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Nicola Byrne

Serial Entrepreneur, Passionate about Creating Jobs & Innovation for Survival.  

Brave is in everyone – sometimes you just have to lead by example and be able to articulate how you did it.


Nicola a leading innovator and entrepreneur. She has had a successful career with global food producers and international corporates and founder of multiple businesses including, RiskEye, Cloud90, 11890 Directory Enquiries and 118900 UK Directory Enquiries.

She was president of the Irish Exporters Association and the first ever female to hold the role in the 68 years history of the association.She was also a board member of Fingal LEO (Local Enterprise board) for over 10 years, and board member of the New Childrens’ Hospital for Ireland 2013-2017, The Ireland US Council 2012-2016 and British Irish Chamber of Commerce board member upon its formation 2012-2015.

Nicola was also ambassador in Europe for Female Entrepreneurship 2009, under the EU. Member of DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurship Advisory
Board 2012-2014 and Chairperson of the RBS Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards 2011/12.

She has successfully convinced international corporations of the importance of protecting their brands and assets in the online world, delivering a robust solution in RiskEye. Which now includes leading banks, universities, insurance companies, semi states, large global corporates and SME’s across the UK, US and Ireland.


The Online World – 4.9bn Connected to the Internet

  • Online risk and harm is words, pictures and images
  • Facts and Fiction in an online world
  • Perspective in an always on digital world

Running a Business

  • What’s the difference, Men vs Women
  • Focus
  • Trust
  • Empathy
  • Involvement
  • Competence


  • Have you got the ‘so what’ mentality
  • How to ask
  • Can anyone innovate?


“Inspirational, Motivational, Confident, Beautiful, Brilliant, Funny, just a handful of the fantastic comments I received following your presentation at our National Sales Conference” PH, FBD Insurance

“Your talk was very candid and refreshing and I really enjoyed the talk especially your message about “Just Ask!” which I have been incorporating since the event as much as possible.”YY, Inter County Business Network

“Many thanks for a great talk in Carlow! The passion you have is truly enlightening and I can now go and achieve my dreams!” JM, JEM Textiles

“Thank you again for agreeing to speak at our FEM Event. You were absolutely inspirational and all present were raving about your words of wisdom long after you had departed!”  TF, Longford Women’s Link

“Nicola holds a room in with a commanding presence, with unique content every time, audiences never want to leave” PF Bank of Ireland

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