

"The event went really well and was very much appreciated by everyone, in no small part thanks to Nancy’s inspirational keynote. In a humorous, warm yet clear and strong way she has shown Q8 exactly how much the world has changed and how important it is to keep up with that change. One of the best if not the best keynote we have had for our Leadership Days, and certainly something to follow up!" Nick Cuyvers,
Senior HR Business Partner - Q8

"Nancy’s passionate and to-the-point speech brought the whole room together with razor-sharp focus, challenging us all to spend more time thinking about the future. Elegantly bringing our conference theme to life, Nancy shared some powerful insights into why customer centricity is so important for companies to survive and thrive in an age of digital disruption. Her wit and humour turned a wake-up-call into an easy to digest positive plan of action. Our audience were clearly wowed, and we’ve already invited Nancy back to future Gamma events." Alex Ayers, Sales Director - Gamma

"We don’t invite external speakers that often. In the preparation for a very important event for us, the first MIDI Human Pharma Conference, we were looking for a partner who would fit into the bigger vision of this day and direction we want to inspire, and at the same time surprise us beyond our expectations. Nancy overachieved on that. Important for me was that she was not only interesting but interesTED in where we stand, what we have done so far, and what relevant contribution she can make. As a result we have seen 212 slides in the blink of an eye, the interest was raised in the first 30 seconds and only expanded in the duration of her talk. The audience said they were not only inspired but blown away. So I do expect longer lasting changes in curiosity level and actual acting on the Day after Tomorrow. Thank you!" Tamilla Mahkamova, Regional Human Pharma Business Partner - Boehringer Ingelheim

"Nancy Rademaker’s keynote speech about digitalization and Extreme Customer Centricity was the perfect start for our customer event for tissue paper industry leaders. She gave relevant examples of how the new technology is forcing us to develop new strategies and new ways to approach customers, to keep up with the pace of digital development. It was very inspiring, a bit shaking and definitely an eye-opener for many of us in the audience! She really established the right atmosphere for the continuation of the conference."
Anders Björn, Vice President - Valmet Tissue Mills

"Throughout her keynote speech, which was delivered through a collection of thought provoking images, short videos and a great sense of humour, Nancy challenged the 150 leaders in the room to think about the future and shared insights into why Extreme Customer Centricity is so important for companies to survive. It served as a timely wake-up call, causing the audience to reflect on the key takeaways and put in place concrete actions with immediate effect. Nancy’s fast paced, entertaining and provocative presentation received the only standing ovation of the convention! Brilliant!" Brian Callaghan, Vice President Leadership Development - ArcelorMittal

"Nancy delivered a great keynote to open our design event with the top 200 senior partners in EMEIA to explore digital disruption of professional services. Nancy’s speech was a great balance of insight, provocation and humour to make the leadership team think about how our strategy needed to adapt for the Day After Tomorrow with the dramatic shifts she shared around changes in how relationships are built and sustained."Andy Baldwin,
Area Managing Partner EMEIA - EY

"Nancy gave an eye-opening and highly inspirational lecture at our Science and Innovation Summit 2017. Taking an audience of almost 500 people on a humoristic but breath-taking journey through examples of digital revolutions in our private life sector, she created a great spin into today’s traditional set up of large cooperations and the need for a radical change in mindset of how we look at our customers. She created a clear vision of a networked world that results in an increasingly unified set of experiences and expectations on an individual level and matching them through the understanding and implementation of cutting edge digital technologies will be key to reach an impactful customer centric organization." Maik Kindermann, Innovation Project Director - DSM

"We invited Nancy to speak at our management offsite in Amsterdam. Her session was informative, engaging, funny and a call-to-action that we were looking for. Her ability to describe the profound changes that Digital technologies are having on our lives and what could potentially be in store for us was something that held everyone’s attention throughout the session. Nancy’s was the highest rated session of the 2 day management event which speaks for itself." Faisal Husain, CEO - Synechron

"Nancy Rademaker gave an enthralling presentation on how technology is driving new and different customer behaviors. With captivating graphics and a great sense of humour, she inspired the audience to redefine how we think and interact with customers in this brave new world. If you’re looking to inject your organization with a start-up mentality, get Nancy and the exciting Nexxworks team involved!" Jean Jacques Vossen, CEO - Mavim

"How to bring a vital and serious business topic to 200 people? How to motivate and engage with Salespeople, Technicians, Finance and HR People about new technologies and the need for change and evolution? How to bring the strategic topic – Customer centricity – to an audience in one hour? The answer is quite simple: involve Nancy Rademaker during your Team Meeting and you will create a great and positive experience for all of them. The feedback is unanimous: great presenter with serious background" Hugues van Espen, Managing Director - Toyota Material Handling Belgium

"Nancy’s keynote at our annual networking event for a wide variety of our company contacts – HR people, internship coaches, and various specialists – was the perfect ice breaker, and got everyone on topic, and conversing freely. She expertly introduced us to the challenges of the future, offering insights and practical pointers, and did so in a most entertaining way." Jan Schelstraete, Dean FBO - University-College Ghent

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