Tracey McCann

Motivation and Empowerment Coach and Disabled Advocate 

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless


Meet Tracey McCann, a woman who is living a successful, happy and free life, because she made a choice to continue going on, she chose to continue being her best, she chose to help herself and other people who came across her path.

As a girl, she faced various traumas before her life even began. Going from that to truly discover the meaning of inner strength, resilience and endurance, before she even properly understood their definitions. As a girl she had every reason to give up, and more times than not she truly wanted to. Ultimately however, she knew deep down that there was no option but to continue moving forward, and never give up.

Tracey McCann is now giving a Voice to the Voiceless. Her passion has always been and continues to be the service of others, assisting all to feel more connected with themselves and the world around them.
​She also assists others in gaining that much needed self confidence, self motivation, and self empowerment. The combination of these three characteristics will (in her opinion and from her own experience) greatly assist all towards living the life that they truly deserve.


Having had my life turned upside down at the age of 8, by muscular dystonia, I found myself sadly gradually losing my ability to verbally communicate in the traditional sense. Trust me, it was something to get used to! To not be able to properly express your feelings in sounds or words, or not be able to take part in a conversation like others, was truly the toughest part of my journey so far.

​A knock on effect to all of this was that for years I struggled with my identity, and questioned my own self-worth. But, with the amazing developments in technology, I am now unleashed from the unnecessary silence and can now properly communicate my message, and, I have to say, I have not stopped since! I have been determined to give that little girl within me a chance…a real chance to reach for the stars!

My topics of discussion include motivation, empowerment, self-belief, succeeding at achieving a desired outcome, and overcoming obstacles.





“Tracey delivered a powerful and inspiring talk during a recent virtual offsite here in Microsoft Ireland. She spoke about the importance of having an ‘empowered mind-set’ in going about our everyday lives and why we should not be afraid to face up to our fears. Tracey opened our eyes to some of the challenges she faces on a daily basis due to her physical disability but also described how technology is enabling her to life a better life in some respects. Tracey has been a pleasure to deal with all along and was very responsive by email when organising the logistics of the event. I would definitely recommend Tracey for a corporate offsite like we had – everyone took a lot from what she had to say – and am excited to see what the future has in store for her!” Naoise O Conluain, Microsoft Ireland

“Tracey’s message is critically important to any audience as it highlights that successful change or growth in our lives must start with a positive mind-set. As an inspirational role model, she uses her experiences to engage the audience and to demonstrate the effectiveness of her methods towards empowering people.” Professor Thomas Cooney, Technological University Dublin



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