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Neil O’Brien

Healthy Human Systems Advocate & Motivational Speaker

Neil passionately believes that 'you get the culture you behave'. If an organisation is to be a  'Healthy Human System' where people feel good and are operating at their full potential, then you need to pay attention to how the leaders and managers are shaping the culture in everything they do and say, prioritise and measure, every day.   

Neil is currently running a ByteSize Video series on Mental Fitness with a special  focus on helping  individuals and teams deal with the current challenges and stresses, and provide tips on managing your Mental Health.
These are  a series of 5-8min tutorials giving i straightforward, practical advice that makes sense and is doable today. Even better, it has already had 25 years of success and it works. And it’s delivered with the humour and empathy that have made Neil so successful, helping to make employees in companies such as VHI, Google, Zurich, Irish LifeBank of Ireland and many others more confident and resilient.

Neil O'Brien Mindset Coach

Neil O'Brien is a hugely popular motivational speaker on the subjects of Mindset and Mental Fitness and in building and nurturing an organisational culture that is healthy. He understands the importance of paying attention to the interconnectedness of everything in an organisation and encourages people to think about all the possible impacts of their actions far beyond their own team or area of the business.

In his engaging and humorous talks Neil loves to take the audience out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone. He equips attendees with tools for a growth mindset and has built a stellar reputation for helping business leaders and their teams through transformation by teaching them to embrace the small steps that lead to big changes.

Neil set up Time To Fly in 1998 to bring his skills and passion for human potential and growth to organisations. Prior to that he worked in banking for 23 years - in sales and then L&D where he realised his innate ability to motivate and coach others to be their best.

Neil has built an award winning performance programme for the banking sector and continues to develop and deliver development programmes as well as speak at conferences throughout Europe. His clients include Accenture, Abbott Labs, Airtricity, AIB Bank and Group, Allianz Capital Partners, Bank Of Ireland, Google, Grant Thornton, IBM, 3M, Irish Life Corporate Business, Irish Life Investment Managers, KPMG, Microsoft, Pfizer, RBS, Sales Institute of Ireland, Institute of Bankers, Zurich Insurance and many others.

Neil is also one of Ireland’s top sport coaches and he has worked with professional and amateur golfers including Ryder Cup and Walker Cup players. He has coached at inter-county and club level with GAA teams and he is currently coaching some of Ireland’s elite athletes.

To summarise, Neil has helped psychiatrists with their stress management, psychologists with their personal development, directors with their sense of direction, sales people sell more, footballers score more and golfers score less!

In these 45 minute Webinars Neil will give his insights and advice based on 25 years experience including several recessions to help teams and individual manage their mental health and implement simple tools that can prove transforamational .

ByteSize Video series on Mental Fitness with a special  focus on helping  individuals and teams deal with the current challenges and stresses, and provide tips on managing your Mental Health.

Coping is not a Strategy"

Coping is the first natural response to a crisis or a trauma but if you are not careful you can get stuck there.

Coping is a form of managed suffering. Sometimes we settle for coping and continue in that mindset long after the crisis has left.

"Stopping is not Recovering"

In the same way when we are stressed out we think that just crashing for the weekend is recovering and it's not. To recover you must do something the re-energises you. This is really hard because it's the very time you feel like you can't move.

Other topics include:

Healthy Human Systems - How to make sure everyone in the organisation feels good and well and is operating at their full human potential

Mental Fitness: learn how to tap into your ability to operate at the edge of comfort

Robust Resilience: putting mental fitness into action

Connecting with Impact

Personal Growth & the Laws of the Comfort Zone

Effective Planning

Super Time Management

Stress Management, Coping Better & Effortless Energy


Your Full Human Potential

"It was key that our website felt personable, credible and trustworthy for our customers and Neil’s content which he provided help us achieve just that. Using his unique mental health and wellbeing expertise, Neil provided us with an array of extremely valuable and adaptable content. Through his videos we were able to engage with our customers more creatively and it really helped bring our website to life."  Annie Shivers, Communications & Brand Specialist. (The videos provided by Neil were part of his tailored video programmes.)

"I feel bound to share the amazing, and sometimes moving, positive feedback from attendees. One group were HR Directors / Senior Managers and the other were CEO's, but both shared a view that his authentic engaging delivery fundamentally changed their view on their work (for the better!) and gave practical ideas that they could action immediately to make their performance, their effectiveness and their life better! All delivered with great style and humour. Highly highly recommended" Adie McGennis, CEO Sigmar Recruitment.

“I thought that Neil's approach to motivational speaking was innovative and really refreshing. He captured everyone's attention and the way he described moods and triggers and habits was very original.” &“I thought that he was very entertaining. It's a topic very important nowadays to look after your mental health and wellbeing to succeed in life and work. there was a take-away after his session to think about and reflect. Personally I thought it was the best part of the whole event.” Bank of Ireland

"I honestly do not think I will ever forget Neil’s coaching session. What an amazing guy." Littlewoods

"We asked Neil O’Brien to address our employees as part of the process enhancing this culture, specifically dealing with the topics of motivation and feedback. Neil did an excellent job, engaging the audience with clear, interesting and easy to digest concepts. I believe Festo Ireland is a better company for Neil’s few hours with us." Mark Mcardle, Festo

"Neil thank you so much for such a brilliant session. It was so lovely to met you and your session was very inspiring and motivating. Everyone is talking about it." - Elaine Gallagher, Google Ireland

"Neil’s sessions were of the highest standard on all 3 days. Without exception feedback from the delegates at each session was excellent. Neil’s ability to convey his message in a real world way is exceptional. It was commented by the Senior Management Team how much they took from the sessions and will be revisiting the themes for themselves and their teams. For me personally the sessions were top class each day, sophisticated in delivery and genuinely relatable. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Neil in that respect." - Gavin Brock, AIB Customer Financial Planning

"Many thanks for yesterday Neil, it was GREAT!! Very entertaining while still getting across the main aim." - Nichola Flood, Lloyds Pharmacy

"Neil added tremendous value and hit all the right notes in terms of reflections and learnings in a light hearted way." - Derval McDonagh, Danske Bank

"It all worked extremely well. Neil's talk proved to be very popular with our members and provided an excellent counterbalance to our typically technical/business focused agenda. Would definitely recommend him." - Eamonn Burke, Chairman, IT Healthcare Society

"We just finished our event in Germany with 45 very satisfied participants. Thanks a lot for recommending Neil to us. He was fantastic. The feedback from the audience was absolutely positive. Personally I liked in particular his great humour and his presentation style."  Holger Kirchoff,  Hewlett Packard

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