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Peter Fisk

Top 50 Thinker and Global Business Thought Leader

Peter Fisk is a global business thought leader on growth and innovation, customers and marketing. He is a bestselling author, expert consultant and keynote speaker, helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. Having trained as a nuclear physicist he went on to work with brands from Coca-Cola to RedBull, Virgin to Vodafone, is a professor at IE Business School, runs his own innovation company, GeniusWorks, and features on the Thinkers 50 radar of best business thinkers.

Peter is Founder and CEO of the Genius Works, a strategic innovation business that works with senior management to “see things differently” – to develop and implement more inspired strategies for customers, innovation and marketing. InnoLab is an accelerated innovation consulting process, Zoom Ventures bring together business investors and social entrepreneurs, The Fast Track combines leading-edge learning with fast practical solutions for implementation., and BrandGenius is an international network of brand experts.

He was the transforming CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s largest marketing organisation. He led the strategic marketing consulting team of PA Consulting Group where he advised business leaders in every different sector, and many parts of the world, was managing director of specialist measurement firm Brand Finance, and partner of The Foundation. Unusually, he started out as a nuclear physicist before working in a range of brand and marketing roles.

He has worked with companies large and small, public and private sectors. His clients include American Express and Coca-Cola, Lastminute.com and Marks & Spencer, Microsoft and O2, Orange and Red Bull, Shell and Virgin, Vodafone and Volkswagen. He encourages leaders to take new perspectives, to learn from new places, to think and act differently, and deliver extraordinary results.

His  book 'Creative Genius' inspires your imagination and intuition - to think from the future back – to learn from the creative techniques of Leonardo da Vinci, as well as rock stars and fashion designers, to drive more radical creativity, design and innovation – with the mind of Steve Jobs, passion of Philippe Starck, ingenuity of Shigeru Miyamoto, and commercial impact of Warren Buffett. He is also the author of the best-selling 'Marketing Genius' which explores the left and right-brain approaches to competitive success, and has been translated into more than 28 languages. 'Customer Genius' the challenge of doing business on customers terms, when, where and how they want, and 'People Planet Profit' which explains how to grow your business, whilst doing good ethically, socially and for the environment.

His next project will be Pilot Fish: Clever strategies for profitable growth which helps small businesses to reach the blue oceans, new market and categories, by aligning themselves with much larger companies, to be the pilot fish to the sharks. The new book is just part of a support kit to potential fish, also including events and masterclasses, strategic and operational toolkits.

How Customer Centric is your organisation?

Company Growth: Business 2020 – growing from the future back, making sense of the future, then working back to start making it happen

Innovation Game-changers: how the world’s most disruptive innovators are reshaping their and your world

Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci: how would he innovate, and make new connections, in today’s digital world

Leadership that drives innovation and growth: being fit for the future, and focused on action

Amplifying the potential of people: dare to dream, care to collaborate, to achieve more together

The New Marketing Agenda: from Alibaba to Zipcar, what are the new rules of marketing?

“Peter Fisk was awesome. He has truly mastered the concept of “edutainment”. His insights into the changing world, what consumers want today, and how brands should respond is impressive. His delivering, mixing data and stories, graphic and music, is inspiring. We made him our CX Guru of the Month.” - Paige O’Neill, CMO of SDL (USA)

“Peter was fabulous, bringing insight and ideas, interaction and inspiration. He has been consistently good at all of our events, every time is different, topical and relevant.” - Mariano Dima, VP Marketing, Visa Europe

“Peter is the world’s thought leader in designing customer experiences that go beyond products and services, but help people to achieve more, inspires people with the brand, and helps the business to grow in new ways. Excellent.” - Nadeem Bashir, Saudi Marketing Forum (Riyadh)

“Peter Fisk was superb. He explored the fast-changing world – from emerging markets to future worlds – and what it means for my business here in South America. He opened my eyes with flying cars and Chinese innovators, better ways to build brands and business models, and gave me the practical tools to start tomorrow.” - Enrique Cacho, South American Business Forum (Buenos Aires)

“Peter’s one day masterclass was incredibly thought-provoking and highly practical. It helped us make sense of the world, whilst also been completely tailored to our local audience. We hope to do it again next year.” - Handi Irawan, Organiser, Indonesian Marketing Summit (Jakarta)

“Visionary, thought provoking and enjoyable. A fresh and clear vision of the future of marketing, that connects big data and creative trends, strategy and practical delivery.” - Miriam Martens, SAP Netherlands

“That was awesome. Peter engaged the audience with fantastic energy and content. He challenged our thinking, focused on our biggest issues, and left us inspired” - Jeff Busch, VP Strategic Communications, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“Peter’s keynote was of his usual high standard and very interesting, but most of all his charisma undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event” - Bernadette Lobjois, Secretary General, The European Lotteries Federation

“Peter was inspirational. He combined deep insight into our changing world, with practical and innovative ideas for application” - Darren Marshall, Senior VP, Asia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company (Singapore)

“Thanks to Peter we now have a different view of our world. We have now learnt to see our business from the outside in, like customers do, and with many new opportunities too” - Erdal Karamacan, CEO, Eczacibasi Group (Istanbul)

“Our delegates were given a glimpse of an exciting new world, where people and technology come together in new ways, and where there are threats and opportunity for all of us” - Anne Rodven, Event Director, Visit Oslo

“Peter told an incredibly provocative and compelling story of the new business world, and gave our delegates the inspiration and signposts to think and act differently” - Steve Gilroy, CEO Vistage International (UK)

“The presentation was thoughtful and provocative. An excellent bringing together of our business challenges that left our people energised and inspired” - Peter Thomas, Marketing Director, Accenture

“Peter provided a very inspiring and informative view of the challenge for GSK to achieve marketing excellence, and a great start to our new marketing community” - Mark Russell, Head of Marketing Community, GSK

“I am now inspired to use my left and right brain more actively together. I loved learning about Einstein and Picasso, and how they would address today’s business challenges” - Johan Svedberg, Head of Brand Development, Ericsson

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