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Peter Hacker

Cyber Security Expert & Entrepreneur 

Peter Hacker is a passionate, internationally sought-after Swiss expert in his field who thinks outside the box.


Peter Hacker is a passionate, internationally sought-after Swiss expert in his field who thinks outside the box. The speaker, entrepreneur and author research the topics of digital change, cyber crime and underwriting. He gives keynotes and lectures from Zurich to Sydney to New York, describing challenges, opportunities and solutions using real examples that drastically influence companies and politics. With more than 250 Keynotes and Board Advisory Sessions globally, Peter is one of the few globally recognised experts with strategic and operational experience and capabilities.

His core expertise comes from mandates for Financial Services (Banks, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Payment Processing, Credit Card Companies), Governmental Bodies (Regulators, Ministry of Finance), Technology (Telecom, E-commerce, Software, Mobile), Pharmaceuticals and Critical Infrastructure (Utility, Energy) Entities. Peter presents in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Every keynote is tailor-made to the client’s needs, and therefore, Peter offers upfront free of charge a 20’-30’ call to understand insightfully the client’s needs. Thereafter, a conference teaser followed by the keynote and executive summary can be provided. Peter has access to a fully equipped state-of- the-art tech-studio for a virtually recoding or presentation, but by all means, prefers a live F2F session.


Cybercrime: Unlocking the mystery at Board Level

Five years ago, Cyber Security was not in front of minds of most boards. 10 years ago, most boards even did not know what the term meant. Today most boards are paying attention, some more than others. People are starting to realize whatever this thing is, and what it means. Chief Executive Officer can get fired.
Any Company or Director can become victim of Cybercrime at any time. It’s just a matter of ‘WHEN AND NOT IF’ an attack occurs. If you want to survive a catastrophic cyber incident in today’s world, you better think outside the classic IT–Security box, understand your fiduciary duties and stress test in real terms your response plan and incident partners. Cybercrime is a business and not just a technical issue. The enterprise is at risk if not handled appropriately.

The Lessons Learnt: ‘Covid-19’

Whether by chance or consciously, the ‘real viruses'(Covid-19),allow companies and risk teams to learn important lessons for their cyber security strategy. Attacks can also affect companies whose systems run current, regularly updated and properly patched software. Certain malware shows how important it is to restrict administrator privileges. A simple way is ‘leasing’ privileges so that employees who need them only have access to admin rights for a certain period of time. 

Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare

The arms race backed by artificial intelligence and state–sponsored actors shifts towards corporations. This is a war without a classic warrior. It doesn’t matter whether it’s automatic or autonomous. Cyber weapons, like Tomahawk Missiles, are just as disastrous, but even faster and more fatal for balance sheets and nations.
We have lived in a hidden cyber war for many years, but most of us have not recognised yet until the Russia/Ukraine conflict broke out on February 23rd, 2022. In any case, the classical ‘peace and war differentiation’ will not return. Whilst in the past weapons were primarily a defence means, non-kinetic weapons (‘cyber weapons’) are clear offensive instruments with a focus on fostering geopolitical change based on military, economic and political tower.

Seafare Warfare

The World’s Internet Infrastructure is vulnerable, but snipping a couple of lines may well have many subsequent unparalleled implications. Today, 95% of the Digital Traffic, i.e. transoceanic traffic, flows through Subsea Cables. It would be devastating if nation-state sponsored actors would attack and sabotage subsea cables. Such digital communications allow you receive or send messages from Asia Pacific to Europe or Middle East for instance. Cutting such lines would be immediate and high catastrophic. Imagine the idea of the global internet going dark which is truly frightening, but is such a scenario truly realistic indeed?

Fake news, extortion and espionage in a hyper–connected world

Our future will be less predictable, more unpredictable, more vulnerable and more exciting. States are fighting for supremacy in digitalization. Technology providers, individuals, hacker organizations and terrorist groups are changing the security situation. Thanks to networking, viruses, malware and codes offer new means of power and violence. It’s a known unknown world. 

Social organisation: Quo vadis society?

We are still at the beginning of the digital era. Governments, the global economy and regulatory bodies are challenged. Digitalisation is driving a geopolitical reorganisation. The future brings new forms, intelligent cities, living and autonomous driving, but also the danger of increased electronic warfare (‘non–-kinetic warfare’), a shift of power and possibly distrust, exponentially increased and unwelcome dependence

Internet of everything: disruptive, global, complex

Artificial intelligence makes things of our everyday life come to life. These network with people, but also with things. It changes us all. Our society is evolving into a mega–computer that allows security measures to be taken while at the same time promoting growth, better understanding our customers and changing our society, but this comes at a price. Are we prepared to pay it? 

Digital revolution (AI): survival in the 21st century

We live in a fascinating time, in which the only constant is change. In some cases, the change rates are already beyond our ability to keep up and respond effectively. We would do well to treat future opportunities and risks through artificial intelligence (AI) with equal priority. In a networked world, cyber attacks by AI have the potential to be a destructive weapon for companies, industries and states of all kinds.

The power strategy of artificial intelligence: utopia or reality

The fight between California, Moscow and Shenzhen takes already place, and marches fast on the second half of the chessboard. Some believe data, data analysis, data thieves and artificial intelligence are the pillars for power and the world’s future conquest. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. However, our society and politics are changing rapidly today. 



“Experts who know how to help you assess risk, defend and take advantage of opportunities in cyber risk management are in short supply – even more if they can juggle hands-on among a complex tech language, risk management and insurance chain – Peter is one – Entertaining, insightful and outside-the-box-minded Keynote and Chair” Sabrina Hartusch, President of SIRM and Global Head of Insurance Risk Triumph

Cyber crime is a ticking time bomb and hangs like a Damocles Sword over the digitized economy and reinsurance industry. Peter addressed insightfully our annual SIRC Event in Singapore twice in a row. Highly interactive and bespoke industry keynotes. Marc Haushofer, SRA Chairman

“The training was excellent, thorough and detailed. Very well presented, clear and to the point. It was clearly very considered and he really catered to his audience and our business. The content was at the right level and we definitely got a lot out of it. We would certainly be interested in any additional cyber seminars run by Peter – he is fantastic and has a lot of knowledge to share.” Tony Lim
Managing Director/CEO Acclaim

“Top lecture by Peter Hacker at the #alpensymposium in Interlaken on the topics #cybercrime & #cybersecurity. … and it was very quiet in the hall and you could literally feel how the participants were thinking about their own security concepts in their companies and hotels. Every company will be hacked, the question is not if, but when and how. Peter Hacker gave extremely important input. ”  Oliver Stoldt, Alpensymposium

“Thank you very much for your participation as Speaker at the Alps Forum 2019. We will be most happy to look back on the exciting presentation and lively discussion. Many thanks for the pleasant cooperation! We would love staying in touch beyond the Alps Forum.”Suzanne Dvořák, Director, Law and Economics Foundation

“Thank you very much for your lecture on ‘Major Catastrophic Incidents and Damages from Cyber Risks’ at our trade seminar. The very successful combination of theory and practice in your lecture was a great benefit for the seminar. The participants saw it that way too. In the feedback forms, in which the seminar contributions were individually graded, your presentation received very good ratings. This contributed significantly to the success of the event. We would like to thank you once again for being available to us as a speaker.”
Ohnen Siems, Executive Director, Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss Gesellschaft für aktuarielle Beratung mbH

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