Steve Collins, Dr.

The Indiana Jones of famine relief

Steve’s energy, experience, expertise and achievements in transforming the lives of the world’s poorest, combined with his drive and sense of purpose motivates people. His stories of his difficult path to bringing about change on the front lines of wars and disasters highlight how advances arise out of failure so long as we are willing to be open about mistakes.


Dr Steve’s inspirational story is borne out of his unshakable conviction that starvation in the 21st century is totally wrong and unacceptable. His drive to change this and his unique approach to famine relief has seen him working and risking his life treating starvation on the front lines of many of the world’s worst famines and wars; at the same time, collecting data and publishing research in the world’s best medical journals to improve practice.

During 30 years dedicated to fighting malnutrition, he has revolutionised the treatment of starvation founding successful social businesses that have massively increased the numbers of starving people treated globally and transformed the manufacturing of famine relief foods. Hundreds of thousands of children are saved each year because of his work and this is set to rise.

His story has motivated audiences at companies such a BNP Paribas, Boehringer Ingelheim, Deutche Bank, UBS, as well as across the social sector and academia.

  • Motivation - Steve shares his own story, challenges, and successes in his fight against poverty and malnutrition
  • Resilience - Steve has learned that you need resilience, purpose, and belief to make real change happen. Steve fights  to save lives daily. As a result, his story is unique and exceptional.
  • Purpose - We all need purpose but do we know what our purpose is, Steve shares his purpose and the systemic impact it had on his life.
  • CSR - how companies can help make a difference in the fight against poverty and malnutrition
Severe Adult Malnutrition by Steve Collins

Severe Adult Malnutrition by Steve Collins

"I am confident that Dr. Collins always will be an enrichment to discussions, meetings and gatherings of persons who care about the 'human cause' in its broadest sense. Nobody will be unmoved upon hearing the story he has to tell. More importantly quite a few will react with one clear question: "HOW CAN I HELP?"" Dr. Hans-Jürgen Koch, Vice-Chairman of HSBC Private Banking Holding (Suisse) SA;

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