trisha lewis
trisha lewis

Trisha Lewis

Weight-loss Influencer, Author, Chef, Health & Fitness Convert and Advocate

As a speaker, Trisha is engaging, warm and authentic. People appreciate that this is a woman who ‘walks the walk’, and they come away feeling inspired, positive and motivated.


Trisha Lewis has shot to public attention thanks to her unique health and wellbeing transformation journey, which she documents in her trademark straight-talking style on her Instagram page, @trishas.transformation (178,000+ followers).

Her book, Trisha’s Transformation (Gill Books, 2020), has also fast become a best-seller, and she is now gaining a reputation as an engaging and inspiring speaker, with clients including Laya, VHI, GSK, Apple, Wellfest, Fintru, Irish Farmers Journal, Boston Scientific and Irving Oil. She is also a brand ambassador for Aldi, Spotlight, Meaghers Pharmacy and Fiit.

Trisha loved her job as a chef but as she approached 30 and found herself weighing 27 stone, she knew something had to be done. She started her journey to shed 13 stone over a few years, and has already reached halfway with 7.5 stone lost.

Trisha’s candour and humour about weight loss, fitness, health and food have resulted in television appearances on the Late Late Show, Six O’Clock show and Today Show, as well as slots on numerous radio stations.

The key to her appeal (and success) is her determination to show people that no matter how bad things get, you can turn them around, reset and start again.

She loves setting goals and making things as easy as she can by ‘managing the manageable.’ She doesn’t think that weight loss is something to be negative about but she does see it as a chance to feel better each day. Whatever her weight on a day to day basis, she is determined to be happy because “if I do not enjoy the journey I will never appreciate the destination.’

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Trisha’s success and determination saw her leave her job as a chef to make it as an author, public speaker and online influencer.


  • Weight loss
  • Motivation
  • Resetting and Resilience
  • Goal setting


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