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Nicola Byrne

Entrepreneur, Cloud90 CEO and Master Storyteller

Confident, inspirational, connected, realistic, practical, grounded and a master storyteller. Nicola Byrne can move swiftly from business insights on Brexit to startup lessons, sharing honestly and openly of her failings as well as her successes. Willing to share her true opinions and her view of the world without fear or favour, which always brings a refreshing edge to her story telling.

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Currently President of the Irish Exporters Association and CEO of Cloud 90, Nicola Byrne is highly knowledgeable in both business and economics.

Nicola unique style and refreshing honesty ensures that the audience always get an understanding of how she views the world. With opinions that often run contrary to public mood, Nicola passionately believes that nobody should be left behind and that everything in life exists between black and white and is firmly in the grey.

Nicola shares openly her learning of all her experiences from entrepreneurship, running for a political party, board memberships, people power to being a mother of three. Nicola has a huge versatility and can speak about a range of subjects with direct experience and passion.

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Team Work
  • Job Creation
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Choices we make
  • Empowerment and Resilience
  • Future Truths
  • Finance
  • Brexit and Exports
  • Data and Risk

“Inspirational, Motivational, Confident, Beautiful, Brilliant, Funny, just a handful of the fantastic comments I received following your presentation at our National Sales Conference” - PH, FBD Insurance

“Your talk was very candid and refreshing and I really enjoyed the talk especially your message about "Just Ask!" which I have been incorporating since the event as much as possible.” YY, Inter County Business Network

“It was great to meet you this morning and to listen to your presentation. I think we all would have liked for you to go on for another couple of hours." JM, JEM Textiles

“Just a quick email to thank you again for agreeing to speak at our FEM Event. You were absolutely inspirational and all present were raving about your words of wisdom long after you had departed!” TF, Longford Women’s Link

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your time and participation at the UCD Festival.
It was great to have you on the panel and your contribution was excellent - the feedback from the event has been hugely positive. Much appreciated for choosing to spend a sunny Saturday with us, so thank you! Also, a number of my friends who are involved in start ups were at the event and they found you inspirational - they asked a few questions and found you extremely helpful.” MD, UCD

“A big thank you again, could have listened to you all day! We are getting great feedback. Delighted!” EM SIMI

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