Nerina Ramlakhan, Dr.

Neurophysiologist, Sleep & Energy Expert

Nerina Ramlakhan  is the author of 'Tired But Wired' & 'Fast Asleep Wide Awake', Nerina is passionate about helping people live more peaceful, vital and fulfilling lives in these chaotic times. Her presentation style mixes solid professional and academic knowledge with humour and energy which everyone can relate to.

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Neurophysiologist, author, and Sleep & Energy expert, Nerina is on the faculty at Ashridge Business School, U.K., where she regularly contributes on Leadership programmes around the area of Energy and Resilience. She has a strong belief that everyone can live a healthy and more fulfilling life by tapping into and nurturing their deepest inner resources – even in these hectic, technologically driven times that we live in. Her mission is to help people sleep more deeply and wake up with energy, inspiration and joy.

Her work is featured regularly in the U.K. media - The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sunday Express, The Guardian, New Scientist, The Evening Standard, The London Paper, Woman & Home, Healthy Living, Red and Psychologies Magazines. She writes for The Huffington Post, NetDr and various other publications and magazines. She has talked about power napping on the Radio 2 Chris Evans show and has appeared on CNN and SKY NEWS talking about technology addiction and insomnia. She regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning show teaching the nation how to sleep peacefully. She is the sleep advisor to the Silent Night bed company and Melia Hotels and Resorts.

On a personal level, she has a 13yr old daughter and in her spare time she climbs, cycles, dances and practices yoga and meditation.

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As well as talks on Sleep and Energy optimization, and building Personal Resilience, Dr. Nerina offers Wellness Programmes.

Here are some examples of Dr. Nerina's WELLNESS TOPICS (from 60 mins sessions to 2 day Programmes):

MANAGING THE PACE (also called Creating Optimal Performance and Performance Under Pressure) - What is and isn’t stress? What are healthy levels of pressure? Includes a practical toolkit for building resilience including: Cognitive skills (developing Mind Power) and Life skills.

CREATING OPTIMUM SLEEP - An introduction to the physiology of sleep, circadian rhythms and energy recovery.
Sleep as a mechanism for defusing stress and pressure; Shiftwork and sleep patterns; the implications for energy recovery,
Impact of today’s world (technology) on sleep efficiency and patterns of sleep disruption. How your time management can affect your sleep.
The Optimal Sleep Toolkit: Practical techniques for optimising sleep quality.

- Inadequate nutrition may be one of the most significant factors contributing to poor performance and burnout in today’s organisations. This seminar covers the whats, hows and whens of healthy eating to achieve maximum performance both at work and at home. The session is particularly focused on creating healthy, sustainable eating habits that are effective and practical for those working in high-pressure jobs and working long hours. The session is also tailored for those working shifts, with specific advice given for balancing eating patterns with maintaining alertness and concentration levels for the job. During this session, you will be invited to sample a variety of snacks to give you an idea of how you can snack healthily during the day!

- The most effective way of bolstering resilience to stress is to physically train to cope with it – in other words, exercise actually alleviates stress by mopping up harmful levels of adrenaline and other stress hormones. This seminar is for anyone who is trying to get fit whether training for a marathon or just training to say fit for life and will cover the following areas:

FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS - Some people have all the luck. So what’s their secret? The pace of today’s life is such that many of us find ourselves constantly driven to perform at a consistently high level, both at work and at home. Some people thrive under the pressure and are successful in every area of their lives. Others might cave in to the pressure and become burnt out. This seminar examines the traits and habits of those ‘lucky’ people and offer guidance on how you can alter your patterns of thinking and behaviour to transform stress to success.

TIME FOR WHAT? - A holistic time management course with a difference. This seminar will cover the following: Understanding the link between your energy levels and the way you manage your time;
Understanding the critical link between memory storage capacity, cognitive performance and time management; Managing the technology – who’s in charge?
‘High impact activities’ – doing the things that will make a difference at work and at home; What really gets in the way? Time and energy wasters. A practical no-nonsense toolkit for staying focused and productive at home and work.

