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Susan Cain

Best-selling Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Regularly described by audiences as 'mindblowing', Susan Cain offers a radical new way for people to think about themselves and how to manage their teams. 

Cain’s TED Talk received a standing ovation and smashed a first-week record with over a million views. And She is smart, funny, passionate, thought provoking and utterly charming - a winning combination!

Susan Cain Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Through her writing of Quiet, Cain shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose.  Introverts make up a third to a half of our workplaces and classrooms, and whose natural talents we can no longer afford to waste. Quiet was the subject of a TIME magazine cover story, and her writing has appeared in the The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.

Cain’s TED Talk received a standing ovation and smashed a first-week record with over a million views. It has since passed 5 million views and was named by Bill Gates as one of his all-time favourite talks. She is the recipient of several awards, including Toastmasters International Golden Gavel Award for Communication and Leadership, and Harvard Law School's Celebration Award for Thought Leadership. Amongst some of the organisations Susan Cain has addressed are Google, Microsoft, Harvard, West Point, the SEC, the U.S. Treasury and countless others.

Quiet has won favourable comparisons to the best works of Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Pink, and Cain has been featured or appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review, Scientific American, Forbes, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, CBS This Morning, NPR’s All Things Considered, NPR’s Diane Rehm and many more. Fast Company writes that Cain is “inspiring a reexamination of corporate structure and processes, spurring change through the classic public intellectual approach: by encouraging us to think.”

She is an honours graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. She lives in New York with her husband and two sons.

  • Quiet: How to Harness the Strengths of Introverts to Change How We Work, Lead and Innovate
  • How to Overcome the Fear of ‘Putting Yourself Out There’
  • Quiet Kids: How our Education System can teach introverted students

Quiet by Susan Cain

Quiet by Susan Cain

Susan Cain is the author of the award-winning New York Times bestseller QUIET: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking, which is being translated into over thirty languages, has appeared on many “Best of” lists, and was named the #1 best book of the year by Fast Company magazine.

“You were a huge hit–you’ve been cited by many, many people as their favorite session — and I hope you enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having you there and learning from you.” — Jeff Chu, Fast Company Magazine, Innovation Uncensored Conference 2012

“Last night was – in a word – terrific! You are truly remarkable in your ability to connect, be passionate about changing the way our culture values introverts, and genuinely cause people to THINK DIFFERENTLY. I have no doubt that your Quiet Revolution is going to be one of the seminal business/cultural shifts for this decade – and hopefully with lasting impact for many years to come. Thank you for sharing your warmth and enthusiasm with us: Womenetics and Porsche.” — Ellen Adair Wyche, VP Programming and Content, Womenetics

“THANK YOU again for the fabulous presentation at the J&J CDTL leadership forum. You received very positive feedback from the group, and [everyone] in the audience felt it was very instructive and impactful. I know many were still talking about it as we finished the day, and I have no doubt [they] will try to take their learning to [their] practice moving forward.” — Johnson & Johnson Leadership Forum“Great presentation, and thank you for being a wonderful speaker. The presentation was an inspiration for seeing a new perspective on how viewing a balance between introverts and extroverts is essential to ensure all voices can be heard through the techniques you offered.” – Karen Ruby, Western Pensions and Benefits Conference 

“Susan Cain’s book 'Quiet' has sparked a quiet revolution. Perhaps rather than sitting back and asking people to speak up, managers and company leaders might lean forward and listen.” - Megan Walsh, The London Times

“Re-reading Susan Cain’s masterpiece book QUIET. If you take it seriously, it could transform your project team or entire company/agency.”- Tom Peters, author of “In Search of Excellence”

“Congrats to Susan Cain and Vijay Kumar who both just smashed the TED.com  record for week 1 talk views.” — Chris Anderson, TED curator

“Susan was absolutely fantastic, and the feedback we received from the attendees was full of praise. In a room of 200 high power women lawyers (mostly general counsel or deputy general counsel), Susan captured their full attention. She offered a new way of thinking about themselves and how to manage their teams. She was smart and funny (the best combination), and I would fully recommend her to any business audience.” – Claudia Salomon, DLA Piper Global Women’s Leadership Summit

“I wanted to let you know that we just completed a 2012 feedback survey, and the group continues to talk about you as a true highlight of the year and continues to strive to utilize some of your key “tips” of how to do things differently as leaders of cross functional teams. The feedback was very clear; you were very impactful!! So THANK YOU again for visiting us!!” — Fortune 500 Pharma Company

“Susan Cain… literally blew my mind with her research on the topic of introverts. The former Wall Street lawyer turned bestselling writer is a real inspirational speaker. Her book is considered a must-read for today’s business leaders.” — Anne-Marie Archambault, Editor-in-Chief of FACE/AD/BLOG, on the OFF/Infopresse Conference

“You made quite an impression on our employees – there were conversations on our internal blog and in the hallways about all the good things people felt while listening to you. One of our communications people was commenting on your ability to pick just the right word or phrase, even in the Q&A section. You’re a rock star here.” — James Keane, Steelcase

“We had a fantastic event last week and Susan was utterly charming (as were her husband and boys!). She gave the most thought provoking presentation which had everybody analyzing themselves from then on – created much chat/discussion. She attended the dinner on the Friday night which was also great – more exposure to our guests which they love.” — Kate Trumper, Rexam Corporation


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