Paul Byrne

Paul Byrne

World Class Personal Trainer & Founder of BodyByrne Fitness

A popular speaker on Health & Fitness, and founder of BodyByrne Fitness, Paul competes in Fitness and Bodybuilding at world class level. As a Personal Trainer he loves helping others achieve their goals through practical and attainable methods.   


A popular speaker on health and fitness, Paul has delivered talks for groups including The Westbury Hotel Dublin, Waterford County Council  for Harvest Festival and is the is the feature fitness Guru on Keith Barry’s Stop Smoking Now Seminar. He is head of the Professional Division in NABBA the Natural Amateur Bodybuilding Association and also President.

Paul has been working out now for about 25 years and has been training others for almost as long. He has studied and tested in all areas including physical training, nutrition and recovery. Theories are great, but what counts are real results in the gym and your body, and that is why after testing practically every method there is, he has kept only the techniques that consistently produced positive results time and time again, which have helped him and others win many physique titles.

From a competing background coveting such titles as Mr. Ireland and Titan UK Paul has a 10-year background in competing at national and international level. From there he built bodybuilding and fitness events from the ground to the success they are today in Ireland. As the President of NABBA Ireland  (National Amateur Bodybuilding Association) he has built a reputation as running the best shows taking the Mr. Ireland event to a sold out capacity level show over the last 14 years with over 130 competitors per event. In 2015 Paul was made President of the Professional division of NABBA Worldwide he is also President of The World Fitness Federation Ireland.

Married to Siobhan Byrne, they recently collaborated with the Market Butcher to bring out a healthy range of meat products


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