- This one-hour seminar* provides a philosophical and practical look at the process of change and offers strategies for bolstering resilience during times of uncertainty. This seminar will cover the following: Why does everything change and why is change essential? An evolutionary perspective: how human beings have evolved to deal with change; Understanding your unique relationship with certainty and uncertainty; Introducing a practical toolkit for dealing with uncertainty and developing resilience: identifying and strengthening your coping strategies (including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stability anchors). *This seminar can be adapted to a ½ to 1-day programme for managers and their teams and specifically addresses the issues and coping strategies that are essential for addressing organisational change.

- In this seminar, the link between how one reacts to stress and the impact on the immune system will be explored. Dr Nerina also draws upon her experience of working at The Haven Hospice for Breast Cancer and attendees will learn practical techniques for boosting the immune system so that they are able to perform at their best not just at work but also in life in general.

STRESS AND YOUR ENERGY LEVELS - In this 1-2hr workshop, delegates will learn about the vital link between stress and vitality. The following areas are covered: The link between, stress, energy management and performance; The energy continuum: from optimal energy to burnout; The signs and symptoms of individual and organisational fatigue; The key principles of energy and time management:
recognising where you lose energy and how this impacts on work focus and performance; Energy and creativity; Synchronising your work patterns with your energy cycle. An introduction to practical techniques for optimal energy management.

REDRESSING THE BALANCE - This seminar explores the Wheel of Life and looks at how, by making small but profound changes you can influence the key areas of your life – work, home, social, financial, hobbies. The following are covered: Are you in balance? A reality check. Work/home balance – what is healthy and how can you create sustainable boundaries? Nourishment - what really feeds your energy and motivation? Practical techniques for redressing the balance.

ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY? - This highly practical seminar will give valuable insights into the principles of optimal body posture and will cover the following areas: Are you sitting comfortably? A diagnostic for checking your own posture; Exploring the link between body posture and cognitive performance; Practical techniques for improving posture and enhancing work performance and energy management; Posture, body language and the power of influence; Practical desk-based techniques for alleviating neck, shoulder and back problems.

PREVENTING BURNOUT FOR PARENTS – a calm approach to caring for yourself, working and being a parent. In this one-hour seminar, Dr Nerina, business consultant, physiologist and triathlete and mother, will discuss insights that may help you to discover effective and pleasurable solutions for being both a business professional and a parent. The following areas are covered: Recognising when you are moving away from equilibrium – the burnout spiral. Managing the work/home interface and creating healthy boundaries. Creating the healthy mindset for being a working parent – managing guilt, perfectionism and worry. Essential and practical self-care rituals for working parents.

GOING CLOCKWISE - Shiftwork, and in particular night working, involves working against the influence of a biological clock (ie circadian rhythms) that has evolved over millions of years. Consequently, shiftworkers can suffer a range of problems, not only in terms of chronic health, but also in remaining awake and alert throughout their duty periods. Going Clockwise focuses on practical strategies for managing shiftwork and staying in balance and encompasses the following: Understanding shiftwork, sleep cycles and your energy cycle: how to improve the quality of your sleep and increase your energy levels; The Energy Management Toolkit:Sleep hygiene techniques; Techniques for increasing focus, awareness and vitality during shifts; Techniques for optimising rest, rejuvenation and quality of life between shifts;
Techniques for maintaining physiological balance, the role of physical activity and nutrition; Emotional support strategies, how to ‘let go’ of the day, self-support and developing supportive relationships.

HARNESSING MIND POWER - This seminar offers a practical insight into how to still the mind, reduce anxiety and worry and develop more powerful ways of thinking. The following will be covered: The art of living in the right time zone – staying in the present; Recognising and dealing with unhelpful thought patterns; An introduction to meditation – delegates will be taught techniques practised by Lewis Hamilton and other top performers!

LEADING WITH ENERGY - In order to lead their teams through these turbulent and competitive times, leaders need to be inspirational, grounded and fully engaged. All of these high-energy attributes can only be created by being physically energised, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose. This seminar introduces delegates to the essential principles of total energy engagement and addresses the following: An introduction to the High Energy Pyramid and the four key sources of energy; Balancing energy expenditure and renewal –even when you are busy; Creating sustainable energy habits for life; The power of influence – taking energy into your teams.

