AP McCoy

Sir AP McCoy OBE

World’s Greatest Jockey

As one of the world’s greatest ever sportsmen, AP is the epitome of motivation, determination and success. His vision and experiences are unique, his passion and winning mentality infectious. The audience experiences a rare insight into the Mind of a Champion, how he dominated a sport for over 2 decades, the importance of leadership and team work, loyalty and the ability to change tactics and strategies at any time.


There is no one like Sir Anthony McCoy. AP is the world’s greatest jockey, setting records we will never see broken in our lifetime. His phenomenal career achievements make AP an exceptional ambassador, keynote, after-dinner, corporate motivational speaker. His vast experience, humour and personality endear him to any audience. He is a sporting legend turned TV presenter and inspirational public speaker.

AP undertakes speaking engagements for financial firms, large institutions and federations (Ie hotel & restaurant chains), for the Chamber of Commerce, government, IT and solutions companies, banks and investment companies, inspirational talks to football teams (ie pre-season talk to Arsenal first team players), sporting dinners, law firms, media companies, Q&A with top officials ie the Prime Minister, speeches to FTSE 100 CEO’s, building and construction firms, medical and insurance companies, recruitments companies, pharmaceutical firms, at health and wellbeing events etc


  • Winning Mentality
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Managing Success and Exceeding Expectations
  • The Drive behind Key Successes and Managing a Fear of Failure
  • The Pressures (mental and physical) & Pushing Mind and Body
  • Leadership, Delegation, Management, Importance of Team work
  • Loyalty, Trust and Professionalism
  • Changing Strategies, Shifting Focus
  • Time Management
  • Health and Wellbeing




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