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Ruby Wax

Mental health speaker, writer, performer & comedian

Ruby is sought after not just for her keynotes, which focus on neuroscience, communication, and leadership, but also as a Leadership Facilitator, using her knowledge of neuroscience to help leaders create trust and rapport within their organisations. Mixing humour with compelling evidence-based insights, her informative and entertaining talks never fail to leave a strong impression.  


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Ruby Wax worked for the BBC for 25 years producing TV documentaries and interviews, as well as script editing various shows, including Absolutely Fabulous.  Prior to that she performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company for 5 years.

Ruby also studied psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and Regent’s College, London and is currently undertaking her MSt in Mindfulness based Cognitive-Therapy at Oxford University.  Studying the mind  is Ruby’s  passion, and as well as Conference and  After Dinner speaking she is now sought after as  a Leadership Facilitator, using her knowledge of neuroscience to help leaders to create trust and rapport within their organisations.  Ruby also uses clips from her TV interviews to demonstrate successful communication, and the occasional car crash.

Clients  include:
BAE, Orange, The Welsh Assembly, KPMG, Skype, eBay, London Business School, Women in Retail, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Roffey Park, The Home Office, Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GMT Communication Partners, O2, SAP User Group, Women of Achievement, Morrisons

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