Paula Mee

Dietitian, Nutritionist and Author

Paula Mee is a well experienced, confident speaker who is as excited and passionate about her subject area now as she was 25 years ago. She is an authentic speaker who demonstrates an awareness of her target audience.

Holding a Masters in Health Science, Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services, Paula is well qualified to provide a talk or workshop to your employees.

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Paula Mee is a well renowned food and nutrition consultant. She provides an extensive range of services in nutrition, corporate wellness, marketing communications, recipe and menu analysis and product development. As part of her working week she lectures on the unique Masters in Applied Culinary Nutrition in TUD.

Paula’s goal is to help provide clients  with the very best science and evidenced- based, personalised and practical solutions, so that they can build their wellness on a solid foundation of nutritional awareness, emotional health and empowerment.

She is passionate about helping clients to see they have their own solutions within. Self-knowledge, conscious awareness, commitment to self-discipline, resilience and internal coaching can be developed. Practice a new habit enough and it becomes permanent. But people need support. That’s where Paula Mee comes in.

She has a comprehensive portfolio of clients from the food and pharmaceutical industry, educational establishments, catering & retail sector, the corporate industry & other groups of health professionals. Recent clients include Bank of Ireland, Bank of America, Irish Life, VHI, Total Produce, National Dairy Council, KC Peaches, Bord Bia, Amgen, Sanofi and Menarini.

  • Mediterranean Mood Food: How to help beat depression and live a longer and healthier life.
  • Your Body composition – Focus on Health, not Thinness?
  • Carbohydrates, fats and proteins: what’s on your plate? What should you focus on?
  • That Gut Feeling. All things digestive and how to keep in good gut health.
  • Your Middle Years. Own them, live them, love them.
  • Energy boosters and energy robbers
  • Shaping your brain with nutrition. Fuel for mental health. Mood Foods!
  • Feeding your family (Covers healthful children’s and family eating habits and challenges like faddy eaters).
  • Small changes, Big impact. The importance of building and breaking dietary habits.
  • Eating well in an office environment talk or demo of easy lunch ideas made in front of you.
  •  Fuel for sport and performance.
  •  Setting the table for heart health(dietary approaches to lower cholesterol, BP, Triglycerides
  • 10 simple steps to more Mindful Eating
  • Making changes – strategies, tools and resources
  • Nutrition for people with diabetes, coeliac and GI disorders FODMAPs
  • Sports nutrition for the beginner and elite athlete
  • Vegetarian Flexitarian Eating
  • Bone health and nutrition
  • Understanding food labels

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