AN INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION - Have you ever thought about taking up meditation but never really known where to start or even what it is? There are many misconceptions about what meditation is and why it is good for you. For a start, many people believe that meditation is about being able to close your eyes and instantly go into a state of Zen-like bliss. This is definitely not the case. In this introduction to meditation you will learn what meditation is and the benefits it can bring to your health, well being and performance in every area of your life. You will also learn practical techniques for establishing a meditation practice, how to avoid common pitfalls, and what to expect when you start meditating. Importantly, you will discover that you can find time for regular meditation even if your life is very busy.

COMMUNICATING WITH PRESENCE AND IMPACT - The key to good communication is not just knowing your subject and what you want to say but leaving a positive, lasting impression, engaging your audience and achieving what you set out to achieve while feeling relaxed, confident and maybe even enjoying yourself! This highly practical 1hr seminar describes the key principles of face to face and virtual communication. It is based on Nerina’s many years of experience of communicating with thousands of people using different media and her coaching work in this field.
The Presence and Impact Toolkit includes: What’s lurking in the background? Verbal vs. non-verbal communication and the role of the unconscious; Clearing blocks – getting out of your own way and avoiding perfectionism; Creating positive Intention – focusing on what you want vs what you don’t want; Powerful physiology – overcoming nerves, grounding, centering, breathwork and awareness; Can I be myself? Finding your authentic inner voice using practical and fun voice work exercises. Finding the tools that work for you and creating sustainable change.

MIND THE GAP – AN INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS - In this 1hr introduction to ‘Mindfulness’ delegates are taken through the key stages to developing awareness. The session includes: Awareness – the key to making powerful choices; The science of Mindfulness; A Mindfulness diagnostic – working out where you are right now; Experimenting with Mindfulness and a tool to take away; What choices? From stress to success; Creating sustainable change

HOW TO BE A STRONG WOMAN IN TODAY’S WORLD - This session has just been piloted at the Women in Wireless (WiW) network and received rave reviews! What does it mean to be a strong woman? Who are our role models? Learning from Sheryl Sandberg, Arianna Huffington and others. Redressing the balance. A new kind of resilience and understanding our emotional world. Why we need every trick in the book and what those tricks are. Caring for ourselves so we can care for others. A practical 21 day programme for developing inner strength.

Her third book is being released by Octopus Publishers in September 2018.  

Tired But Wired by Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

Tired But Wired by Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

Fast Asleep Wide Awake by Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

Fast Asleep Wide Awake by Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

“Dr. Nerina has been an inspiration to me and my teams. Her calm and professional approach coupled with excellent practical advice is just what a high energy team like ours at Cisco really needs. The sessions she ran all round the UK and Ireland helped teams really focus on what was important for a sustainable and healthy team, life and business. I think many of us are now feeling significantly less tired and maybe even slightly better wired!” - Phil Smith, Chief Executive UK & Ireland, Cisco Systems

"I have had the privilege of working with Nerina since 1999 and she has supported in no small way with the rehabilitation of individual OH cases within the City environment and presented topical, tailored talks through multiple mediums to capture the needs of ever changing, demanding work environments. Nerina’s work, be it on an individual level or to an audience, is delivered with energy, enthusiasm, technical expertise and gives you positive, practical advice to use immediately in your everyday life" - Lucinda Huston, BG GroupHealth Risk Manager/OH Manager

"I was looking for a speaker for our company conference as a way to introduce ‘wellbeing’ into the company. Nerina was recommended to me and when I met her I was instantly confident that she was the right person to launch our internal ‘Positive Energy’ campaign. Her presentation style mixes solid professional and academic knowledge with humour and energy which everyone can relate to. Following that initial success, Nerina is now working with us as a key component of our wellbeing initiative, delivering four further workshops throughout this year. Nerina’s knowledge and input has allowed us to introduce the ‘wellbeing’ concept in a business focused way which has achieved senior level buy-in……… I have every confidence in her delivering a very credible session every time and she's also great fun to work with!" -
Jane Holliday , HR Director - North West Europe, Energiser

"I have been to about 6 or 7 of Nerina's talks ranging from advice on nutrition and sleeping issues to working on being a more positive and happier individual. As soon as I met Nerina I knew that she had a gift for really communicating. She is able to understand not just at a professional level but on a life experience level how you might be feeling and show you effective ways of reaching your goals and aspirations. Whichever topic Nerina is talking about I have always had that same inspiring feeling inside to be a better person which I believe can not be taught and which is why Nerina is great at what she does.' - David Wakefield, Amlin Plc

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