Tim Munden

Expert in Leadership for the 21st Century 

Inspiration and insights on how to lead in our current reality, and on how to create organisations that meet the needs of the people who work there, and the people they serve.


Tim’s purpose is “to nurture deeply human possibilities”, working with leaders, teams and organisations to express their potential through deep development and transformation. Tim is the founder of Kairon, a consulting firm, and an award winning former Chief Learning Officer at Unilever.As Chief Learning Officer at Unilever, Tim was responsible for developing the leadership capability to enable ongoing business growth and transformation, and the realisation of Unilever’s purpose, including working with the most senior leadership teams in the business. Tim launched Unilever’s own discover your purpose workshops, which over 56,000 Unilever employees have completed, deeply embedding purpose in the culture, and for employee wellbeing, areas the company is widely acknowledged as leading edge.

Tim has also actively campaigned for the elimination of stigma about mental ill-health. He has worked in a variety of global roles as well as across Europe and the Americas, assignments including setting up Global Business Services and turning around an under-performing company.

Whilst continuing to work with Unilever, supporting the preparation of senior leaders for the biggest roles in the business, Tim also works with other organisations to develop the leadership and culture to deliver sustainable and purposeful high performance in the demanding 21st Century.


21st Century Leadership
As the world and the workplace change, so does the leadership needed to be effective. What are the leadership capabilities that make the difference and how do you develop them?

Leadership in Disruption
Disruptions presents challenges but also creates opportunities for  leaders who can thrive in it, and help their people to do the same.  

Creating a Purposeful Organisation
Research shows that purpose is increasingly driving the behaviour of customers, employees and investors. How do you create a purposeful organisation, led by purposeful leaders, to meet this growing opportunity?

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing 
Facing ongoing disruption and transformation needs a lot of energy. Nurturing the wellbeing of people is critical to an effective wellbeing strategy and there are tried and tested approaches to doing it well.

Mental Health in the Workplace
Before Covid, and its economic and social consequences, mental health around the world was already under growing pressure. How do you create a sustainable strategy that promotes good mental health and addresses the causes of poor mental health?


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

Leading for High Performance in Disruption
Learn the leadership recipe that research shows will enable your teams to perform highly in disruption.

Transforming Your Organisation Through Purpose.
Learn how organisations like Unilever have embedded purpose deeply in their culture and leaders to drive business performance and societal impact.

Energy to Win
Implementing a wellbeing strategy. Learn how organisations like Unilever have implemented wellbeing strategies that make an impact on people and performance.

Leading in Uncertainty
Uncertainty presents challenges to people, but with an understanding of how to manage it, also opportunities.

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